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Lee Sin Build Guide by fancehh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fancehh

Lee Sin Build: The other team won't see what's coming,

fancehh Last updated on July 17, 2012
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Jungle/Off tank Lee Sin


AD Carryish/Solo Top

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Not Updated For Current Season

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It wouldn't let me add another tab, but for solo top lee sin, i recommend flash/ignite or flash/exhaust. Start with boots 3 health pots for sustain, or if you know it will be a tough lane against another AD bruiser, you can start with cloth armor and 5 health pots. If you want to play passive but insure you win your lane, put 3/4 points in your w early on. Then proceed to level q and e accordingly. But if you want immediate damage, max q, like usual. I try and go back and buy a heart of gold. It's useful for the gold per 5 and the extra health. Then you can continue with a normal build. Merc treads, Bloodthirster or frozen mallet, etc. It's your choice

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Hey guys, Fancehh here. =D I was told by some friends that I should make a Lee Sin guide, so here you guys go.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Amazing mobility
high damage output
really nice utility ultimate, can be a teamfight changer.

Cons: squishy at low levels
his q is a skillshot, and is a prime source of damage. so missing the q could mean missing a kill.

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Creeping / Jungling

If you start jungling at red or blue buff, start with your e. E-Q-W When jungling, I usually start red buff. Lee Sin does not need blue buff as much as other junglers seeing as he is energy reliant. I ONLY start blue if I plan on going straight from blue buff to the other team's red buff to try and get a steal and/or first blood. If not, I start red. Ask for a nice leash at red, and get your q once you ding. Then, what I do, is proceed to gank top, usually resulting in an easy first blood. Then just wraiths, wolves, gank, repeat. I don't usually grab golems until a higher level. and remember, ALWAYS give blue buff to the ap carry mid.

Also, USE YOUR PASSIVE. What i do, is i go up to a wraith camp. Q onto a minion, auto attack twice, q again, auto attack twice, press e, auto attack, e again, auto attack twice again, then w yourself, AAx2, w again, AAx2, then by that time your e should be off cooldown. repeat until minion is killed. His passive is amazing, use it wisely!

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For runes, I take Flat AD reds, Flat Armor yellows, and for blues, I use Magic Resist per level. For quints, I use Armor Pen, but you can substitute these for flat AD quints or +1.5% max health.

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Items. Alright. As you may know, items are 100% situation-based. But I 95% of the time start with boots 3 pots, whether it be solo top or jungle, because those are the only places he excels in my opinion. If you are solo top against another AD bruiser and fear you might be at a disadvantage, start with a cloth armor and 5 health pots. I build a wriggle's lantern next. It's active is a great escape, by placing a ward over a wall and W'ing to it. This is why it is also good to carry 2-3 wards on you at all times. Easy escapes paired with flash. If you're getting fed and have a tank, get a B.F. sword next. Build it into a Bloodthirster. The damage and lifesteal is amazing, especially because Lee's ultimate scales +2.0 per bonus attack damage. More damage is always good. =D Merc treads is a MUST. ALWAYS, 100% of the time I get these. Even if i'm fed, i get these anyway. A Frozen Mallet is always a solid item on Lee Sin, the extra health and bit of damage is helpful. Atma's Impaler next for that armor and a little more AD.
If your team does NOT HAVE A TANK, on the other hand. You will have to build more offtank-ish. Boots 3 pots start. Build a wriggle's, all around good item. Next, get a giant's belt. Build it into a warmog's. Then get Atma's impaler. If you find yourself receiving lots of magic damage, a good item is a Maw of the Malmorteous. The passive is great, and AD and MR is always nice. Once you get these, I recommend either getting a Guardian Angel to be more tanky, or a Bloodthirster if you want to deal more damage. Remember to carry those wards! =D
DISCUSSION ON TRINITY FORCE: I personally do NOT buy it on lee sin, for many reasons. Very high cost, not enough damage in return, mana, AP, etc. The attack speed and phage proc is nice, but I advise against it.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence. I almost always max my q, it just naturally does the most damage. If you are in a lane, and seem to be getting destroyed by a hard AD carry like tryndamere, I advise to put some more points into E, so that they have reduced attack speed and movement speed.
And remember, you can w to wards/minions, so it is a great escape mechanism.
If you're solo top as lee sin, to insure you win a lane, I recommend maxing w, your shield. But if you're lane opponent is passive, or you want immediate damage, max q.

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Summoner Spells

I normally, when jungling, go flash/smite.
When solo top, Flash/Ignite or Flash/Exhaust for those 1v1's is a nice option.

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When in teamfights, sometimes Lee Sin can engage. What I do is I usually try to get my q on an AD or AP carry, primarily the more squishy ones. When the time is right, kick to them, Engage. If you have flash up, possibly flash behind the carry and kick them into your team, disrupting them and guaranteeing a carry out of the way. Focus the squishies. Use your e around the AD carries, etc. =D