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Build Guide by Nyang ji

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nyang ji

Lee sin : AD and able to jungle

Nyang ji Last updated on April 12, 2011
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Tanky / Jungle



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Well this will be my first published build of Lee Sin the blind monk.
I'll explain each item and each spell i took for it. I'm always open for commentary and please don't rate it if you didn't tested it. Remember it's not because you loose a game with that build that mean it suck.

This champion is an good assassin melee with great burst and a GG life steal even if they nerf it. Well played this champion is mostly invincible.

I see lot of people boosting attack speed like a yi style. This is useless because Lee sin is based on defense and damage. I tried it and i didn't get good result like a defense or damage build even life leech.

P.S.: My English is horrible so don't be rude with me ^^.

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AD Lee Sin must be Offensive masteries and leave the rest in utility. I don't really have any others explains to this. Maybe for tanks you can use an deffensive masteries.

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Runes is up to you but i choosed them for the CDR + the attack speed. Cuz Lee sin got medium CD on every spell. And if you can get a bit of Cdr it let u been able to chain un your skill without running out of energy.

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Skill Sequence

Personally i preferred the tempest and cripple to be maxed out first in tank build. Reason 1 this is an AoE of great damage. Useful to farm gold, jungling and harassment. Cripple the second effect recude attack speed and movement speed. Pretty nice to ganking and jungling big mobs like blue buff at low levels.

Shield and life steal... do i really need to give explanation about this spell?. This is a good support, fleeing, defensive and survival skills ever! Use it everytime. Take a look at skill rotation for some situation i found it useful.

well Sonic wave is kinda GG damage but why i didn't boost them in second. i normally only use it to teleport the enemy and temspest/cripple them and then shield to get back. Best harrassing way. Because when i dash in and i do tempest and cripple enemy attack and speed are reduced + shield giveing me an good and safe way to get back. the shield can be casted on a friendly target to dash to it.

Dragon rage. This spell have 2 utility. Getting away from trouble/spell break (ex:fiddle ult or pant spear play)/Help teamate from escaping or Starting a fight by kicking the tank behind and give an better perspective to hit the squishy or the support.

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Skill rotation

Jungling : I'll Tempest/cripple + Shield/life leach -///- Tempest + 2 hit + cripple + 2 hit ..etc and after jungling vs champ ill use the ad style.

Tanky style : Sonic/dash + Tempest +2 hit + Cripple + 2 hit/shield back, OR Tempest + 2 hit +cripple + 2hit + shield + life leach + sonic/dash+ 2 hit

AD : Sonic/dash + 2 hit + wshield + 2 hit + life leach + 2 hit + Shield back.

Wuick burst : Q - Q - E - E - R - W

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With this build i used Heal instead of smite to fit in any situation. With heal u can Jungle easily at the begin by doing the wolf then the wraith. Suggested lvl to start jungling is lvl 4 with this build when you will get your shield/life steal lvl 2 and get some damage to do. >

Jungling from lvl 1 to 5 in 6 min. Wolf -> ghost (pot) -> Golem (pot) -> (pot) blue buff (pot) -> wolf (lvl 4) -> ghost (pot) -> Red buff -> Golem (lvl 5) + enough gold for madred so from now its pretty easy to jungle. Wait lvl 6 and start ganking and at lvl 6 with a friends or lvl 7+ solo the dragon (nice exp)

Ganking normally before lvl 6 to get an escape in case of trouble or unexpected situation. Lee sin can be a good tower kill when he got his zeal or blood thirster and remember the lee sin passive. Each ability increase his attack by 50% for the 2 next attacks. So do Tempest first to get an boost after the 2 attack do cripple then on enemy minions do sonic wave but don't dash. Keep shield to leave the combat or eat an tower shot.

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Summoner Spells

Heal and ghost.

Heal : jungling and support your teammate from be killed. Can be used to stay t a tower longer and get additional exp. Can be used together with ghost in case of gank or unexpected situations.

Ghost : Chasing an enemy or running away from it this spell with u shield dash can be the best way to get out of any situations. Vision ward can be used to dash on it (not tested yet(work on shrooms)) if minions missing.

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Tanky items seriously is at your discretion.

Jungling with madred is important, you can evolve madred in lantern instead of blood razor. Attack speed can do it well also like a recurve bow or zeal for crits and movspd.

AD Phage give out a nice life at begin that why i choosed it. Lee sin must run fast to get well the ennemy so that's why i take boots of swiftness and phage to slow ennemies down. Youmuu ghostblade for his active are really usefull.if u took madred blood razor you will be a nice tank killer.

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More and lots more comming with the new patch that nerfed lee... :O

Lot of text will be added soon :D leave me comment.