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Lee Sin Build Guide by Kaixo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaixo

Lee sin jungle build inspired by "Diamondprox"

Kaixo Last updated on August 28, 2012
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Hey guys and girls, kaixo here;
In this guide you better keep in mind that im no professional and this guide is inspired by the most awesome jungler Diamondprox
This guide will show you how to jungle lee sin, how to gank mid, top and bot lane and at which points the lanes are gankable. The guide will also show the jungler as a counter warder and how to ward the opponents jungle.
And i will try to teach you how to play lee sin early, mid and late game.

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Lee sin basics

Lee sin is a melee bruiser, lee sin is insanely strong early game and with blue or red buff he easily take a first blod top or bottom lane.

Lee sin spells;This spell effect is that when lee sin use a spell his next 2 auto attacks will have 40% attack speed and return 15 energy pr. hit back to lee sin the blind monk.

This lee sin spell enables lee sin to jump against his opponent, u have to keep in notice that when u use this spell it is usually a good think to w8 for them to flash before re activating it or else they will get away from u too easy.

This spell is lee one of lee sins substain jungle abilities, this spell gives lee sin armor, lifesteal/spell vamp, and a shield to absorb dammage which make it a very good jungle spell.

This spell is a very important spell for lee sin, this spell makes AoE dammage it reduce the attack and movement speed by 30/37.5/45/52.5/60 for the next 4 seconds. This spell in a combinjation with randuins will make your opponent's ad carry very weak and easy targetable.

, this is lee sins ultimate dragonsrage. this ulty launches his target 1200 unit back, and deals 200/400/600 dammage. This ultimate is very poverfull because of its function. With this ulty you can safe ur ad carry from opponents and you can knock back their ad carry and get her/him out of the team fight. Keep in mind that before using this ulty u want to use your sonic wave, because of if you knock back an opponent with 20 hp left you might wanna catch up with him again as fast as possible

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On lee sin we build following items

Boots and 3 health pots, We build boots and 3 healt pots instead of armor and 5 health pots because of that lee sin is so strong in jungle he got so much substainability in jungle, he does not really need that extra armor so yea i recomment boots for lee sin.

then we go for armor and dammage, we could have taken vampiric scepter instead but with the extra armor and dammage and lee sins already build in lifesteal on spells, he will have enough
survivabillity with armor and sword.

As a jungler you always have to buy wards so wards... yea just buy it, it will help your team reach victory.

Wriggles lantern; Since Wriggle's Lantern's nerf, it's not nearly as potent as it once was. You can ignore it on most junglers with a lot of sustain a lot easier, since sustain is infinite on a LOT of junglers! Even if it is infinite sustain, though, it's a great item on a lot of champions, if they need the Lantern specifically for jungle sustain or not, Lee Sin comes to mind. This item is strong with lee sin because of that lee sin and a ward is one hell of an escape opportunity! you can escape anythink with a ward. Place it on one side of a wall and W to it and your free, definatly always build wriggles on lee sin !

Even though diamondprox normally do not build HoG, i buy it anyway i see HoG as an item that you will need early, i see no point in getting it when you have to upgrade it for randuins at once, i prefer have it in my bag and earn some money extra while jungling and then later on upgrade it to randuins

I upgrade boots to mercury treads, this could have been ninjatabi but i use to buy boots dependant on what im against alot of snare/slow i buy mercury but if im against teams with alot of AD i go for ninjatabi.

I buy aegis because of that aegis is such an overpowered item, gives your team a great buff which make your team way more ifficent in teamfights, but always make shure that your support does not buy it at the same time as you do.

I buy phage and upgrade it to frozen mallet later on because of that when in team fights lee sin will useally focus their ad carry and a carries usually have spells to gtfo! so a frozen will keep them in place !

I buy randuins for the same reason, randuins is powerfull you should use it like this,
In TF you instant go to their ad carry you prog your e and decrease his AS and MS with 60% after the affect have worn off you use randuins and recuse his AS and MS by 35% this will make the ad carry weak enough for you to get him down.

Atmas could aswell be and trinity force, i buy this to increase my dammage and get some few more armor, but since atmas has been nerfed i actually reccommend you as much to buy a trinityforce.

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The wards are mainly used for gaining vision over the map, this is the most important way to gain map control. Vision over the enemy movements makes avoiding ganks possible. It also can be used more offensive way like caughting enemies on the places where they don't expect to be ganked.

Teleport (summoner skill) can be used on wards. This makes great ganking opportunities and gain new way of map mobility. Teleport is mainly used for dragon fights where top laner can fast teleport on ward and help to secure the dragon.

There is three heroes at the moment who are capable of using wards as mobility method. There heroes are Jax, Lee Sin and Katarina:

Jax Q (Leap Strike) can be used on wards and to perform a ward jumping.

Lee Sins W (Safeguard) can be used on wards and to perfor a ward jumping.

Katarina E (Shumpoo) can be used on ward and to perfor a ward jumping.

It's recommended to carry at least couple of wards with these heroes for this reason.

Ward jumping is mostly used as escape method, but it can be used more offensive way also. It can act as a "mini flash" to catch enemy champions.

Denying warding

There is two possible ways to destroy enemy wards: Vision ward (125g) and Oracle Elixir (400g).

Vision Ward is the upgraded version of normal Sight Ward. It has ability to detect stealthed object and therefore other wards including other Vision Wards.

Oracle elixir is a useable item, which gives you the stealth detecting ability like Vision Ward. This effect lasts until you die and after that you have to buy a new one.

Warding places;

1. Here the bottom lane bushes are warded to prevent enemy jungler or cc supports (like Taric and Ali) camping.

You need to know this because of that you might be the jungler who is spottet in your own buttom, tri or river bush.

As a jungler you have to jungle to heres some examples of where to ward;

Many junglers is warding for the middle champion to feel safe so the first place is at middle;

As a jungler you would like to have awareness of what happends in enemy jungle, so now ill show you some examples of good places to ward your enemy jungle;

You ward this places, because of that when you can see your enemy junglers red and blue buff you are able to counter him, you will see how to do in the counter jungle section.

Ofcourse you will also have to help the support ward dragon and baron, these places a pink ward is perfect because of theese to spots will with 100% chance be warded as the game moves on.


Oracle is often bought if you get a kill bot top or mid, or if you get some early assists, keep in mind ! never buy an oracle if you havent got any assist or kills, because of this will make you weak spending 400 early on oracle only from killing jungle creeps.

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When ganking do not just gank randomly, or gank where a kill is 100% certain.

Check if -
A. The enemy is in a position to be ganked (E.G. not tower hugging)
B. Your team is in a position to help (E.G. they don't have 200 health left)
C. You yourself are at the right sort of health for a gank (running into a lane with 200 health expecting a kill isn't smart)

Of course, don't just gank any random lane either, gank ones that want/need ganks, top lane is a perfect example, it can get very tricky up there on your own! Even if a kill is easily obtained on another lane, always consider ganking struggling lanes. Of course, you can't gank every lane 100% of the time, but if you're bottom's 0/2 down and you're top's 2/0 up (for example), it's fairly obvious which one you gank (if you can gank that lane).

It's important to note that a successful gank isn't exclusive to ones that get kills. Forcing the enemy out of XP, creep kills, and forcing them to go back gives your laner a huge advantage. You also give them a short window as you leave where they're worried about getting ganked again.

If a teammate is moaning for a gank at solo top or something with next to no health left, when the enemies have full, DO NOT GANK IT, instead, offer to take the lane over temporarily whilst they go back to base, and gank some time soon after they come back. Ganking a lane in that position will only get you (and most likely the person soloing top) killed. If they whine at you for this, it's their own fault!
Lee sin is an excellent ganker, he can easily come close to his target with his Q(sonic wave) and slow them with his tempest.

After Level 6 Ganks

1) Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike onto the enemy.
2) Double tap Tempest / Cripple for the slow
3) Walk in front of enemy and kick them back into your team
4) Safeguard / Iron Will to safety

~Tips and Tricks~
IF the enemy don't step out from minions Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike onto minions and then Tempest / Cripple
Also if the enemy are standing near your creeps Safeguard / Iron Will onto them, double tap Tempest / Cripple and Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to kill.

Black - Your standard ganking locations. These are where most people gank from every single gank, which you definitely shouldn't if it's warded or you can get them from somewhere else!
Red - Where you can gank if you have a Flash-esque ability like Crowstorm, Deceive or Spinning Slash (or simply have Flash and think you can take them) and the brush is warded. These are extremely good at killing enemies who're turret hugging with low health! Note the ones that go from Banshees to mid - mid never expects to be ganked by a jungler there and that can make an extremely good gank if they're overstaying their welcome in a lane.
Blue - Where you should gank if they aren't at the turret (and accessible by red arrows) but the brush is warded. This should be your go-to ganking location for when it's warded! These do work exceptionally well if you have a Flash-esque ability, but they work for anyone really!
Purple - Where you should usually attempt to gank the enemy jungler, hopefully after you've stole his buff with Smite!
These will USUALLY be the only locations you will be ganking from, so I thought I'd outline them! Most just use black lines normally which you shouldn't do every single time!

Brush ganks

When brushganking your bot or top lane will have to push their way to the opponents tower, for you to get able to walk up into your bush and maybe if they push well walk into their buttom or top bush. Keep in mind that you shoul always ask the lane if the opponents have placed any wards in their brushes because if they have lane ganking is a waste of time.

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Now i will show you a jungle route, this route in my opinion is the fastest and best jungle route for any jungler, The Blue Buff Route TBBR!

You start at wolves, clear all the wolves as fast as u can, after wolves head to golems, note; do not use your health pot before your at the blue buff to get most from the healt potion.

At golems nothing special to do but killing the golem, note; kill the blue golem first, a leash if possible. after blue buff you got 2 possibilities, if your red is taken, head to their red and counter note; do only take the lizard not the small ones.
if your red is not taken, you can also head to opponents lizard and wait for their jungler to come. smite the red and kill opponents jungler but be carefull you can easily be sourrounded by mid and top champion so make shure that your top pushes his lane.
Back to TBBR!, after blue buff you head to wraits.

kill wraits fast and head back to wolves;

after killing wolves head to lizard, kill lizard first.

now head back to wraits again;

and finally we head to golems and kills the big one first

Now, we can either gank, b, or continue jungling a little bit, remember, gank if ANY LANE is struggling, by now, pretty much every jungler has their "gank ability". Also you might wanna gank some lanes in between the jungle route if this happends forget about golems and head wolves and wraits again.

This was the blue jungle route.

You might chose the red jungle route, the red buff control route is suited for junglers that love early game control, aggression, and usually is far better on those without mana.
The Red Buff Route TRBR! ;

Start out at wraits, kill the big one first.

after wraits continue to redbuff, and take the big lizard first.

From red buff you can continue jungle, but its not recommended though, When you get redbuff you are way stronger at ganking and you should take advantage of an lvl 2-3 gank at bot or top.
If you continue to jungle because the lanes are pushed to hard for you to gank heres an route for you to take.

Continue to golems, kill big one first !

now you go to wraits

After wraits you continue to wolves

When you have done wolves head to blue golem, here you can take the blue golem by yourselves with some champions but, some champions might need a pull from mid hero.

Now you can gank, b or keep jungling if you have enough health which you do not have in most cases.