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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WindHero

Lee Sin: Because I'mLee Sin...(DPS/AD)

WindHero Last updated on April 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First thing's first, Lee Sin is amazing! This is my build/guide toward using him as a DPS/AD. Please note that You will probably rack up some deaths, but you should also rack up at least twice as much kills. Don't assume that Baron Nashor kills itself upon your arival, because it doesn't... I've tried. But that said the best way to start out a game as Lee Sin is by possitively influencing your team, and don't stray too far from your guide because someone on your team is too stubborn to pull their own weight. Just do your best and make only MINOR adjust ments or your stats will be way off. That said. read on with blissfulnees and teared up eyes... Just because im blind doesn't mean I can't see you QQ'ing!!!!!!!!! LOL!

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Pros / Cons


    -3 hit squishies by end game in most cases
    -low cost skills
    -7 skills instead of 4
    -extremely dangerous to 1v2 (you being the 1)
    -High dmg output
    -amazing shield
    Lee Sin

    -People will focus mega CC on you
    -Unless your team is losing, people in teamfights will focus on you more than the squishy
    -Damn cooldowns

I can't think of anymore cons... that's funny isn't it? (laugh or I'll kill you, lol JK)

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Standard 21/0/9 build. The offensive allows you to facerape anyone in a 1v1. The utility speeds up your respawn a little, and you get some much appreciated mana/health regen that is nice early game. Crit is also added to help out with your life steal. I think that just about covers it.

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Skill Sequence

Ok Lee Sin has the most skills i think I'veever seen on any one champ. Forst we go for your "Q" because it has range and lets you rack up kills early on, even on tanks like Sion. "Q" also allows you to catch up to those annoying runnaways and put them six feet underground. Next we focus on your "W" it has an amazing ability and activated ability as well. The shield will save you ( and others if you see fit) from lots of things, i.e. twitches pr teemos poison and/or Karthus' ulti. Its activated ability is perfect early game for health gain, also you can turret dive with the regular. Next is your "E" your amazing "run away I freaking dare you" skill. This skill can be a great farming skill in addition to ganking. Some of you might argue that "E" is more worthwhile to get than "Q" or "W" but i strongly disagree. And as usual max your "R" whenever you can, it's fun to kick your enemies around... ^_^

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You pretty much just stack up on armor pen, attack speed, and health. These are pretty solid for runes, but change them around to fit YOU. Umm... alos i don't have a rune page completely filled out yet, so anyone that does should post suggestions for replacement. I don't think mana regenrunes would be helpful, same with AP so don't recommend them unless you have an amazing reason to do so. And please don't insult me or downvote my guide because i don't have the whole guide filled out myself.

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Summoner Spells

I usually go with Teleport and Heal since Lee Sin is a one man wrecking crew, but here are some others you might try...

    -Ghost: great for mobility
    -Exhaust: useful, although your "Q" kinda eliminates its purpose
    -Flash: Great for escapes, but u usually won't need to

Spells not to use...
    -Clarivoyance: as in all my otherbuilds, you don't need this
    -Fortify: Leave it for people who thrive on support
    -Clarity: Your "W" eliminates the purpose for this

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Before I start, remember that in ALL cases the items are a reference guide, and should be purchased to counter your oppenent. So don't go overboard with armor or anything like that, but at least try not to die as always.

Start out with Doran's Shield so you have more armor, hp, etc. Now we build into your first item, Berserker Grieves since they give you Attack Speed. Next work on your weapon that makes most armor useless against you, the Last Wisper. Now we get your your first Phantom Dancer so you can have more Attack Speed and slightly increased mobility. Then get the Infinity's Edge so you can get just about every Attack Damage add-ons possible. Now get a second Phantom Dancer for once again more Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Finally get the Madred's Razor for some added AP to help your shield and more Attack Damage.

Your CORE items however are:

Berzerker Grieves
Last wisper
Phantom Dancer

You can replace the others, but i would'nt really recommend it, however it is your choice.
If anyone can think of anything to replace rageblade I would muchly appreciate it, I just added it because it's chaep and somewhat helpful.

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Team Work

For laning purposes, try to lane with some that has a slow, stun, taunt, etc. Not to be rude to those people, but if you can KS them try to, as you are more valuable to your team when fed. If you don't want to i understand and im with you 100%, but it's just a tip. Don't turret dive unless they're a one-hit and your "W" is up. Don't knock champs away form your team. So yah... I guess thats all for the tips and teamwork.

People to watch out for...
-Poppy (When Fed)
-Anyone with a powerful stun (maybe Sion, but from my experience)
-Lee Sin... Need I say more?
Maybe, just maybe, but most likely not... Rammus, as your Last Wisper should help

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My screenshot wasn't working but you can search up my match history for now, my scores were as follows:

-28/11/12 (2nd public game, 3rd overall)

-Other game i can't remember, but i went possitive and got over 20 kills

email me your scores or comment them at the bottom

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So that's all there really is to playing this amazing champ, I would much appreciate lots of feedback. Do not, however, tell me to change it from DPS. That would be stupid, don't like the DPS thne use another build, but other than that i look forward to constuctive criticism!
Ohh... and also remember, if you don't tell me how i did, i can't improve, so I NEED your opinion, preferably form those who have tried it, but other will do as well. Please don't ask me dumb questions like, "Why DPS?" or "Why not AP?" those are dumb questions that should be avoided.

Your's Truely