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League of Legends Build Guide Author TGDM

LeBlanc the Facechecking Assassin

TGDM Last updated on November 3, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The basic idea behind this build is to open with Distortion so that you can run forward a little bit afterward, hit someone, and decide if you want to commit to the engage or not in time to teleport back to your starting point. In depth explanation to follow~

Item Build (& when to shop)

At the start, buy a Sapphire Crystal for the bonus mana and two health pots to give you some staying power. Avoid going back to buy as long as you possibly can (read as: If you're pressuring your lane and getting enough kills in early game to keep your opponents underleveled, ride that gravy train as long as you can).

Your first trip back to the shop should be no sooner than 785 gold (350 for boots, 435 for amplifying tome). Ideally you'd want to wait until 1380+ so you can finish off your Tear of the Goddess before everyone on the map has their upgraded nikes on.

Your second trip back to the shop should be done once you have a feel for how the match is going. If you're new to the hero, I recommend skipping Mejai's Soulstealer and instead working on your Rod of Ages first, beginning with the Ruby Crystal and then Blasting Wand. After your Rod of Ages, pick up either a Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Void Staff instead of the Mejai's Soulstealer.

After these initial purchases, you should be decided for yourself when to shop and which incremental pieces you want to buy or save up for.

I intentionally only put 5/6 item slots because it's important to understand the way the fight is going for your final purchase. If no one on the opposing team is stacking magic resistance against you, there's no real need for a Void Staff. if you are taking heavy damage, maybe get an item for survivability (Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel are usually safe bets). If you're straight up dominating the other team and don't want them to ever have a chance to get away, a Rylai's Crystal Scepter works well with LeBlanc's long range single target nuke.

Summoner Spells

I'm a big fan of having cleanse for LeBlanc since she has a built-in engage/escape tool. If the opposing team doesn't have any strong snares or concerning stunners, you can easily sub this out for Ghost or Flash. Teleport is also a great option for early game lane assists, but if you go this route don't just use it to teleport back to your lane after shopping as a standard move. Try to save Teleport for when it matters the most (i.e. your full creep wave reaches the tower and you give the target the tower is hitting invulnerability for 4 sec or in another scenario you teleport to a lane to help gank).

Ignite is useful in the same way Clarity is for LeBlanc. In early game, it means you can easily lock down a kill if someone is barely escaping or has a potion ticking. In mid-late game it simply just because a counter to life steal or health regen abilities. I've tried playing with Clarity and, while it is really useful for the first ten minutes, you'll find yourself with a gigantic mana pool by the mid-game period. It still helps low-mana allies, though. You'll find that doubling Sigil of Silence with your ultimate will be enough to kill low-hp targets in early game.

Masteries & Runes

This is just a very general caster dps mastery build. Not really much to comment on here other than the fact that if you pick up different summoner spells you should probably adjust your points accordingly. Cooldown reduction becomes hilarious in LeBlanc's arsenal.

As far as runes are concerned, I'm not fully decided on which route to take. I might try switching my Quintessences to health and replacing my Marks with +ap/lvl and my Glyphs with cooldown reduction, but this current build gets the job done fine. I prefer the raw +ap Quintessence over the +ap/lvl for stronger early-game ganks.

Skill Sequence

Unless you're laning in mid, you should probably pick up Distortion first. It almost completely removes the risk of facechecking the brush (pair it with cleanse for best results). Sigil of Silence is great for pressuring enemy champions as well as last hitting some mobs since the cooldown is so short. I ended up using this to charge up my Tear more than anything else. Ethereal Chains is a skill-shot similar to how Morgana's and Lux's snares work, except that it deals initial damage and then, if you stay in the generous range it gives you, an additional damage after 2 seconds.

LeBlanc's ultimate changes based on the last spell you cast. It will allow you to basically reuse your last spell as an ultimate that deals additional damage. So, if your last ability was Sigil of Silence (Q), you hit Mimic (R) and use it the same way as Sigil of Silence (Q). If you used Distortion (W), you use Mimic (R) to both teleport to and from the location. So W to W, R to R.

Playstyle Tips

The ideal opener will be Ethereal Chains -> Distortion -> Sigil of Silence -> Mimic -> retreat Distortion. If you can't sneak in to pop a Chain on them, you can switch the order to Distortion -> Sigil of Silence -> Mimic -> Ethereal Chains and then, based on whether or not you want to retreat, wait for Sigil to come off cooldown while attacking and follow it with another Chain or to retreat back.

LeBlanc is amazing at harass. She can't poke as well as a Kog'Maw or Ezreal, but she definitely has something. If the opposing team doesn't have a stun or completely crippling snare, you can keep using distortion to build pressure on a target (Distortion + Sigil). Once they're in the red, commit to an engage.

Mimic is on a very short cooldown. Use it often. I've found that using a Mimic Distortion is generally useless unless you are escaping from someone or can last hit an enemy flying away at the speed of a Phantom Dancer Ghost 20stack Occult Boots of Mobility Bear Form Udyr. Usually doing a Mimic off of a Sigil of Silence is the best bet, but Etheral Chains sometimes works out really well against some melee opponents (like WW or Sion).

LeBlanc's passive is interesting. You can make it do amazing things for you or just find yourself wondering what the point of it even was. If you're about to drop under 30%, try and get into some brush before it happens. You gain a very temporary clone (which does no damage) and an even shorter stealth. If you play it right, you can trick people into going on your clone and then finishing them off or just flat out escape. It's amazingly helpful to bait stuns from people that want to secure a kill and then turning the tables against them.

Specific Counters / Match-Ups

Not going to write this section yet since I haven't played EVERY possible one yet, but I'll be checking comments to update for people who have questions about what to do in a certain situation.


Overall, playing LeBlanc feels like a mix between Morgana and Ryze. You can do a lot of damage in a very short period of time, just like Ryze, but all of your abilities have pretty good range. LeBlanc is definitely as squishy as a Ryze.