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Lee Sin Build Guide by HecyJL

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HecyJL

Lee Sin = Easy Win (Season 6 Guide)

HecyJL Last updated on March 30, 2017
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Hello and welcome to my Lee Sin guide.
I have been playing League of Legends on EUW for just over a year now (starting at Season 5) as I was introduced to it in mid - late December 2014. Over my time with this game (which I have thoroughly enjoyed) I have tried out all of the roles and many of the champions and have found my home in the Jungle. I feel it is a very versatile role and can win or loose a game. I love the feeling when you complete a successful gank and the laner is happy. It is, in my opinion, a exciting role and that is why I became a Jungle main.

If you would like to play in game with me my IGN is HecyJL and I play on EUW as I am from the UK

If you would like to contact me please message me on Twitter, I am @HectorLancaster

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My hints and tips for this guide!

I have a couple of points I want to go over to clarify my choices for my build.

1. Stalker's Blade over Trackers Knife
- I choose Stalker's Blade over Trackers Knife in all of my Lee Sin games as I feel it is essential in his 1v1's and teamfights. It gives great chase potential with the slow, it has great damage elements in 1v1's early (even though you will win your 1v1's anyway because you are Lee Sin) and is always there for that crucial dubstep smite when necessary!

2. Maxing E before W
- I feel maxing E before W is the best way to output the most DPS in one single trade. As Thunderlord's Decree is now in popular use (for obvious reasons) the Q, Q, E trade is a must. The landing of the Sonic Wave and the following up of the Resonating Strike counts as two attacks or spells on an enemy. So when you Q, Q, E you can output a large amount of damage, proc Thunderlord's Decree and then easily ward jump or jump to a friendly minion or champion with W to get out.

3. My build path
- I use the exact same build path for every Lee Sin game I play, is there a reason for this? Of course, as it gets me easy wins, always leaving the game with a positive K/D/A. I feel building damage early is very important is it makes clears much faster and killing much easier. I normaly pick up Boots of Mobility with the Alacrity enchantment as the movespeed you get off it is exceptional. I am saying this because it links perfectly to the next item after the damage items, and this is Dead Man's Plate. This along next to Mobi Boots gives you ridiculous move speed making it impossible to chase you when trying to escape and very easy to chase enemies as you will (most of the time) be faster than them.