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Lee Sin Build Guide by UltimoMarkIII

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UltimoMarkIII

Lee sin: if you can see this, you're to close.

UltimoMarkIII Last updated on January 13, 2013
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Lee Sin, The only accurate gui

Lee Sin Build

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After seeing so many poor jungle guides for Lee Sin, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. Lee Sin is a fast clearing, gap closing monster. And with my guide tips, so too can you be this monster with virtually any jungler.

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Go with the usual jungle runes. Some people suggest armor pen, go for it. I usually go phys marks and armor seals. Glyphs are up to you. I go for physical damage Quints as well for that extra clear speed.

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Ranked Play

In ranked, Lee Sin should be taken advantage of for his large mobility and ability to invade enemy camps. For ranked jungle invasions I recommend taking Q first as an initiator. As well as that, take advantage of your legit passive! Feel free to spam your Q. A more experienced Lee Sin however, can time and use his Q's sparingly. I do not recommend smart cast on Lee Sin. It is better that you think about your positioning before firing off a Q or ulting on accident.

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While handling someone else's lane. Make sure to use your abilities SPARINGLY. You never know when you'll be required to Q at a nearby enemy and you won't have your E up. Obviously, last hitting shouldn't be an issue if you know how to already.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle path: Red, wraiths (or vice versa), wolves, golems and then back to wraiths. Usually I don't get blue as it has little use for Lee Sin, early on. It is better to let your AP mid laner take the first blue and you get it the second time.

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Team Work

One strategy I use is often referred to as the slowkick wambo combo. When ganking with your teammates, open up with Q, then Q towards them and E as soon as possible. Once the slow is on, simply walk in front of the enemy and give them a taste of blind man foot. by then they will either be dead, or will run in the opposite direction, allowing you to pick up an easy kill. Make sure to buy wards on Lee Sin as his W could be a life saver if you need to bail out through a wall. Lastly, when participating in ganks, LET YOUR LANER GO IN FIRST! Too many times the laner goes in after and lee sin q's in all alone.