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Lee Sin Build Guide by mohd565

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mohd565

Lee sin is everywhere!! *Jungle*

mohd565 Last updated on October 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My first guide

Hello guys, this is my first guide to lee sin the blind monk, please support me and give it a rate, i might be making more guides of how i play champs.


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I will show you how I jungle with the most common jungler, lee sin the blind monk. Lee sin is a very versatile champion who excels in poking enemies,jumping in battle then jumps out. I will show you guys the item build that I purchase in the jungle.

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I chose the armor pen marks and quints for the great late game damage because lee sin lacks damage late game. Armor yellows for jungling and being tanky wen going in for a gank or initiating in team fights to reduce damage taken. MR blues are good against ap carries because they deal the most damage late game.

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I go a full defensive jungling build grabbing a point in juggernaut for the increased health and tough skin to reduce the damage from minions and neutral monsters. I also maxed out swiftness in the utility tree and initiator in the defensive tree for the extra movement speed through out the jungle and in ganks.

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Wriggles for the extra magic damage to the minions, most common item for jungling. After wriggles i rush phage then build it to a frozen mallet to be tanky during team fights and not die early. Blood thirster to catch up in late game damage to deal decent damage. Guardian angel just incase you die fast enough and your team needs you, it will bring you back to life with 750 health and 375 mana and for the good amount of magic resist. I take quick silversash only against a high cc like ( volibear, ahri, amumu, janna). If not a high cc team i build warmogs instead of it.

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Skill Sequence

When ganking I run up behind the enemy and as i get in range i use my E for the red buff proc then I use it again for the extra slow, if the enemy flashes away use your Q to catch up. This will work well if the top/mid laner has a good cc (pantheon, ahri, zyra, olaf). If not then you will have to time your abilities at the right time to force them to use their flash or maybe a kill.

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Summoner Spells

When jungling, the most important spell is Smite, it helps your jungling immesnly, my second spell is either Flash or Ghost. I take flash just to be extra safe but you can cancel flash out and put in ghost if you can combo wards with your W. If top lane I take a flash and ignite. Ignite to insure a kill/deal damage to the enemy top laner.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Cons:
High mobility with his Q Damage falls off late game.
Flies around and kicks the **** out of everything Requires a lot of skill to master
His burst is very high with his Q being an execute. Needs a good skin.

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Creeping / Jungling

I start off at the wraiths for the extra exp, then i get a teammate to leash/pull the red for me, by then you would be lvl 2 picking up your E and Q. From here you have a choice to either gank mid/bot or continue jungling. If you want to continue jungling then kill the wolves, then to wraiths, then go to blue. Here you will have another choice, gank mid/top or to counter jungle.

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Team Work

In team fights lee sin can turn everything around by positioning his self then bash that Q to knock up as much enemies as possible. If you have a good team that will follow that up and you've done it correctly then your team will win the team fight.

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With lee sin, you have to get a good amount of cs (minion kills) no matter what to achieve a good score, help your team and to win the game. if its laning then you are suppose to last hit the minions for the gold, but in the jungle you can use your spells on minions and smite to kill them faster. In the jungle, the stronger the minions, you get more gold from them for example Wolves=50-54 gold
Wraith=45 gold
Anciant golem(Blue)=75 gold
Elder Lizard(Red)= 72 gold

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This guide shows you how i play the champion lee sin in the jungle, explaining my runes, masteries and my item build that i take for him, the skill sequence is where lee sin really shines when used properly. In the jungle, lee can clear it fast, and can get out of bad situations fast, he works well with his team if they follow up with his ultimate. Lee can be very versatile with his Q and W therefore he can exchange very well.