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LeBlanc Build Guide by i play807

LeBlanc the campion killer

LeBlanc the campion killer

Updated on December 15, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author i play807 Build Guide By i play807 4,126 Views 0 Comments
4,126 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author i play807 LeBlanc Build Guide By i play807 Updated on December 15, 2011
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The best build fore any type of match fore LeBlanc. Use LeBlanc at mid, it makes te game mutsh esier. Use the told runes other wise abilities dont do that muths damage against tanks. LeBlanc does good damage frome the biginig of the game, but LeBlacns abilities uses lot of mana in early game. LeBlanc is good to play whit if you know how to play whit keaboard (abilitie cast Q,W,E,R). LeBlanc does exselent damage whit combos, casting ability after ability it deals masive damage.
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Summonner spells

Use teleport and exsaust.
Teleport makesit easier to move plase to a plase easyli.
Exsaust makes campion kills easier at any time of the game.
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Remenber that items and runes makes the cooldown sorter.

LeBlanc`s passive is: Mirror image, when LeBlanc healt goes under 40% she instantly goes stelshed fore 0.5 seconds after that she cretes a cone of her self. The cone dosent make any damage but it is a exselent way to escape if neadet.

First ability is: Sigi of silence, it is a orb what seaks to selected target with in range. It deals 70/110/170/230 +60% of abilitepower. If the target is hit again whit in 3,5s from LeBlanc it deals as a bonusdamage 20/40/60/80/100 damage +30% abilitepower snd silences the target fore 2 second, colldown is 6s.

Second ability is: Distortion, it alowes you to teleport whit in a medium distanse and creting damage to the location were you teleport within a small range, in 3 second you can teleport back to pales were you casted the spell. It deals 85/125/165/205/245 damage +60% abilitypower, colldown is 20/18/16/14/12 second.

Ththird ability is: Ethreal chains, LeBlanc sends illusionary chains to target location if it fits it deals instant 40/65/90/115/140 and +60% abilitepower, slows 25%.If the chain dosent break it stuns fore 1/1,3/1,6/1,9/2,2 seconds and deals aditional damage of 85/125/165/205/245 +60% abilitypower, colldown is 10 soconds.

Ultimate of LeBlanc is: Mimic it casts the same ability that you casted breviously dealing 10%/25%/45% exstra damage, colldown is 40/32/24 seconds.
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Easy Campion kills

Agienst rangers and meles whit normal or low life steal.
When useing LeBlanc dot try to get assists, try to get the kill when the enemy cahmpion whits has les than -50% of it max healts, use the comboes below to get the kill.

Agienst mages.
LeBlanc can kill any mage (expekt fore feedlestick) easily after mid game, whit the combo below it easy ti kill mages because their low health and low mageresist.

Against feedlestick.
Feedlestick can silencse you easily whit hi abilities. Against feedlestick use long range attacks and try to use the combo to finihs up the kill, because feedles healt drain and his ultimate does tons of damage.

Agienst hi damage and hi lifesteal heroes.
Against hidamage and lifesteal heroes, you nead to play carefully. LeBlanc cant stand lot of damage so try to make a lot of damege and try rather to get a assist because most likely you will die teleporting next to them.

Agienst tanks
Try to suport other campions to kill a tank. Its easy to finish up the kill becayse mage penetration.

Allways try to assist other heroes and try to get the kills fore geting stack(mejai`s soulstaker)
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LeBlanc does good damage at erly game, but dosent get too many champion kills.

At mid game when Mimic is lvl 2 then you should start geting herokills. First use Distortion to teleport next to a campion, then cast Sigi of silence and Mimic. It deals massive damege if you have beanig paying at mid lane.

When Mimic is at lvl 3 you sold get easy campion kills. 1.) Use first use Distortion to teleport next to a campion dealing damage. 2.) Cast then Ethreal chains to slow the enemy and it will stun later on dealing extra damage and helping to calean up the kill. 3.) Cast Sigi of silence. 4.) Cast Mimic direckly after casting, Sigi of silence.
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1.) Buy amlifyingtome and mana potion, you can buy health potion insted of mana potion dipends how you play.
2.) Then get mejai`s soulstaker so you can start coleckting stacks froam killing campions (2 fore a kill and 1 fore aassist), eath stack is 8 ability power and it can stack up to 20 stacks =160 abilitypower.
3.) Then buy kage`s lucky pick, it gives 25 abilitie power and extra 5 gold each 10 sekonds it helps geting more gold and times faster.
4.) Buy then socerer`s shes to get 20% of mage penotration, it helps to create more damage whit spells, and socerer`s shes gives encanted moment speed 2.
5.) Then get deathfiregasp, it decrets colldown bye 15% and gives ??? abilitie power.
6.) Rabadons deathcap, it gives 130 abilitie power + 30% of abilitie power.
7.) Void staf gives 70 ability power and 40% mage penotration.
8.)Rood of ages gives 450 health, 525 mana and 60 abilitie power. LeBlanc neads litle bit of health so it can surrive longer in team fights, and mana to cast more abilities.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author i play807
i play807 LeBlanc Guide
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LeBlanc the campion killer

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