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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author strago

LeBlanc Wielder of power

strago Last updated on November 5, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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After playing this character for a couple of days now I have realized she now is one of my favorite champions in the game. The way she jumps into battle and can push multiple champions back in fear makes me laugh. By mid game if Ryze and Morgana are not running at the sight of you, you might be doing something wrong. Read and enjoy and keep in mind she is new and there is a lot of neat tricks that still need to be found.

Sigil = Sigil of Silence
Distort = Distortion
Chains = Ethereal Chains

Start of game

Start with Sigil and run to you lane and prepare to harass the other team. Start by throwing some love taps toward the enemy to show them who is boss and get last hits on minions to get some money. As soon as you hit level two you can start pissing them off and making them make some bad choices. Use distortion and teleport onto minions throw sigil at enemy champion and distort back to safety, and keep doing this till they make a mistake and depending on who you have on your team backs you up and goes for the kill. The only time to run is when you can not see your life bar any more so distort back to safety and watch them chase you past your tower as they die. Grab Chains at level three I do this because chaining someone is so fun, plus it is a easy way for your laning partner to get a free kill.

Mid Game

So you have Mimic and have no idea what spell you should use it on. Least thats how I felt and after some practice I found some useful ideas on what to do with it. Say Ryze is coming at you and you know you have to kill him before he gets his special off, in this case you would sigil and then mimic sigil him taking away half or more life from him and silencing him. distort close and chain him up attacking as you do then sigil him as it comes back for the kill if needed. Another way to use is when you run after a champion and 3 of his buddies go for the kill on you, now you can distort and mimic distort away to safety as they hit there keyboard in anger.

Late game

By now you are feared across the map and teams are combining to end the game. No time to run with many champions having your back. Aim for a DPS user behind there lines and this is the tricky part and if you are not fast enough do not try, simply distort, sigil, mimic sigil, distort back. If that does not score a kill they will retreat for now and you can pick up some kills using X2 sigil on charging champions. Keep in back and push to the win.


Having supple AP and Mana is a must for LeBlanc and having it early game can give you some extra kills and money. Follow what works best for you to make a great build I find myself looking at peoples builds and slowly drift away from it.

Mastery tree

Simple layout of a tree built around AP users and can be fine tuned to what you need depending on your choice of team mates. Follow this guide or build your own but this seems to work for me.


SO many different builds and depending on who you are fighting it can be changed up. This is the general layout of what I use but when facing many spell casters I seem to build more on Sigil first and chains last. When fighting fast moving fighters I build chains faster to get them to stay put for the kill. So see who you are fighting and assign as needed.

Mimic combos

Distort, Sigil, Mimic Sigil, Chains Magic users blind bluff
Distort, Chains, Sigil, Mimic Sigil Fast mans death
Chains, Distort, Mimic Distort Holy **** I got away

basic combos that I use every game

Sigil, Distort activates silence, chains, sigil, Mimic sigil.......Death


Ignite will bring your first victim screaming as he burns to the ground and as for clarity this will allow you to get to the next level and save valuable time. You may play some other skills that work well with your team like if someone you know you will be laning with is using clarity take yours off and replace it with a like useful spell.

Item Build

This will bring your mana and Life to a point where you can stay longer and not retreat. Early on when staying in your lane when you level you get life and mana back this will be helpful becouse you have alot of many to get and can not afford to go back to town often.

Now we are talking, some extra damage early on watch them run in fear. This ring will add so much damage early game it will bring you kills and money that is needed.

About time you got some life and extra damage, start tearing them up and laugh creapily as you do.

For those people who think they are cute getting magic res and thinking they have a chance.

A little late but now you are getting alot of kills and it will stack up nicely.

This is why rod of ages is important to get first, adds AP for Mana and now you are killing in a couple of hots or a good 123 combo.

This will just top the cake and will make you death its self, but if you are still having problems you can try out