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LeBlanc Build Guide by Lightnng

LeBlanc, the Mid Master

LeBlanc, the Mid Master

Updated on November 15, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lightnng Build Guide By Lightnng 3,173 Views 0 Comments
3,173 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lightnng LeBlanc Build Guide By Lightnng Updated on November 15, 2011
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First of all, if you have bothered to read this, then you may not have thought my build was stupid. well I main blanc, and this is how i play her and i go 20/1/5 every game. In this guide i will show you how i play her and explain myself with my odd-ish runes. This is my first guide and i hope to make more, so comment.
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My rune set is a combination of AP and mana regen. i personally think having decent mana regen and AP is better than all ap, because with blanc, you spam your abilities alot.
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My masteries are common caster runes, nothing really special about them, but when put with my runes, i get decent mana regen and lots of AP.
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Who counters LeBlanc?

I have only played against two champions that can beat me in a lane, and that is ashe and gragas, ashe more than gragas. ashe has those crits early and devastate you until you can get to your RoA. Gragas is simple, he has decent health and has more range than blanc, unless you can constantly get to the gragas, its useless to harass because of his passive.
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Who does LeBlanc counter?

She can counter many, but the few i can constantly dominate in lane and out are xerath, malz, and most casters. Xerath has a self bind, which is great, if the enemy team doesnt have a nidalee(spear max range) or blanc, because blanc can silence and destroy so quickly, if they even touch the button to bind, i will devastate them without even thinking.
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This all depends on the situation... are they all melee tanks or high value squishy damage characters? if they are high value squishies, go around and hide in the bushes off to the side of a team fight, and when your team initiates go and kill the back line of squishies with Q-R-W-E-W and walk out. If it is a melee tank, it is better to go E-Q-R-W keeping them slowed and when you are done comboing, they will be bound, and ready for you to do a weak combo of E-Q-E. if you Q in between the damage proc's of the bind, they will be silenced after being bound, allowing your team help support and/or let the other abilities to come off CD.
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Early Game

for early game is up to 20 minutes, in this time, you should call mid and start farming, im not the best farmer, but i make up for it in early game kills. i start with a amplifying tome and a health potion, because the more ap early game, the easier the kills. the health pot is for when ad carries mid against you and they can somehow harass you more than you can kill them. on my first back(700g), i get tier 1 boots and turn my amplifying tome into a kages lucky pick for extra gold. my second back is to finish boots, unless they see you as a high threat and unsuccessfully gank and give you lots of kills. if that happens, stay in lane until 15% health and back, after boots, depending on the situation, i will get health, mana or ap, all adding onto my next item, rod of ages, if you get this item early, the enemies cant focus you with your health, but you WILL do the most damage on your team, unless obviously the enemy team fed your trynd or xin or some champion like that. making you the last focused and most damage character is my goal, with health and ap early and resistances late.
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Mid/Late game

i summed these two up in the same chapter because they are not all that much different. if you get fed then just look for ganks constantly. if not, stay with your team and hope you dont get focused. in teamfights, always go for the squishies, even when not fed you still do massive damage. I one time was playing with and against LeBlanc and my team fed her 23 kills, i only had 8, i still only went for her, after a while of hit and run tactics, that even the great mobility LeBlanc couldnt keep up with, i finally killed her, and she started feeding me. they ended up surrendering and blaming it on their blanc feeding me. Never give up on trying to kill the carries, just adapt and overcome. I know, some people like AD carries just because they can backdoor and win the game, and i have tried going AD blanc. it doesnt work, dont try it dont even think about it. it is stupid and makes your team lose.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lightnng
Lightnng LeBlanc Guide
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LeBlanc, the Mid Master

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