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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dailin877

Lee Sin - Misundestood Cripple

dailin877 Last updated on April 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is to help the fail lee sin hatred.

So many complain that lee sin is a fail assassin, and I agree
However i don't think he is a fail champion.

This guide is to help with the transition of your team hating your fail to liking your support.

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I build high HP with some dodge and ability power.

The hp will fall into survivability and the atma's passive damage increase. Allowing you to take your time comboing for full bonuses of the passive energy generation.

The dodge is just a lil more help living through melee dps as well as a small movement speed brust when chasing or running away.

The ability power is for Safe guard. Believe it or not a very nice pretective bubble for not only yourself but your laning partner or your actual tank. Even tho Safeguard's bubble is a small amount the ability has a small cooldown so it can be used more then once in a good team battle.

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Greater mark of vitality- raw hp at higher levels
armor pen, ability power, magic pen, and damage all decent substitutes.

Greater seal of evasion- dodge here plus 2% from masteries and the 1 quint grants 10% which is not alot but enough to have minions keeping your movement speed up in combat.
energy or energy regen would be decent replacements.

Greater glyph of force- The ability power per level grants a small but good bonus to the ability power safe guard gets.
I don't have a good replacement for this other then maybe magic resist.

Greater Quintessence of fortitude- Extra 50+ hp at lvl 1 will let you survive long enough to be useful later.

I chose defensive masteries for the extra MR,dodge,hp and 4% ability power. Honostly If your going to tank or off tank then defensive is the way to go.

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Warmog armor= good hp and hp regen.
Sunfire cape= armor, hp and and aura that damages nearby enemies
Atma's impaler= armor, crit and hp-> damage
Boots- I chose mercury treads because no other magic resist and being CCed sux.

Rylai's crystal Scepter- this may be the most important of the items. This gives hp(helps rest of the build) gives enough AP to make safeguard useful. but causes the abilities you are using alot slow. This effect stacks with cripple. At the very least once a group battle has started they cant chase your team and your team will easily chase them.

the 6th item is not listed above because its completely circumstantial. If you need more of something get it, but chances are you wont have money.

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I play support primarily so obviously i'm gonna lean toward helping my team work better with just about anyone i play. With good practice Lee sin can find stealthers, protect allies, and deal decent single target damage.

Does this build deal as much damage as a fed sword of occult and 4 bloodthirsters... HELL NO!
But will 4k hp and your other damage dealers surviving longer help you win.... yes.

Safeguard is your support ability really the only one he has so to support well if its not on CD it should be used.
The sunfire cape allows you to deal damage just by standing there.
Tempest deals area damage and shows stealth, while finsishing it with cripple slows both attack and movement speed.
Dragon kick although its damage is high it is a useful area CC. If the enemy tank leads the charge you can kick him to the back while popping up the following enemies.

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Laning Vs Jungling

This build is mainly for laning, but with a couple small changes jungling can happen. However with the patch notes i just read jungling is going to be challenging for lee sin due to reduction in passive lifesteal.

For jungling i advise switching exhaust for smite, including the mastery as well as teleport for heal. Starting with ghost seems to work best for the champions that have a lil bit of trouble to begin with. then follow up with wolves and heading back to shop, fill up on pots and start again with 2 golems, ghost , wolves.... repeat until blue and red can be killed. Once you have both buffs gank. I advise the lane with 2 people(usually bot) and then its more of assist them ganking. Then talk once of them into hitting mid then top with you.

ghost > wolf > shop > golems > ghost > wolf > blue? > golems > red > shop > bot.

About that time lane phase should be ending and you want to stay with the majority of your team helping them do what they do.

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Comparing lee sin to other tanks-

Shen's final(Stand united) VS Safeguard
Stand united is better in range and damage prevented. But it has a casting time, only effects others and has a much longer cooldown.

Dragon Kick VS Alistar's pulverize and headbutt
Dragon is an ulti so i should be a lil better then either one of these 2. But really its a combination of them both that use attack damage instead of ability. the cooldown is much higher but to knock and enemy back and everyone he touchs getting knocked up... 2 CCs in 1

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Overall he has 2 support/tank like abilities. They might use a good portion of attack damage but look at amumu 2 of his abilities are 100% ap shouldn't that make him a good mage? it might but who builds that way.

mix up a shen and alistar with a lil bit of damage and you got Lee sin... just stop hoping for a good assassin and build a decent tank.