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League of Legends Build Guide Author Candle

Lee Sin - the blind monk

Candle Last updated on April 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys I really enjoy playing lee sin and i feel i am getting rather good at him, this build is the one that works best for me, I follow this guide every game and end up winning 90% of the games I play (the other 10% is bad team mates). I will be updating this guide as I find other more fitting adjustments for lee sin. hope this guide helps =).

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For lee sin I do the basic 21-9-0 build as I find wit the offensive power increase that they give, lee sin is really able to give a higher dmg output.

if you are finding you are dying often with lee sin I recommend changing to a 9-21-0 set of masteries taking the ability cool down from the offensive column

21-0-9 also works well wit increased Health regeneration, longer buff duration, faster ghost and also increased XP gained.

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Summoner spells

for lee sin i take exhaust and flash.

exhaust helps as you are able to slow enemies while your abilities are recharging and you are able to significantly reduce the dmg heros do to you with basic attks. this works well for facing a yi, tristana tf or other high dps basic attk heroes. exhaust can also be used to escape by slowing your chaser.

I grab flash as it can be used to escape and chase effectively. it also allows me to get out of a tough position and move in and out of combat faster. you can also use flash to move yourself into a position with a clear shot for sonic wave so you can follow up with resonating strike.

Ghost also works well with Lee as the speed boost ensures that enemies cannot run from you and also allows you to escape from a gank.

If you are going to jungle with lee Smite is a must have as the dmg it does to minions is very helpful.

Ignite is another favourite summoner spell as it kills those enemies on >100 HP that would otherwise get away and survive. remember to save ignite to either last hit an enemy as he tries to run away or to stop an enemy from healing in a fight such as mundo when he uses his ultimate or tryndamere using his stacks.( ignite is also a very good way to kill tryndamere when he is in his ult as if he is unable to heal as soon as his ult runs out he will die)

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With Lee sin i chose to start with boots right away with 3 hp pots.
the boots help me to out run the enemy and chase them insuring a first blood. they also allow easier harassing as the extra speed allows you to move faster around minions allowing you to set up a perfect set up for sonic wave.

after laning for a bit i rush for Phage as it gives ur melee attacks a slow and it leads to trinity force.

i then finish my mecury treads or ionian boots of lucidity ( boots of lucidity are a good item for lee as he is a charecter restricted on the cool downs of his abilities and the cd reduction helps a lot). I recomend getting the mercury treads if you are facing a team with a lot of annoying stuns.
Sheen is up next as its attk dmg boost is very nice on lee.

i then get zeal and finish Trinity Force

A bf Sword is next for me as the dmg increase is very helpful with lee

wriggles lantern is a gud item for lee as the increase in dmg and armour definatly helps. the ward is also very gud and i recomend placing it on baron so u can gank the enemy team if u see them and hopefully get some easy kills.

i then turn the bf into a bloodthirster as the increase in dmg and life steal gives lee greater survivablity.

a second bloodthirster puts your attk dmg to around 300. this means that you can do some serious burst dmg with your sonic wave and resonating strike.

by this point i finish the build with a warmogs to add hp and hr. this jus allows lee to stay in a fight longer and have that extra hp you need to pull of an ace in a team fight.

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Use your passive
it is important to maximise the use of your passive ability.
Do this by trying to fit in at least 1 melee attk in between all of your spells

Example = sonic wave- melee twice (if your in range)- resonating strike- melee twice - tempest- mellee twice- cripple- melle twice - safeguard- melee twice - iron will- melee twice - and by this time you can probaly start the combo over again

By doing this you manimise the amount of energy that you lose and are able to cast more spells and carry out a larger combo.

- your Wcan be used to rush to team-mates who are in range. this can be very useful for escaping a team fight that you are losing or other sticky situations as you can rush to allied creeps to get out of range of your enemies attacks.

Also remember that by using your won a team-mate you and the team-mate get the shield. so it is better to use it on your team-mate taking the most damage rather than self casting.

ULTIMATE- Dragon rage, your ultimate is an attack that pushes your target away as well as dealing high damage. because the ult pushes the target away you have to be very careful on when and how you use it. a well timed dragon raged kick can be the difference of a triple kill and accidently saving the enemy team. I recommend using it when either, you are sure that it will last hit the enemy, you will kick them towards your other ream-mates, you will kick the enemy in to a friendly tower or when you will kick the enemy into their entire team either to stun them with the airborne your ultimate does, or to just ensure your ultimate does the maximum damage to the enemy team. ( there is nothing more satisfying than hitting an enemy wit dragon rage and watching him sail into his team-mates and getting at least a triple kill.

Remember to lead your target before you throw a sonic wave at them. there is no point even using sonic wave if it ends up missing them by half the screen. always try to keep in your head that it takes about 1 second for sonic wave to reach its range so picture where the enemy will be in 1 second and let loose. If you pull this off, well you will be surprised at how much easier lee sin is to play. when I first started playing lee sin I wasn't very good, all my sonic waves would miss them by a mere inch and it frustrated the hell out of me. But now I always remember to lead and I find it is actually difficult to miss now and kills come so much easier.

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If you are going to jungle with lee use the common items for junglers.
-cloth armour and 5 hp pots
-rush to madredz razor
-and then either get boots first or finish wrigglers lantern and then get boots.
-after wriggles lantern proceed with original item build.

Important that if you jungle the first skill you get is safeguard/iron will as it gives you lifesteal, spell vamp, amour and a small shield
after safeguard focus more on tempest and cripple as tempest helps greatly while jungling

-i find the best jungle route is -

    Wolf camp
    wraith-smite blue wraith
    twin golems
    blue buff-smite
    wolf camp
    red buff-smite
    twin golems
    -start over or gank an enemy

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so basically harass with your sonic wave to lower the enemy heroes hp that you are going to target and then carry out the q-q-e-e combo
---and add in w-wwhen it is needed most.

remember to play carefully and use your abilities well.

please post feed back comments on my guide as this was my first guide and i would like to learn how to improve it and make the best guides.