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Build Guide by Zodarius

Lee Sin, Ganker Supreme. EDT: 1.1.1

By Zodarius | Updated on April 11, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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1.0 Apr 9. -> Created.
1.1 Apr 10 -> Changed Item choice to include Wriggles instead of Blood Thirster, Updated skills to get safeguard at lvl 4.
1.1.1 Apr 11 -> No longer requires a comment to vote.
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Before you read my guide there are a couple things you need to recognize, 1. Lee Sin has a HIGH learning curve. 2. This is just one way to play as Lee.

This guide will teach you what you need to know about playing as Lee Sin and getting off total BS ganks.
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The obvious choice for this since the Hotfix

9xGreater Mark of Desolation for having more consistent damage throughout the game.
9xGreater Seal of Focus

both of these are for pushing your damage output skyward

9xGreater Glyph of Celerity

3xGreater Quintessence of Desolation

Rune choices are based on getting more damage out in late game and forcing his cooldowns to come up more, since he's now a pretty OP character.
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Masteries//a note on scaling


Extra xp and Damage. It is important to avoid attack speed, it's absolutely useless.
Extra XP because you will need as much as possible, you won't be creep farming EVER unless you're getting hp back or pushing.

The reason you want damage so much is because of his gains to his abilities.
Bonus damage are as follows since the hotfix.
Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike (1.0 AD)
Safeguard/Iron Will (1.0 AP)
Tempest/Cripple (1.0 AD)
Dragon's Rage (2.0 AD)
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All your items will be attack damage except forwhich will be for high mobility.

During your game you'll wanna start out with a Boots of Speed and a Health Potion then work towards each end item. It is better to get attack damage over extra effects. For example you'll want to work on your build and go to The Brutalizer and leave it there until you've completed the rest of the build because the extra active proc is not needed til late game. If you have a caster in the other team who can frequently gank you IE: ANNIE or LUX pick up Hexdrinker immediately after boots of swiftness they save you so much.

Here's a good flow for his build:

Boots of Speed->Health Potion->Boots of Swiftness->Blood Razor->Sight Ward->Wriggle's Lantern->The Brutalizer->Buccaneer's Cutlass/Hexdrinker->Infinity Edge->Last Whisper->Hextech Gunblade from Cutlass if you bought it.

UPDATE It has come to my attention you can pull off alot more early game ganking and have more mobility if you grab sight wards and Safeguard to them, this also provides necessary information to keep from getting ganked. They're cheap and should probably be purchased throughout the game up until you get Last Whisper. UPDATE 2 A change to the build allows for a free ward to jump to making it more viable and shows pre planning when ganking.

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Pros / Cons

    High Mobility
    Ridiculous Damage output from Abilities
    The ability to pull off moves that other assassins would die from IE: Turret diving to get a kill at lvl 6 with half health
    Did I mention you get the freaking BEST COMBO IN THE GAME?!

    Impatience is ****, gets you ganked hardcore.
    You'll be behind your teammates in levels, making you squishier.
    If you spam your abilities you'll be a baddie
    If you aren't good at landing skill shots, he is the hardest to land EVER.
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Summoner Spells

You'll want Ghost and Exhaust

You have maximum mobility and being able to pass through creeps and get those vital slows/damage redux on autoattackers IE: Master Yi/Jax/Irelia.
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Skill Sequence

Here's where things go tricky, the priority if you have your ulti up is this during ganking.


For jungling


If there are 3 or more enemy champions nearby do NOT rush in, let someone else get focused. You will DIE so fast because of spamming Q->Q if you're new to Lee Sin. And then you'll be Q_Q ing. Remember Q->Q = QQ


1. Wait for your team to engage
2. Your follow up Q move does TONS more damage the lower the hp they have. Your team will scream "KS KS" but you'll be feasting on their tears tonight.
3. Your ultimate is not a getaway move, only use when attacking.

You CAN turret dive due to your ability to get out fast.
Just harass, go in and shoot skill shot, move out and go in for the kill when they're at 25%.
Another thought on his Q move, go check the range and practice hitting at max range on creeps to get a feel for using Sonic Wave.
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Team Work

While in your little posse` you're not the initiator, you're a finisher, because chances are the other team will focus on whoever gets in range first. Most times they overlook Lee Sin standing back because they don't think he's a threat. They're horribly wrong. Your ulti, done right can deal 1000 damage across the board, and turn the tides of battle.

Attack your enemies at less than 50% health.
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A word on ganking

You are Lee Sin, he does not farm creeps. He Ganks. He eats sleeps and breathes ganking.

Your job is solely to Kill every champion every time you see them. You start ganking at level 1 if you're good at it you can kill both champs in your lane before they know what hit em.

At level 9-11 on other champions try to keep your distance they tend to even out in power in mid-game, then you pull ahead again in late game.

Before the Damage Hotfix, I was pulling 18/2/8 ish nearly every game. Now I'm pulling a lot more on average.
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Creeping / Jungling in a nutshell

Even though you won't WANT to go into the jungle you still can. And you can also creep farm pretty easily.

Pick any lane, or any mob spawn point of wolves or mini golems, and level up that Safeguard. You should be able to solo anything at level 9 if you pick up a guinsoo's rageblade rather than a Brutalizer. Everything but Baron, that is. Just time your abilities to be inbetween 2 attacks each.
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  • Focus on Attack Damage
  • Combo your moves to maximize damage
  • Be patient
  • Work as a team, with a focus on ending lives. You can do so much with Lee.