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Lee Sin Build Guide by Chicheck

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chicheck

Lee Sin The Blind Jungler

Chicheck Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guyz. first of all sorry about my english. i will try to explain about jungling with Lee Sin. how fast he can jungle and how good he can gank. and how to escape and chase in jungle. Many people thinks that he is not a good late game champion. but it is totally wrong! And this guide will show u why they are wrong...

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For me best jungling runes on lee sin are

Armor penetration marks
Flat armor seals
Flat attack speed or Flat magic resist glyphs
Armor penetration quintesences

with these runes u can kill your own jungle really fast and end your 1st tour with full hp so you can make a really good early gank with red and blue on.

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For masteries i go for classic 21/0/9 jungler masteries nothin special.

With Lee sin's passive + runes + Attack masteries we have a real good sinergy to jungle+deal good damage when we gank.

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For starting items we will get the classical Cloth armor + 5 health potions

then we will complete our razor to jungle faster after that if everything goes pretty normal

the build should be like
Wriggle Lantern( for jungle awareness+ faster jungling with lifesteal and ward + safeguard trick. this item gonna save ur *** many times)
Mercury's Treads(we will always be in the center of the fight so more tenacity more survivability

Sheen(our skills are pretty spammable. so consider sheen is always active if u play Lee sin right

Frozen mallet( pretty good combo with Atma and the passive slow is really important for us to catch up enemies)

Atma's impaler( armor + crit + passive with our build works pretty good)

banshee's veil( as i said we will be at the center of fights we will get some aoe damages from casters. so some magic ressit with our boots + passive shield is pretty cool to keep us alive)

then complete sheen to trinity force(to boost our damage and movement speed and crit and more this item fits Lee sin pretty well. so if u ask why we build it at last. cuz it is pretty expensive for us. And our early game is strong so we will complete this item at last.

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Junglin Route Should be Like

There is 2 types of route in the photo but this is not about being in the blue or purple team it is just about " Ganking Posibilities" try to gank when you reach level 3. but if there is no way to gank so complete your first tour then gank

Always gank when u complete your first tour.Consider this like a rule.

Becuz if u gank after first tour and get a kill or make em use their summoners so after shop it will be a great chance to gank them or will be very good for your teammates at laning phase. when they have no summoner they can not zone and farm really good. becuz there is a Monk waiting for a chance to slain em'

Also i should say that i get this photo from another lee sin guide and did some changes on it. if it is not legal i can create my own :/

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Creeping / Jungling

What makes Lee sin a good jungler ?

The passive is pretty cool to jungle with Lee sin. it gives us % 50 attack speed for next 2 attacks after we cast a spell. so as long as we have 6 spells+ ulti it is like free % 50 attack speed. but what we should do is using it right. so how to use it right ?

We will shield ourself first then we attack 2 times after the second attack we will activate our lifesteal and spell wamp so we will have 2 more attacks with % 50 so then we go with creeple then 2 more attack then cast again and go on. so it is a free attack speed boost for us which is awesome also we will have a free lifesteal+ shield+ armor from our safeguard also we can slow the jungle creeps with our cripple. so we have what is neccessary to jungle fast and healthy. but of course this is not enough to be an epic jungler. a jungler should gank pretty effective. and our sonic wave is the best way to gank and make them use their summoner spells at early game .

if everything is normal when we are jungling . i mean no one is overextending in a lane or doing something stupid to get ganked by us. after we complete the first tour we try to gank someone we can kill.if someone is overextending or has low health far from his turret we can jungle before completing our first tour.

if there is no one killable. so we will check if an ally suffering in his lane. so we gank to counter enemy laner to give him the upper hand and end his missery.

if no one is in trouble so gank for make someone use his summoner spell to kill him for the next gank.

Our Resonating strike is the best way to catch up the opponents if they use flash immediately after they get the resonating strike.So we can catch them when we cast it again . this skill guyz makes Lee sin an epic early game ganker.

The jungling route and some tricks to jungle faster and better

We will start at Golems with a trick! so What is the trick

An ally is gonna pull our golem with a basic attack so Golems gonna chase him. so what we should do here is attacking the golem which is closer to our ally and keep attacking it from the front side. and the trick becomes now

what we ae trying to do is killing golems one by one without using smite. But how ?

The golems started to chase our ally and we are attacking the one who is in front of the other from the front side ( what a sentence =) ) . so when we reach the brush one golem will return and the one that we are attacking will stand and keep hitting us. so it gives us the enough time to kill the first one until the other one reaches u. so we will have our smite on to kill red. and having red that early really helps a lot to jungle faster.

so after golems we will kill red with smite then wraiths and dogs then blue. actually we dont need blue that much so if the mid laner is suffering a lot against the enmy laner u can give it to him. but if things are pretty normal take it to urself for exp and faster energy regen.

Also a tip for jungling. our iron will has a spell wamp so if you use smite when iron will is active u gain some health cuz of spel wamp

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Skill Sequence

For jungling we will start with safeguard because it gives us armor + life steal and when the shield got broken the half of the energy will be back. also this skill haste lowest cooldown at level 1 so it has a great sinergy with our passive. and then we continue with tempest for level 2 to and get resonating strike for level 3

and we max our resonating strike which is our Q

then we go for Safeguard Which is our W

and e for our last skill

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells we will have smite that is for sure

for the second summoner spell i get flash which is awesome to keep our *** safe

but ghost works good too becuz our safeguard is like a free flash for us but having 2 flashes is pretty awesome to catch up our enemies or keep our *** away from danger

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Pros / Cons

+Very fast jungling
+very good counter to stealth champions
+The only utility melee in my opinion
+Really funny to play
+Full of surprises
+can interrupt channeling ulties with the ultimate
+Deals good damage to tanks with resonating strike
+free shield armor lifesteal spell wamp and flash with safeguard
+Undead in jungle


-skill shot dependent damage output. if u miss the sonic wawe your damage will be very low
- Hard to reach the full potential(you will need some time to do some great stuff just be patient)

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Tips and Tricks To Control The Monk!

Well Lee sin is freakin hard to control first times. he is hard to control for u at the beginning and he is hard to catch for enemies after a while when u learn how to use him well.

So i will try to give u some tips to execute ur enemies not to kick them away

* Never forget that our main damage output depends on our sonic wawe try to do your best to locate it well on the enemy otherwise our damage output will be really low

*if the enemy is still close and not running dont Use Resonating strike just after you locate the Sonic wawe just wait for it and keep attacking your enemy in the following 2 seconds to deal more damage otherwise he will flash or jumps away if he has some jumpin skills like katarina or kassadin
but if u wait u can reach them after they use their evading spells or skillz but No way u can run away from that Monk!

* Always keep that in mind Resonating strike deals %10 of the enemies missing health. so that will make you use it wise day by day

*if u decide to ulti someone do it before using resonating strike if he is at melee range so u can reach him after the kick with resonating strike and u will deal more damage

* if someone is in the sonic wawe range and not the melee range . and if he looks like executable with q + q + ulti combo ALWAYS! ALWAYS! hit your basic attack before you kick him. becuz of sheen or trinity our besic attack just after the resonating strike will be really good. so before performing the awesome roundhouse kick always hit the normal melee attack othwersie u have to say goodbye to them after the kick when they run away with some 100 hp or somethin

*if someone decides to fight against u ! HOW DARE U! for the best damage output

Q+Basic Attack +E+Ulti+ Q+basic attack + E again to slow and keep attacking when the enemy is slower then u.
maybe it seems like it takes too long to perform this combo but it takes less then 3 seconds tbh

Also i uploaded some of my replays so u can see about jungling route gameplay ganking and so on