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Lee Sin Build Guide by iJesus69

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iJesus69

Lee Sin, Jungle Guide

iJesus69 Last updated on October 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, This is my 2nd mobafire build, So, I wont spend my time making this look all pretty and fancy, i just want you all to view a high elo's look at lee sin.

I do play Lee Sin ALOT. at the moment, my elo is 1605 in season 2 and my Lee Sin ratio/kdr is
84.6% 11-2 wins/losses
and kda is 4.2-1

Dont believe Lee Sin is worth it? name another champ who can 1v4 a vlad, nocturne, janna and caitlyn at nine minutes in, level 5.

Im not going to go on and on about how to play lee sin, hes fairly basic but very hard to be good with him. just remember his passive and space out ur abilities.. only thing im gunna say bcuz I rly dont want to write a 1000 word lecture on using him.

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For runes, i go:
Armor pen quints
Flat AD marks
Flat Armor Seals
Mr per level Glyphs.

as for why, its quite obvious.
lee sin's q/e/r scale with ad, armor pen is just obvious..
armor cuz hes jungling and MR because he builds mr usually mid-late game, so itd help.

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For masteries i go 21/0/9
21 for the damage and smite,
9 for the experience and extended buff duration

the 21 masteries allows lee sin to have a good damage output while also having a good and easy jungle. Note, you should be ganking ALOT and every opportunity you can.

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For items, i go the basic wriggles/merc treads just for damage and survivability. If they have no ap carry, get them tabi boots.
I go atmogs and fon for movement speed and late game ownagenesses.
trinity force too.. es #1

for my build, you'll be a bit squishy until you get some of the warmogs, so dont test yourself, know your limits.

sometimes, i decide to get negatron before i get atmas only if their ap carry is fed, or if they have ap mid/top. it really depends on what you need, you shouldnt be going the same build every game, you should adapt and adjust to what your enemies have/are and what you need/dont need. i wouldnt suggest going FoN vs a 5 ad team or a atmas vs a 5 ap team. (this will prly never happen)

And, for tabi boots, it would be smart to get it if they have a ad jungler, kogmaw, teemo top/mid, or if all of their team requires to hit you. ect.. obvious

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Skill Sequence

for skill sequence, i go e,q,w,q,q,r,q,w,q,
obviously max R whenever you can, and i rotate between w/e just because both are needed to be defensive and offensive

I max Q first because its your main damage output. its amazing.

also, space out your skills in fights. i understand it might be tempting to spam ur skills to do as much damage, this is how most people think. but in team fights, your auto attacks with abilities works far more than just pressing qqwweer then auto attacking, in fact, you wont even have enough mana. SO DONT SPAM UR SH1T UNLESS UR GNAKING.. and do it smart:) kthx

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Summoner Spells

i go smite/flash because i jungle lee sin, and flash + ward hop or ally hop gives a 90% escape or chase.

dont go ghost.. its just a bad decision imo. flash helps u chase/escape better with lee sin, some prefer ghost but its really your choice. situational really

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Ranked Play

I play ranked, I NEVER play normal anymore. my lee sin usually goes 5-0-5 roughly.
i tend to lvl 2 gank top/bot depending on where i start my jungle route.

For ranked, you really need to get every dragon/baron to make sure you win. those dragons/barons add up to a decent amount of gold.

Gank ALOT. this is the problem that people have, lee sin ganks are amazingly easy if you can aim and very successful.

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Pros / Cons

Tanky deeps
can enter/exit fights easily.
amazing chaser
amazing escapist

Cant carry :'(
Squishy till mid-late game
minions block q's.. QQ
if you miss your q, your gank is ruined. (unless u vs ret/ards..)
everyone bans lee sin even though he hasnt been changed in a while.. zz

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling is very VERY important for lee sin, some people prefer top lane but lee sin can win any lane with his ganks.

I start at double golems, I get my team to leash it, keeping in mind lee sin's passive. I start with E for the aoe damage and attack speed slow. After double golems, ill gank the lane (bottom if i started bottom, top if i started top) I'll get my team to slow, stun or bait their team. I run in and carefully aim my q, If this fails, they most likely wasted flash.

After this, i usually go wraiths > wolves then go back.

Now, i grab red buff for myself and blue my mid or top lane has mana and not energy/w.e else.

Now, its very easy to counter jungle, gank and do anything.

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Unique Skills

For Lee Sin, he has a number of methods for comboing. the most important one in my opinion, is Q, hit twice, ult, Q. If you do this when they are half-0 health, it will probably kill them unless they stack armor.. qq

for ganking after level 3, i use w to minion if possible and q, e, e, q, (spam it for slow/closing gaps) and if 6, you can flash, q,r,q and gaurunteed kill.

your ult can knock up the other 4 people in a team fight. use it wisely.

Your ult can help you escape and chase, just remember dont ult someone with too much hp to survive the kick, youll end up getting yelled at :).

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Team Work

When playing Lee Sin, you really should get every dragon/Baron, its essential and very profitable. Lee Sin, like warwick can easily solo dragon but needs wriggles lantern.
In team fights, AIM FOR THE CARRIES! you are tanky enough and do enough dmg to easily take out that pesky ashe or brand. in team fights, you should attempt to kick someone into the other 4 enemies. this maximizes your damage and can win team fights.

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Chapter 12

Add me on skype if youd like to see some lee sin replays or tips.

Also, Please dont troll vote :0 makes me sad...
IGN: iJesus69