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Lee Sin Build Guide by PareionNeo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PareionNeo

Lee sin - Monk or ninja? (Solo top)

PareionNeo Last updated on October 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hai there!

I'm starting off a little formal and introduce myself.
My name is Andy I'm from Denmark and I've seen a lot of people writing guides about Lee Sin
and telling people what to do, to do better, at what they're doing. :D
But anyways I made this guide to try to tell you that don't just pick what we pick
take whatever seems neccesary learn what the skills do and what your enemy might do.

Knowledge is power and we love power.

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Alright to start off with runes I choose some basic runes for a top player.
Red - Armor pen is for countering the other if he bought some early armor and in general this build isn't going to give you any armor penetration so it's basicly to counter what they might do later on (And which they will!)

Yellow - A basic way of countering another armor lots of armor the fact lee sin got more armor is to counter for his low shield which basicly isn't just for blocking the dmg but if actived again will give him the life back so taking away their dmg with armor makes it's a better connection

Blue - As many people might wonder where his dmg come from I'd say ... and again ... his passive! His ******** OP passive. Giving 2 attacks with 50% atk speed means that you gain 2 attacks instead of 1 (normally) so I choose to give him some CD red so he could keep that passive up since his skills is quite long. (No you can't spam q no matter what you say I don't care you can't!)

Quin - Basicly for substainability and to keep him in the lane more. More laning more feed! And we love feed.

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Masteries many people might wonder, why I did what I did but I'll explain it. Lee sin is perfect to counter AP/AD carries so my build is trying to counter those insane high HP players which deals tons of dmg, if played well. And putting the rest into deffence is another way of countering another top char.

Basicly the skills I choose is common knowledge nothing new about it.

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Alright to start off I'm going to say the items I choose in the top is -standard- for Lee sin you might want to rush some more armor or some more MR depends on whoever gets feeded first.

But yeah I'll make it short and understandable for all.

How to counter AD:
Follow the standard build and you might want to go for an guardian angel or sunfire cape that should give you around 250 armor ~ roughly and you might want to put the rest into an trinityforce

How to counter AP:
Ah yes following the standard build by rushing the boots will give you a little start boost but you might want to rush a cloak or something before going into the standard build buy asap you got the standard rush a banshee and a force of nature and of course ending with a sheen/triny should do the job.

Quick tip: To counter a tank surviveability should do the job getting tanky and get lifesteal with the shield. Bai tanks.

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Skill Sequence

As mentioned early he doesn't have a Skill Sequence but I'll try to explain some situations there might come in handy.

Q = Sonic Wave...
W = SafeGuard...
E = Tempest...
R = Dragon's Rage

Alright to start off Q isn't your main dmg it's far from. It's good harrassing IF you go into combat. But going into to combat would make you require your W and E to be able to don't take so much dmg and remain alive.

Let's say you pushed him and beginning to take down his turrent the farm is quite equal so to make him stop farm you either have to attack him / harrass or shield your minions I'd prefer to harrass him before he gets the minions. E should do the job the slow from E is brilliant making him slow and harrassing him backwards would defiantly slow down his minion farm a lot and if he uses a skill to last shot minions with or it's a ranger your against shielding minions and casting Q should make him back off a little.

Anyways if the fight is quite equal you want to out farm him or kill him either way. I'd go into deffensiv taking W in case he got burst (Like Jax or Nid(level 6)) and taking he so he gets slowed and he takes more minion dmg (rangers) in case he jumps you, but overall you want to be able to outfarm him which makes E wonderful because it's and AoE and you can easy out attack him afterwards and rush back to your minions with W. and keep that rotation going and watch out for the jungler meanwhile getting the kills is easy, but getting them without dieing that's the key.

And remember just because you hit with q you don't have to rush him (just in case he runs away rush him and use e to slow him. Keep your passive up with W. Easy kill. Don't make it hard.

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Summoner Spells

I know that many people are saying: Ignite is OP, ghost for chasers and so on. And I don't really care I got my reasons.

Ignite is wonderful because of the reduce hp (example against nid) or to kill one who just is getting away and you miss your q.

Exhaust is brilliant you always end up in 1vs1 or 1vs2 fights Imo and exhaust reduce there AD dmg and AP dmg it's perfect if you wanna kill one 1vs2 or 1vs3.

Now Flash or ghost.
I can't really say much about this even though I prefer flash but ghost is wonderful to chase people with the problem is just it's kinda wasted if you can slow them with your E and you end up standing at them all the time with your Q kinda make it a waste, but flashing away is more wonderful since it's almost a 100% get away unless they flash after T_T but yeah I know his skills can do that as well but it's just not working that well in the jungle (minions his with Q and rush them works and using W on wards is okay too)

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Pros / Cons

First of there is a lot of sayings going around and here and I want to tell you what he really is

- He can deal tons of dmg constanly if done correct
- He got 2 rushing ablitys
- Insane slow
- Wonderfull CC his ultimate kicking them away from the fight or into the fight

- He is hard to master very hard to be played perfectly
- Spamming abilitys often end up backfiring (Low energy)
- Don't got any kind of burst dmg (I mean like veigar, Le Blanc, Jax etc.) only constant dmg

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So basicly what you've seen here is a common guide with a few unique perspectives.
But to sum it up a bit.
- Tanky runes often work better than full dmg
- Aggresive masteries works better than tanking masteries
- Don't spam skills it's like wasting energy cordinate it with your passive
- Exhaust over ignite and flash over ghost but find out yourself
- His very hard to master so training, training and training!

Anyways this is Andy over and out.