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Build Guide by Kurotakai

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kurotakai

Lee Sin 3v3 Nuke, 5v5 soon to come

Kurotakai Last updated on April 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first build with Mobafire, and I never planned on making one. I bought Lee Sin the day he was out, and I've had instant success with him. My build with Lee Sin may seem strange to some. He isn't a tank, he isn't meant to go for def items. He is an assassin, even well built most of the time 1v2 you have a high chance of dieing if you don't get lifesteals going, or if your being kited. My build excels at massive burst, and amazing 1v1 potential. With Blood thirster so early you can max your damage abilities without being overly squishy from lack of Safeguard/Iron Will.

-This build is NOT a 5v5 build ATM. This is strictly for solo lane in 3v3 games. He is way too squishy for a 5v5 with this build. I plan to add a 5v5 build when I get more testing done in 5s-

Also I have no idea how to put spells, and icons into my guide so if anyone can leave some quick tips it will be appreciated. Thank you, and I hope you have met the success I have. I can't stand that so many people can't use Lee to his fullest.

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Will be added soon, and will include: Runes, summoner Spells, Basic champ information, Item build explanation, and masteries.

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Skill Usage

As I said above I don't know how to add spells into my guide so please bear with me until I can change this.

Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike
Basically its a short range gap closing nuke. At level one with no Attack Damage it does 120 damage to an enemy. This is huge combined with your passive for early game kills. Because of this skill I can easily get 5-8 kills in the first 10 minutes or so. Remember this is for solo laning in a 3v3.

The best use I have found for this is to wait until they are baited into a bush then nuke them with both actives early. Throw on Ignite, and exhaust if they try to run. I have been able to turret dive reliably at levels 2-4 simply because the damage this does combined with a melee attack. Most people will stand turret in the lower levels because they don't think anyone can nuke them from a distance. Well Sin Lee definitely can. Don't forget that it reveals a target as well; making it a great tool for getting the jump on someone hiding in a bush or to check for a possible gank.

Also I must add that while one activation of Sonic Wave scales low damage wise you must remember his abilities are intended to be activated in succession. 180 damage isn't that much, but 360 from dual activation is quite decent. Not to mention both activates scale separately off your Attack Damage.

This is a decent skill to have low levels, but it is not worth losing the damage from Sonic Wave to justify putting more than one point into it. I use it mostly to help 1v1 in a consistent fight early, and get that passive activation going. It can be a great escape/gank tool since you can port to minions or Friendly champs through walls.

This skill is probably my favorite one. Activate once it does AOE dmg, and reveals anything it hits. Then activate a second time to massively slow any thing that was hit by the first activation. This skill is great in many forms: You can use it to slow someone your chasing, greatly reduce an attacking melee champs damage(this also greatly helps in getting early game kills fast), or to reveal stealthed enemies. Say your chasing twitch, but right before you kill him his stealth pops. Well if your fast enough activate this, and slow him giving you that kill instead of frustration from losing a squishy. It even reveals Teemo shrooms or even Teemo himself. I've gotten to the point where I check bushes with this while fighting a Teemo before I go through.

Dragon's Rage (Ultimate)
This skill is great simply because it does a good amount of damage, and scales fairly well with Attack Damage. The knockback portion can be used in several ways: from getting away from a gank, to interrupting dreaded Fiddle Fear, and if lined up right you can get triples from its decent Damage to anyone hit. I like to use it whenever I can simply for bonus nuke damage. Although, as an added effect I've noticed that sometimes when the person lands say next to a wall there will be a brief time where they can't move or attack.

-Be careful though, you CAN punt enemy champs through small walls on accident. I've saved a champ or two by accidentally kicking them into Baron's room.-

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- Don't use this with 5s as your too squishy for 5 man team fights.
- Always try to solo top, but going bottom with a friend who can stun is good since the stun will keep em still for Sonic to hit guaranteed.
- Don't be afraid to Turret dive early, even if you die you NEED that BF sword as early as possible. Once you get that Sword it just gets better and better.
- Dragon's Rage can punt people over walls.

(Obviously this isn't finished, but with some help from other members, and more time I can have this build polished and shiny. Follow my build, and the skill usage you will rape all squishies, and tear the enemy apart in team fights, one champ at a time)