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Lee Sin Build Guide by zhu744

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zhu744

Lee Sin

zhu744 Last updated on June 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This Guide is for my use only I won`t make it official

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Jungle Route

1. Do wraiths, get a little help from team mates.
2. Do red, get a leash.
3. Get wolves or gank lane
4. Get blue for mid or yourself

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Enemy Junglers


I hate this champion. I really do. He stops your everything. You can't initiate with this guy around coz he'll just Puncturing Taunt you into his team. The only time you can get revenge is in the early levels if he jungles. Gank him 24/7. Make his life hell. Make sure he's at least 2 levels below everyone and you probably won your team the game. this is how awesome and important the role of Jungling really is :)

~Counter Jungling Rammus~

Rammus is best ganked when he is finishing his Red buff as he will be on pretty low health and your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike will deal a heck of a lot of damage. To gank Rammus I usually finish killing Wolves after Blue Buff and then walk over to the bush near Red Buff. If he doesn't check the bush I usually wait until I can Smite steal Red Buff before I move onto him. Quickly finish him off. Remember don't linger around as the enemy will swarm around you instantly.


Scariest clown in the world. He will mess up your jungle big time. Biggest terrorist ever. The only thing with Shaco is that he is squishy. If you can dodge around his boxes and delay your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike for when he is escaping it really can shut him down. Make sure you're always on the lookout for poofs of orange. If you see one ping like a madman and run for your nearest team member.

~Counter Jungling Shaco~

Shaco is gankable but only at his Blue Buff at the very start. When ganking him kill Wraiths when they spawn and get your team to damage them so you keep the majority of your health. Then make sure your entire team follows you in and Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike the Blue Golem from the back. Quickly follow up and Smite to basically shut down Shaco for the next few minutes. Make sure you either ward your own Blue Buff after this or give it to your AP carry.


This guy is also a really potent and dangerous rival in the jungle. He can counter jungle you pretty well with Umbra Blades and Duskbringer. Always remember if you do get into a 1 v 1 with him, dodge around his Duskbringer. If he hits you with it and gains the buff it will probably turn the tide in his favor. Also keep in mind his Spell Shield. If he starts running away don't chase him too much as you will get ganked and killed.

~Counter Jungling Nocturne~

Gank Nocturne when he is at his Red Buff. Wait for him to throw out his second Duskbringer and then Smite steal Red Buff if you can. if not just kill Nocturne to get it anyways. Just dodge his Duskbringer, that is the important thing. Also remember most Nocturnes build pure damage leaving them really squishy. Clever use of your abilities will land you kills against him continuously.


Don't mess with this guy in the Jungle. Just ward your jungle and hope he doesn't invade. Yes he is just that powerful in the jungle. He has massive AoE damage to quickly clear your jungle and heaps of DPS in Tiger Stance and also a pretty good shield. Just don't try anything against this guy.

~Counter Jungling Udyr~

Don't even think about trying to gank him. Too scary. What you can do to slow his progress is to get your team mates and yourself to quickly kill the Big Wraith and the Big Golem. This will hinder his progress in the jungle and maybe stop him from getting an early gank.


A lot like Udyr in the jungle. Scary. But her ganks absolutely SUCK. Take advantage of this by ganking lanes and winning the game there. If you come face to face with her in the Jungle make sure you kite around her abilities. Keep your distance from her with Tempest / Cripple while she uses Burnout. Dodge around her Flame Breath, and then engage her with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike.

~Counter Jungling Shyvana~

Do what you did with Udyr. Clear small stuff to hinder her. Just make sure you win lanes by ganking as Shyvana's ganks are absolutely terrible. Also always keep an eye on your buffs as she can take them exceptionally fast.


Although you rarely see him in the jungle compared to before he is still a good jungler. When facing him One on One, Sonic Wave him in the face + 2 autoattacks. At this point he will try and Fear + Drain you so walk out of range. As soon as his Drain stops Resonating Strike back in and finish him off. Just keep in mind he can keep draining you forever if he has Blue Buff so it is best not to engage him then.

~Counter Jungling Fiddlesticks~

Steal his Blue. He can literally do nothing after this. After all he is a mage. Keep on stealing his Blue and there is NOTHING he can do but go back to lane.


This guy is really prone to being counter-jungled! Dodge his Axe and he is pretty useless. Also remember to kite around him when he is low as he gets more dangerous. His ganks aren't the best so you can take advantage of that as well.

~Counter Jungling Olaf~

Olaf is REALLY low when he goes to Red Buff. A simple Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and Tempest / Cripple combo is usually enough to kill him. Continuously steal his buffs and stuff as he has a really hard time recovering. Stealing Red Buff will muck up his ganks.


Becoming a more common face in the jungle now. This guy is pretty weak early game. Ganking him is kind of pointless as neither of you will kill each other until the rest of your team show up. His Pre-6 ganks are terrible and you can use this to your advantage yet again. Magic Resist and Quicksilver Sash will counter him really hard.

~Counter Jungling Warwick~

You can attempt to steal his Blue like you did with Shaco. You can also give him the Udyr treatment and kill some of the smaller camps to make him angry.


Though he won't be much threat to you in the jungle it is always worthwhile shutting him down as he will be scary as hell late game if allowed to do well. This is where you come in. His ganks are pretty good too with his team Steroid so make sure you stay above him on that. Don't let him rule the jungle! Keep moving around and stealing his stuff when he isn't looking. Gank a lane as soon or before he does. Also you can start to fake initiate a fight and then quickly disengage to pull out his ultimate. Without his ultimate Gangplank loses a lot of damage.

~Counter Jungling Gangplank~

Ganking Gangplank is optimal when he is killing Red Buff. Hide in the bush and wait for his Raise Morale to burn. If he burns his Remove Scurvy even better. Then go in for the kill. Also continuously terrorize his jungle. Ward his Buffs and Smite steal 24/7. Make him scared to roam his own jungle.

Master Yi

A real pain if you don't have a stun, snare or exhaust. His ganks are OK but not top tier like yours. Fighting him 1 v 1 isn't that hard pre-6 so it is relatively safe to invade his jungle. Just remember to Tempest / Cripple him and kite him when he has activated Wuju Style and then engage him again after its effects wear off. He is pretty squishy so you can land a few kills that way. Good ward placement can demolish his ganks.

~Counter Jungling Master Yi~

Stealing Master Yi's Blue can make him pretty useless. His jungling speed will go down significantly if you manage to do this. As I said before Pre-6 you can own him pretty hard and he is pretty squishy as well. Stealing things like his Wraiths and Double Golem can slow him down a lot too.


This guy has ridiculously good ganks. So much CC. His only downside is he is an extremely slow jungler. He is also extremely vulnerable to counter-jungling. Make sure you ward properly and tell your team to stay away from the bushes as he will surprise grab them and kill them. He is extremely tanky making it hard to fight him in the jungle. It is best to keep your distance from him and hurt him by terrorizing his jungle with wards and stealing his everything.

~Counter Jungling Nautilus~

What you can do with Nautilus is you finish off Blue and Wolves and then walk over to his Wraiths, kill everything but one small Wraith and go to his Double Golems and kill the big Golem. now continue your own route. Nautilus, being the slow jungler he is, will take a while longer to gank now and during this time you can gank lanes and win them. Afterwards continuously invade his jungle stealing buffs when you can and other wise clearing all his small camps.


Maokai's ganks are scary as. He will snare you to the floor and you are gone. He is a relatively fast jungler but he always follow a strict path. He is also very blue dependant so stealing it will slow him down considerably. Excuse my language but he gets shat on by aggressive junglers. As Lee Sin, always invade his jungle and steal everything. Make sure you ward the rivers properly as that will stuff up his ganks big time. That is all.

~Counter Jungling Maokai~

Maokai starts at Wraiths but finishes them quickly and moves onto wolves. Take this opportunity to get your team to leash his blue for you. Make sure your entire team help you out here or it won't be worth it. Also you can get your team to leash his red for you. Remember to constantly invade his jungle as their is little he can do against aggressive junglers.