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Lee Sin Build Guide by parkoyr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author parkoyr

Lee Sin The Blind Monk

parkoyr Last updated on July 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So you've decided to try your hand at the blind monk, have you? You don't realize what is the power of Lee Sin. The people tell me that he is noob champion. In this guide i will show you the tactics and play style of the Blind Monk.

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Lee Sin pasisive is his best friend. With this ability he get bonus AS and then you have few seconds to reset your energy with this bonus from his passive.

Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike

Your bread and butter ability.You are going to use this in lane for quick, easy harassment and in teamfights to stick to your target like glue.

Safeguard / Iron Will

The shield of this ability will help you sustainability.You can escape from fights and protec you't aliance with the shield.It's good for regening you'r helt with the bonus life steel.

Please know that you can shield yourself, so if you are fighting someone and don't want to dash away, hold alt+w for a self shield :).

Tempest / Cripple

Since you can no longer proc the bug on it, this ability is next to useless and is only going to be used for the slow utility it gives you. For this reason I do take one level of it at level 4 but refrain on taking it for the rest of the game.

Dragon's Rage

That's Lee Sin ultimate.
Your ultimate is very underestimated and very misunderstood. It is a hefty knockback that deals very nice damage. In lane, I generally use it as my finishing combo(ult+ignite). In jungle, I flash behind who I am ganking and then ult them, knocking them into my ally.

When you are teamfighting, consider both of these methods. The target of your ult is generally going to be a squishy carry on the other team that you can knock into your team. If you spot an enemy out of position, flash ult that ***** and get a quick, easy kill.

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Part I: Laning

Laning with Lee Sin can be tough, but it is often very rewarding (and fun) to do so. The key to laning Lee Sin is a very patient, persistent playstyle. You basically want to be in your enemie's face 24/7, while not taking any damage in return. It's hard to do, but hopefully with this guide and build you can get it done.

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I. Runes

Greater Mark of Strength Since Lee's Q is such a strong ability, having strong AD and ratios early on can give you early lane dominance that's hard to recover from.
Greater Seal of Resilience is going to help you deal with your solo top opponent who will either be an offtank or a ranged dps.
Greater Glyph of Warding is another early game rune that will be especially useful if you are laning top against a caster.
Greater Quintessence of Strength - Again, these are for early game lane dominance and great scaling with your Q. AD quints are a little under rated and should probably see more use than they do right now.

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I. Summoner Spells

Ghost + Ignite- That are very good sumoners spells. With Ghost you can cach you'r enemies and if they escape you can Ignite them. Ghost is also good for escaping enimies.

If you are low HP and you go to tower and they tower dive you you can Ignite them and when they escape from the turrent range the ignite will ill him.

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I. Skill Order

The W max setup on lee is the best way to play him at the moment.

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I. Item Pool

One thing that you are going to find as you dig deeper into the world of Lee Sin is that build/item possibilities are endless. You might find that the Lee who build atmogs crushed lategame, but the Lee who built two bloodthirsters owned just as hard. The truth is that on Lee Sin, there is no superior item build. He has the most variation in build paths than any other champion in the game, and thus, I can't just pump out a lane build section here with relative ease.

Instead, here's a pool of items you should consider getting on Lee Sin. After this, the subsequent item sections will include starter builds, but they ARE NOT stagnant. Pretty much every game I play with Lee I build his items in a different order, it should be a combination of building for yourself and building to counter the enemy team. Here goes.
- These are to be built mostly against AP. What dblades do is they give you the lifesteal you need without the cost of wriggles, as well as not giving you useless stats like a fast wriggles may do. Armor wont do **** vs a vlad, whereas health and lifesteal will do a whole lot. Don't forget the damage boost, which is considerable. If you are fed as **** and want to press your advantage you can get these vs physical damage champs too, especially bursters like pantheon.

- Thought I would mention this. Often times I will either substitute this for my second dorans blade or add it to my build regardless. This is one of the most cost efficient items in the game and is going to give you great lane/teamfight sustain. You don't even have to finish the item.

In contrast, a wriggles is your go-to sustain item vs physical damage IF YOU NEED IT. If you are winning your lane without wriggles, often times you can skip this item and substitute it with a bloodthirster, if you think you can handle it. This is usually if you are winning your lane really hard tho.

- Might as well finish off all the lifesteal items. This is the item you buy when you are super freakin' fed and you are capable of ending the game on your own. If you are going to get this get it early to press your advantage, and it's a great substitute for wriggles. I honestly look for reasons to buy a BT these days, because I feel it is so useful on lee. You just need to make sure you can get enough farm to get tanky enough late game. I have nothing against buying two of these, if you think you can tank well enough. Just make sure that something like a last whisper isn't a better option.

- These should be your boots 85% of the time or higher. Lee Sin is a CC magnet, first off, secondly you are gonna be hard pressed to find MR items, third they are just so damn sexy. If the enemy team has very little cc/magic damage, then consider ninja tabi.

- Sick nasty boots bro. These are your armor choice, but generally you will want mercs because bruisers have a vast abundance of armor items available to them, but really struggle finding MR from my experience. Just because they are cheap doesn't mean you buy them.

- Hexdrinker is an absolutely fantastic early game item and maw just spices it up a bit. This item elevated lane lee from godlike to legendary status in my book, just because it makes laning vs AP so much easier and scales really nicely into late game. MR and tons of damage? Count me in. (buy it when you are laning vs. AP, also a very nice choice lategame as an MR item).

- Great damage item on lee, especially useful if you already have a bloodthirster and are going for "maul the **** outta you" damage. If you are going to buy this item, it should usually be one of your last items, to make sure if it's actually needed (if they have a lot of armor). Otherwise if you are looking for more damage, a triforce and 2nd bloodthirster should also be considered.

- Now while at first glance, wit's doesn't look very useful on lee, it's actually not a horrible choice. Late game Lee brings really, really nice peel potential for your AD carry and wit's end just will equal more phage/mallet procs and is just great for peeling. I would ONLY get this if you have a phage. Obviously nice for MR purposes too. If you pair it with hex and mercs you will have no need for any more MR.

- Now in most situations I like frozen mallet for the reasons above, but if you dont need the CC or the phage and wanna just be one tanky mofuaker, warmogs is for you. It is obviously the best source of raw health in the game and is also cheaper than mallet by a decent amount.

Please know that rushing warmogs can completely kill lee sin's mid game if you aren't farming like a boss. You will do no damage with no damage items. This is a very important thing to consider.

- I like to snag one of these bad boys vs one of those annoying as **** malphites who herp derp and stack armor vs you. Though, obviously, for long term armor pen you will want to grab a last whisper.