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Lee Sin Build Guide by Final Build

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Final Build

Lee Sin- The Black Flipper

Final Build Last updated on February 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Lee Sin- The Black Flipper Start of the Game

Beggining of Game:

Lee Sin is a very powerful Melee fighter.In this build,you will NOT be building ANY life except for your Runes. But your damage will make it un-needed. Now you may be fighting some stronger Characters in lane,such as these. They will either chase you out of EXP range or harass untilnear death or death. an easy way of preventing these is harassing.Cast Sonic Wave when they're near the turret. Attack minions afterwards,activate Flurry. You will easily regain your energy. Repeat this until they are near death. If they are turret hugging, get to a point where you can hit them but the turret can't get you while they're recalling.If there isn't a way,Let them go. Extra EXP for you!
If they DON'T sit next to the turret,and are in range of Sonic Wave, quickly check they're health. Figure out your Sonic Wave AND Resonating Strike damage together. If it kills them,get 'em. If it almost does,cast Ignite if it's off cooldown. you will and wouldv'e gained some levels now. If you seem to be low on health,get a minion with Safegaurd and Instantly cast Iron Will,giving you Armor. go to the turret and recall,use a potion,or take advantage of Iron Will's Lifesteal and feed on the minions.

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Lee Sin-The Black Flipper Mid Game

Mid Game:

This is levels 8-12. If overleveled,9-14. If underleveled,Why are you reading this?
By now,you should have at least a Sword of the Occult and a B.F Sword. If more,Good for you!
If you seem to be in a 1v1 against Champions such as These:
Then use this tactic:
Sonic Wave
Safeguard Self
Resonating Strike
1 Basic Attack
Iron Will
2 Basic attacks
2 Basic Attacks

If they start to run,get them with a Tempest and cripple,slowing them and never losing them in stealth or brush. If your close to death,and can kill them with Dragons Rage,do it.
Now,lets say you get 2+ on you. Run. But if they are both half,you can defeat them if their health isn't too high. Do NOT try to confront a tank with a half HP with him. The tank WILL survive,or kill you. If they poison or stealth,do NOT attack Unless your fed and/or they've been feeding.

Now if you get in a team fight in Mid,bot,or top, Find their best and attack them. They won't notice long enough to get alot of damage in before attacked.
In the JUNGLE,however,find the weakest and pick them off one by one. If you die,severe damage wouldv'e already been done. The low health helps,in a way,because you won't be as much as a threat than Mordekaiser or Amumu.

A quick,easy get away trick is to Dragons Rage them into eachother,knocking all champions after you airborne. If it's only one,skip that part. Once airborn,unless 1 is after you,run until a minion is seen. Safeguard to him and continue running. If they flash or teleport, Keep running until you can Safeguard another minion.

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Lee Sin- The Black Flipper Late Game

Late Game

The Levels for this is 12+. Alot more champions have higher life Late game, so it is better to harass until you think you can kill them. If the campion is Warwick or a Lifesteal Champ,counteract it with Iron Will's Lifesteal. If they end up getting more lifesteal then you,Safeguard and your summoner ability Heal will help with that.
When available,watch you allies go against other enmeies. Make sure to watch if they use their Ultimate. If they dont and still kill them,they will most likely beat you. If they have under Half while their full,Iron Will will greatly help with either their life,liefsteal,or damage.
By now,the Enemy Nexus or you nexus shouldv'e been destryed. If not,read on!
Now,This is how you Fight REALLY cheaply-made champions. Here are the ones I will be telling you how to either get away from or Defeat:
Master Yi: He is EXTREMELY cheap for his price. He can easily get to you,but you get that as an advantage. The second you see him use his Alpha Strike,Use Safeguard. You will block the some damage. Iron will will hopefully give you enough lifesteal to kill.
To get away is to use Dragons Rage. Highlander is to fast for safeguard most of the time,so Tempest,Cripple,Dragons Rage. He will most likely use Highlander. Safeguard as soon as possible,quickly following with an Iron Will.

FiddleSticks:He will about 99% of the time start with either start a fight with Terrify or Dark Wind. If it's Dark Wind,RUN!! Get out of his Terrify Range. If he starts with Terrify,wait until your not feared. He WILL be using Drain. Dragons Rage will instantly get him out of Drain,Forcing him to harass with Dark Wind due to Dragons Rage's Damage. Quickly kill him before he can cast Terrifly again.

That's as far as I've gone. Hope this build helps!
-XenoChampion/Final Build

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The Minion: Easiest and best way

Now, minions EASILY feed you at level 2 and 3. But these skills,Tempest/Cripple and Safeguard/Iron Will isn't why. It's your passive, Flurry. What flurry does is that it gives 50% attack speed and 15 Energy regen for the next 2 attacks. Take advantage of this when dealing with minions. Yet, do keep in mind this tactic when also in 1v1 fights and team battles.
Tempest and Cripple: Simple. Tempest,2 attacks, Cripple, 2 attacks. They die faster, and you lose a grand total of 5 energy in the end. Amazing!

Safeguard and Ironwill: Same tactic as Tempest and Cripple OR Safegurad a neighboring minion and instantly activate Iron Will. you WILL get nice lifesteal. That's all for this.