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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TsGh Tactics

Lee sin: Nuke/Bruiser Build

TsGh Tactics Last updated on April 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Summoners, now look at your champion, now back to me, back to your champion, now back to me, sadly they're not Lee Sin, but if you'd stop using such wimpy champions and switch to Lee sin, you could pretend you're as good as me.

Now Look down, back up, your on the battle field with Lee sin, the champion your champion could be.

Whats in your hand? Back at me, i have it, its a guide to the greatest lee sin builds ever. Look again, the builds have become kills on your summoner profile, anything is possible when your champion is Lee Sin and not a wimp.

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What Lee is good for!

Lee Sin can be a very strong Nuke/Bruiser champ. When focusing on Lee Sin's game play, you want to deal damage, while paying attention to the people and minions around you. Now you might say this sounds dumb, but think back and try to remember all those times were you either killed some one and died by minions or didnt get the kill because of minions. Looking and being aware of your environment is main for Lee Sin. You pretty much are Lee Sin's Eyes. Now you want good team work here, because calling MIA's and paying attention to wards helps a lot pre game, it can determine weather you have a game play ratio of 0/21 or 21/0.

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Explaining The Build a Bit

When starting off with Dorans blade. You get the health you need for the extra push, the damage and the life steal
Now, since he is so well rounded, you want to aim for damage-> little speed-> Health-> speed-> damage-> life steal
If you are in a 1v3 position, don't panic. Stop, run back and look for open slots and " Pay attention to were the other enemies are coming from, I cannot stress this enough.
When running away, dont run into the brush of were u just saw the other enemies hide. quickly use safe gaurd to an minion and run away. Make sure pre game to ask your team for active chatting all time.Then moving on to health, Lee Sin is moderetly squishy mid to late game.This not only gives you an ability boost ( since his abilitys are affected by your attack damage) it gives you the boost of the downtime of when your skills are on cooldown, you have your speed, with the damage and later on the life steal.
The Frozen Mallet will help prevent by adding a total wooping amount of +700 health, and not only that, it has an +20 damage which is a plus, and it slows ur enemy down!his not only helps your survival, but it increases ur chance of getting a kill. The extra damage boost with the Infinity edge in the end is were it all comes down. This should give you a huge boost of damage which should determine weather you are better then your enemy.And in place of that ****py dorans blade ( at level 18 its not something you would want to still have ) buy a blood thirster if you seeking more damage or a speed boost of starks ferver

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What To Watch Out For

What you want to look out for ~~~
Timing.. Timing... Timing... i can not express this enough with energy characters even though you dont have the head ache of mana, 90% of the times. your character will have a skill that consumes a large amount of energy... WATCH OUT FOR THAT SKILL
You want to time ur skills and attacks so that you can walk away with a kill and a little more to run away from enemies
If you think you can't kill them..don't go in.
Be POSITIVE you can kill them
If your being ganked with Lee Sin, he has the advantage of Dragons Rage. This is really helpful if there is a speed reducer or a major damage dealer you want to get out of the way.You can also push the enemy away with a blast wave forcing them to get forced back so you can buy some time to run.Use Safe gaurd, then use iron will to gaurentee safteyness. and if you still have weight on your shoulders. ROUND HOUSE KICK THAT MAMA JAMA. You want to kick away the biggest damage dealer/ debuffer/ slower downer person this can help gaurentee your perfect evasion.

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Ok well i was playing this champ the first day of release and using this build and i got these stats. Not to bad maybe you guys will do better!