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Lee Sin Build Guide by ChosenNL

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChosenNL

Lee Sin - Jungle without vision.

ChosenNL Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Lee Sin the blind monk is a good melee fighter with a nice get-away and a very nice gap closer. It is then for sure aswell that it is almost imposible to run from him or to catch him without any kind of CC. But u have to watch his passive both in jungle and in a battle if its a team fight or a 1v1 always watch ur passive that will make you a good Lee Sin.

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Pros / Cons

-Gap Closer
-Get away
-Knock back and slow CC
-Good damage overall

-Hard to play if u can't hit skill shots
-Ultimate can deny your kills if not positioned right
-Team needs to work with you for your get away.

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I choose these runes to both get survivabilty and damage early game and late game. you can always choose to get 2 armor pen quints and 1 health quin but i'd highly suggest to take atleast 1 of each and ur 3rd quint can be either of them. the magic resist per level is always good cause most of the time ap casters start to really deal damage at lvl 6 and the MR/lvl give more MR after lvl 5 so thats why i prefer them. Armor seals are common for junglers to recieve less dmg from lvl 1, you can also choose dodge seals its personal prefference. Armor Pen marks to make your damage higher with both auto attacks and ability's.

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I choose these masteries to get the higher damage output for the entire game, and to jungle faster. And with build I really focus on getting more survival items first frozen mallet atma's and bashees to counteract the offensive parts in my masterie page.

you can also go with a 0/21/9 masterie page but then i highly recommend to take Tf out of phage instead of frozen mallet and if not they don't have high Ap damage i'd suggest to take Infinity before Banshees.

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I take these items like i said before to counteract my offensive masterie page and to get a high amount durability early in the game and late game. because you are so annoying with ur frozen mallet and you most likely deal alot of damage you will be that person the team hates. That happens most of the time as jungler though. And the late game offensive items are there so you will deal damage the entire game instead of just early game. And you already have the minimum MR and Armor cause of atma's / banshees, cause after 150Armor/150 magic resist u benefit less from the stat gains % wise.

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Skill Sequence

I Start of in the jungle with E Tempest/Cripple cause of the AoE and it deals damage so it increases your jungle speed. Then as second ability your W Safegaurd/Iron Will for the shield + life steal on hit + less damage its like win win win situation. and then i max out Q Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike cause this is your ganking skill it is THE gap closer, the ability which HAS to hit to make it a proper gank. And i don't take this skill as first or second cause the other 2 are way more of use at early level in the jungle and easier to keep your passive up with in the jungle. then at lvl 3 I use the skills so it keeps ur passives up + keeping the defense/shield up from Safegaurd/Iron Will. So thats why i use W -> 2 Auto Attacks -> W -> 2 Auto Attacks -> E -> 2 Auto Attacks-> E -> 2 Auto Attacks -> W -> 2 Auto Attacks -> W -> 2 Auto Attacks -> Q -> 2 Auto Attacks -> Q -> 2 Auto Attacks and then from the beginning again if the targets are not death already. It keeps u alive and most of the team even gives you health bakc cause of Safegaurd / Iron Will.

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Summoner Spells

Smite: A must have if you are jungling.

Flash: I prefer flash over any summonner spell when it comes to Lee Sin cause flash can Position your character PERFECTLY (if used right of course) for all of your ability's and especially your ultimate and its the best get away as summoner spell :)

Ghost: Ghost is a option aswell to use since the CD is shorter then flash some people prefer it, but I prefer flash on Lee Sin as i said its your positioning Summoners Spell.

Heal: I don't recommend this summoner spell but some junglers prefer heal, so they can stay in the jungle. In my opinion its usefull pre-30 but never tried it pre-30 either.So can't judge if its really usefull pre-30.

Fortify: Can be Usefull for your team but a tank should take it or a support not the jungler I don't recommend it since its of no good use for a jungler in any way, he can take over a lane if needed and only in rare situation there are 2 lanes without an allied Champion.

Cleanse: Lee Sin's get away is pretty much secure, you can jump to any allied unit or enemy unit cause of Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike and Safegaurd/Iron WIll. it can only be of use for the Damage over Times on you or in a real bad situation when neither a enemy nor a friendly is in range adn you are CC'd and Of course if Malzahar/Warwick is doing his Ultimate on you!!

Teleport: can be usefull at some times where a friendly really has to back off his turret which is under high pressure, but not of a good use in team fights or 1 on 1's. Of course teleport is never used that way.

Ignite: can be of use since you have an Awesome get away and gap closer, but flash can be used to deal more damage then an ignite would do. Okay ignite can kill targets under the tower but if you hit a Sonic Wave on them followed by a Resonating Strike(which deals more damage the lower they are) you can get away by using safegaurd or your summoner spell Flash.

Exhaust: Awesome summoner spell in a 1 on 1 if its you versus another champion and he has Ignite and you have Exhaust the result will be that you win! every team should have atleast one Exhaust in the team so if u have no exhaust feel free to pick it cause it is usefull to put on the AD carry and the AD carry will be down in a split second without having dealt damage.

Clarity: Well, Just don't! come on you got energy not mana, so PLEASE DON'T!

Clairvoyance: you can get vision over ur enemy with Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike or Tempest/Cripple and your support should have it!

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Creeping / Jungling

The usual Jungle route I use for Lee Sin is starting at Wolves followed by wraiths with smite on blue wraith and then Golems this makes you lvl 3 in a real fast way! normally your the only which has even reached lvl 3 and bot lane is normally just about to ding lvl 2 so a gank on bot is doable if your from the Blue Team, since then you end at bot lane.

Jungle Route:
1. Wolves
2. Wraiths (Smite blue wraith)
3. Small Golems
4. Recall (buy Cloth Armor + Health Pot)
5. Wolves

6. Blue Golems (can give it away but if you prefer experience keep it to yourself)
7. Wraiths
8. Lizard (KEEP IT!)
9. Golems
10. Gank!

Lvl 2 Gank route:
1. Small Golems
2. Gank!
3. Recall
4. Follow normal route again.

If you take the lvl 2 gank route then take Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike as second ability since it is needed for your ganks.

Jungle Route to lvl 5: (by vidiny)

1. Buy cloth armor and 5 health pots
2. Wolves (smite Big one)
3. Wraith
4. Golems

5. Lizard (use 2 health pots, and instead of early Sonic Wave/Resonating strike take 1 more point in W and smite Big red lizard)
6. Wolves
7. Blue Golem (can give away or ding lvl 5)
8. Recall

Advice: If you have a Yorick at top lane while in the Blue team. give him the first Blue he will most likely get a kill off it nad HIGH lane sustainability. (Of course this goes for other Heavy mana user top laners aswell but Yorick is the one I ALWAYS and litterly ALWAYS give Blue).

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Warding is easy you buy a ward and place it somewhere on the map, then first question comes where to place it? And have you bought wards in-game already? Many people prefer their build over warding/vision. vision is highly underestimated! Teh more vision you have, the easier it is to gank a person without his team near!

A jungler is most likely the best one to ward aswell since your all over the map anyways! try to buy wards between your build and when you have spare gold since you can still Safegaurd/Iron Will to a ward so if warded properly you have even more succes with getting away!.

As u can see witht those wards placed you have vision over almost the hole map! So try to get as much wards placed there as posible together with the rest of your team. then you can gank the enemy team 1 by 1 when they are split up!

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16 Oktober 2011
- Added another jungle route with help of Vidiny.
- Edited the new jungle path.

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In the guide i have mainly told alot of stuff most people probably know but I just sum it all up to a guide! I hope people can give some advice aswell over what to change and what they achieved with the build. I am gonna update this with some more pictures and movies of jungling routes!.

Greetings ChøsenNL