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League of Legends Build Guide Author DefinitelyNOTghost

LeBlanc tips and tricks -unfinished

DefinitelyNOTghost Last updated on August 29, 2016
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note that this is strictly a guide. no runes masteries etc. will be listed.

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To start off, i am not the very best out there. in fact im silver. but LeBlanc is the champ i used to reach silver. she has very good burst, and excellent mobility. she is best for killing a squishy, or two and getting out clean. ad carrys dont stand a chance against her due to her ability to burst them down in the matter of a second. more or less eh?

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counters, and counters

Good against squishy targets.

Bad against tanks.

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usually always run flash, and ignite.

when againstheavy cc, flash and cleanse is usually the way to go

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follow the recommended build. it works.

    jk. start withdoran ring, then build morel, that purple book, then

    void staff- if behind

    ludens- more damage and roam

    zhonias, for obvious reasons

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mid game

as noted in the intro, go for squishies. roam the backline and look for a kill. dont kill grouped enemies unless you are guaranteed a kill, and make it out alive

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early game

start w. then level q for extra poke damage, then e. a very common combo to get a kill early is as follows-

    aa q w aa e aa ignite aa return w -this combo is effective and if done correctly can be very effective. another combo to use is as follows-

    aa q e qq w aa return w. weave in an ignite if you want a kill. -this combo is a different version of the last combo.this makes landing your e harder, but gets you an easy w with no return poke.

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level 6 combos

LeBlanc has various combos that are situational. the correct combo used will get an easy kill, or better.


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