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LeBlanc Build Guide by xlovingU

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xlovingU

Leblanc, The Deciever (Read Chapters ESPECIALLY ITEM TAB)

xlovingU Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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Leblanc is amazing. She has ridiculous damage and she could kill anyone in like 5 seconds. She's strong and very fun. She can harass people without getting hit at all. She is not my main but i bet you that if you play her, you'll get fed even tho it's your first time. I hope this build helps you guys a lot. Have fun and good luck :D Please try this build out before commenting. You can give me some advice in the comments but please try it out before criticizing. She's amazing at 1v1s. So anyways, Thanks. :D Once again, please don't criticize without trying it out and please give some advice in the comments below :D Thanks.

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Edit Log

11/22/2011 - changed masteries.

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    Great Ganker
    Ridiculous Damage
    Fun and exiting
    Great at 1v1


    Extremely Squishy >.<
    Targeted first in team fights
    Hard to get stacks up

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Ganking Combo

OK so this is your combo.
Since leblanc's ulti loads in like 36 seconds (I THINK)
Ummmm your going to w to them.
E someone (chain) so they get snared.
Q them and ulti them so that they get silence and it does 10% increased damage and q is strongest. This should probably kill a person in 1 combo. If not, Q them and w them.


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I thought that the runes i picked out for leblanc was really good and could help you guys out and i thought it would be good for 1v1ing or going in team fights.
Greater Mark of insight is great because it gives some magic penetration. Greater Seal of knowledge is also very good because Leblanc is very mana hungry early game. She's even more mana hungry


she lanes and ganks. So this rune helps out a bit. Greater glyph of Insight also gives some magic penetration and leblanc needs it to do more damage. I chose Greater Quintessence of Quintessence Potency because it gives a little Ability Power and Since leblanc's an Ability Power character so i thought y nawtttt?

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Once again, i said this in nidalee's build but hit the minions once and see how much damage you do. Then, wait for the minions hp to lower down to that number. Even though this is a slow process, it'll give you some Creep kills and you'll get GOLDDD. SPARKLY SPARKLY GOLD. :D for example, pretend you do about 68 damage. Wait for the minions to be 68 hp or lower and then attack them because that's how much damage you do. 68 damage = 68 hp points to minions :D

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In the offense section, I got 1 on Deadliness, 3 on Archmage's Savvy, 4 Sorcery, and 1 Archaic Knowledge. In this section, it gives me some Ability Power, Cool down reduction, and magic penetration. In the utility section, I got a point in Spatial Accuracy because i got teleport. So what i'm trying to say is that i thought of it and put points in everything i needed to depending on summoner spells, items, etc. I got one point in greed because it could help with money when i need it. Even though 1 gld is not so much, it'll keep producing :D

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O.K. so the amplifying tome and hp pot is great for leblanc because even tho she doesn't have that much hp in the early game, it gives some Ability power and since i didn't get and hp item, i decided to get hp pot just in case. The lvl 1 boots of speed is great because you get some speed without using so much money. The mejai's is great ok? but only buy this if you're getting fed and you know that you can kill someone in a few seconds. However, if you're not getting fed and you know that you will die in like 3 seconds, buy a void's staff and stay back when you are in team fights. Buy an Abyssal Scepter because it's passive is: when you're near an enemy, it lowers down their magic resistance. Also, it gives Magic penetration and ability power. Rabadon's Deathcap is AWESOME. Even though it's a little pricy, it gives a lot of ability power :D Buy rylai's Crystal Scepter after because it gives some extra ap and it gives some health. The last item is banshee's veil. It can block one unfriendly spell. It gives some magic resistance so that leblanc gets atleast alittle defense. OH! I forgot lol :P If your starting to lose stacks with mejai's soulstealer, sell that and get a void staff (If you get mejais and take the fed build :D).

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Skill Sequence


Well i thought Q was the best skill there is because it can silence if you hit the enemy with another spell. So i decided to max Q out first. W does some damage and it could really save your life. So i maxed that out second. Now E is perfect with one skill point. It is enough. It snares them for a short period of time. Soi basically, I'm saying Q is op so i max that out first, W is great attack and great thing to help you run away, and E is great the way it is for 1 point. It snares them and it deals some damage.

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Summoner Spells

My suggestions

Teleport - You can gank anyone if you set up ward in the jungle and brushes.
Ignite - Great for killingsomeone when they're about to run away and they're lit.

Other Suggestions

Exhaust - Can help you get a kill
Clarity - It's good for early game, but you'll never use it late game.


Flash - HELLOOO? You have W and ulti!
Ghost - Once again... HELLO? You have w and ulti!
Clairvoyance - Ummm i only use this for supports. (Janna, Orianna [Sometimes])

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So i hope you guys had a great time with leblanc. I promise that if you get fed, you'll get a kill in like 4 seconds. :D I hope you guys likes this build please give me advice in the comments below so that i could fix things up and make it better. Once again, please try this build before criticizing.

Hope you like leblanc!
Have Fun!!!!!
Good Luck!~~~