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League of Legends Build Guide Author Furber

Lee Sin - Speculation

Furber Last updated on April 23, 2011
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This is just a quick speculation of this champion that I have recently purchased. I will give my few thoughts that I have after playing him for about one day. The purpose of this is to get a little feedback and also present a few ideas of my own. Eventually I may make a full guide like my other top builds I have, but for now this is a quick speculation, not a full guide.

Summoner Spells: I choose cleanse and ghost. I think that he's pretty prone to being CC'ed and killed. Also I get Ghost for good escaping/chasing. Summoner Spells are a preference.

Runes: I picked Armor Pen Marks, Dodge Seals, CDR Glyphs, and HP Quints. I've also thought about energy runes. I'm not sure how efficient they are but flat Energy seems like it might be worth it.

Masteries: 21/9/0 for tanky dps. I guess if you want to lean more towards tank, you can go 9/21/0.

Skilling Order - I get Q to start for nice ranged harass and a 'get to' ability if I need to jump at an enemy. Then I start maxing Tempest, and take one point in Safe Guard along the way. Tempest seems to be his best damage output ability (aside from ult ofc). The slow is also really nice. I choose not to wait until all the way at the end to finish off Safe Guard so that Iron Will can give me better stats.

Items - I start off with a Ruby Crystal. I get this for early game HP. Early game, you have much damage potential with your base stats, but you are very squishy. You need this extra HP if you're gona be trying to kill ppl early on, otherwise you could die. Then I get regular boots for movement. Lee Sin has pretty good base movement, but I still think it's important to get regular boots pretty early on in the match. Next, get your Phage for more HP and some AD. The occasional Slow is nifty too.

Next I build either of the following: Boots of Swiftness for tons of MS, Ninja Tabi for dodge/armor, or Merc Treads for MR/CC reduction. That's all situational ofc. You can also try Berserker's Greaves, but I don't think AS is all that great on Lee Sin, at least, not worth getting AS boots.

I then build a HoG for more survival, also the money will help you out. Next I build a Sheen. From the few matches I've had with LS, it seems like you need to utilize his passive. Make sure you get those auto attacks in between your abilities. The Sheen proc hitting will be very plentiful, and it's helped me out a ton so far. I know the Mana and AP doesnt help you out much, but that passive is awesome, it really increases your damage output.

Next get Randuin's Omen. I like this item for LS because it makes you pretty tanky, but also if they focus you with their DPS, then you can slow them with it's passive. Also you can mix your E AoE slow with the Randuin's active AoE Slow. Next you finish off the Trinity Force. It makes him a nice balanced DPS, you'll be putting out good damage and still be pretty tanky.

Afterwards, assuming I need more tankiness, I get Giant's belt for HP (you dont want to get too much mitigation without getting HP). Then build that into a SF. For an MR item, I build a QSS. This gives you good MR to go with your Armor, and the Cleanse Active it gives you really helps you out in fights where you get focused. FoN or BV are also good options. BV is slightly less efficient since they've been nerfing it so much over the past few months. Still a good item, but I might recommend FoN higher because it gives more MR and the MS and hp regen help a good bit. Whether you get SF or QSS/FoN/BV depends on how the game is going. Then you can build an Atma's. If you've built SF, it will give you ~67 AD, and some armor and crit. Still gives a good bit if you build FoN/BV, but not as much.

If you don't need more tankiness, well...I havent really had that situation yet, but if I had to guess I'd say a BT/IE would be good. Black Cleaver is something I considered. Madred's Bloodrazor could be nice, or a Stark's or something. If you guys have any feedback about what damage items to get for him other than Trinity Force and Atma's, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for reading my quick guide :)