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Lee Sin Build Guide by QualeDirezione

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League of Legends Build Guide Author QualeDirezione

Lee Sin - A Simple but effective guide to Jungle Lee Sin

QualeDirezione Last updated on June 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello People of Mobafire , First of all i would like to tell you why i made this guide.I made it because i really like Lee Sin as a hero and i can say i am quite experienced with him but Guides that are made in here about him lacked simplicity.Guides are quite complicated i saw many people made like 2-8 different builds,5-10 different items to choose from for different situations and different teams.Okay it is a fact that one must adapt to situations but this should be simple as much as it can be. Why Simplicity is so important? Because simplicity brings ability to decide quickly for items (since you wont choose between 10 different armor items against heavy ad teams for example) and that way you wont worry about if the item you got goes along with other items or not.So makes item choosing progress much more efficent and faster.

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greater-mark-of-strength:3 of these runes, (With quints)you get the optiomal +9.6 AD so that it turns into +10 AD in game(Which is 0.4 AD plus).Why we need 3 these instead of 3 of Desolation, because Lee Sin's 3 abilities scale with AD with a pretty good Ratio so you wanna get 3 of these.

greater-mark-of-desolation:6 of these to get optimal +9.96 Armor penet so that it turns into +10 Armor penetration in game.Now you may say Why you get these,why not 6 Greater Mark of Strength instead? Because even though Lee sin's 3 abilities scale with AD you will need armor penetration to make them hit hard on champions(also helps to kill creeps in jungle).i spent 2 hours calculating if AD runes vs. Armor penetration early-mid-late game and found out this combination is the best.

greater-seal-of-resilience: Only choice. Since you need survivability more than anything as Lee Sin (to be able to hit and use your skills). Gives you most survivability in jungle in gank/teamfights/Turret hit/minion hit (Everything)

greater-seal-of-fortitude: No way, since you wont build Atma's impaler you dont wanna get these.Even if you do Atma Convert ratio has been nerfed from %2 HP to %1.5 HP.

greater-glyph-of-shielding: Again only choice. Since you need survivability more than anything as Lee Sin (to be able to hit and use your skills). Great help in Gank/Teamfights and one of your biggest magic resistance source

greater-quintessence-of-strength: You wanna get these because they give the biggest damage to your early game also helpful mid/late game .Plus as u will start with boots you will need help of these to kill minions faster and safely in jungle, to have Successful ganks...

greater-quintessence-of-swiftness: You may think to get Swiftness but speed is not what you need the most as you are very mobile with your jumping abilities.

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Pretty Obvious.

No because we have no crit items

Why and masteries in defense?

Because your main goal will be to gank not to farm ( and even 30 health may be a lifesaver during ganks/Teamfights) also only helps early early game.You will be able to finish creeps fast enough without it.

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Okay as i said this guide is simple and effective so we will keep item section as such. Core items that you must get every single game according to ''Purchase Order''!!! despite enemy team:

Okay after you get Phage as your 3rd item you will have choices:

If Enemy team has 3 or more AD:

here you will go and upgrade it into

after that if they have significant AP damage from remaining 2 you will go

But if they dont if those 3 AD make significant damage you will go

(Which will be part of Guardian angel later on)

Either way you will continue in order:

If Enemy has 3 or more AP:

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence is must be same as i suggest.Because as a ganker jungler you will need to max Q first to hit hard to get those ganks succesfull and secondly Safeguard to increase survivability.

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Summoner Spells

A must have for Jungling

Now why this instead of Flash? Because even though you have very good mobility and damage early game you will have those moments that your gank victim runing to tower with 2-3 hit health. An Exhaust there will greatly help you to finish them off before they go under tower. Plus armor and magic resist reduction + Slow helps a lot your laner to deal efficient damage during gank (Even if she/he has low HP he wont be scared to help you as exhaust will make victim %70 weakened). This spell is also Very effective late game since it makes AD/AP carry useless for 2.5 sec during a team fight and That's a lot in a teamfight, can turn the table also makes it easier for you to kill victim afterwards. Also Great tool to escape.

You dont need
to kick your enemy into your team.
You can and walk in front of them then kick
or you can use to do that too.
So in conclusion is a better option.

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Why Ganking is So important and How to Gank

This is The most important thing in the game if you ask me. Because if you can gank succesfully you can win games way too early. even if you can pull out some successfully that could change games fate.Why? Because from successfully made ganks you get these results:

1) Demotivated Opponents who will eventually blame their teammates
2) Motivated Team
3) Extra gold + Extra experience (both for you and ur laners)
4) Laner can farm much safer before ganked enemy comes back to lane

Therefore dont underestimate power of successful ganks. In this guide i will give just a few of my tactics and advises How to Gank as Lee Sin and i will reveal keys points and most important tactics for ganking later on ''If This Guide Gets Popular'' (with your help of course) if not then there is no reason for me to share them.

Tip #1

Do Not initiate a gank with. Because you cannot hit enemy with
everytime you shoot they can jump around using their
or you may hit minions by mistake, you may miss it. Lets say you always hit with %100 accuracy even in this case its bad idea because you minimise it's %8 missing health damage bonus (which makes BIG difference)

Tip #2

Start with either
by jumping a friendly target that is close to enemy or just by walking to them,after you come close to them double tap
and use
last when next to your opponent so you hit with %100 accuray and maximise its damage output.( Between abilities use your
effiecently to maximise damage and energy. But you cant do this with you must double tap it in order to slow, because if you dont they may get out of slow range by using
and stuff)

Tip #3

always come from behind while ganking, using tribush and mid sideways.


i would like to tell more but i really want to see if people are interested in my guide and my knowledge . I dont want to spread all of my experience and advanced strategies if no one is interested therefore i will share them if this guide and Lee Sin gets what they deserve (Getting Popular)

There are soo many things and strategies you can do with Lee Sin that you cant even imagine.
Before i finish this guide i would like to give one of my nice combinations that you can use when ganking.

Advanced Ganking Strategy #1

Lets say you tried to gank top lane and unfortunately that darius made it through your gank with %10 HP and entered to tower's protection range, so that you cant walk in because you will get hit by it.I found a very nice tactic that you can use here to deal with this particular situation. Assuming you made
which is core item, you can use
and put it outer turret range or u can put it to behind the wall and you can now go after darius u can go close enough so you can hit your
and use
(if necessary) then finish with
and then back to
you put.

So as i said There are too many different things that i learnt over time, practising him, things you can do while ganking... didnt even mention using kick and wards...I would like to share them if this guide gets the attention it deserves.

Sorry for my language mistakes,

I would really appreciate it if you could leave some comments below. Thank you