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League of Legends Build Guide Author The One True King

Lee sin the blind ninja PWN U EVEN IN RANKED GAME

The One True King Last updated on April 5, 2011
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Well sense this is my first build i decided to do the newest champ out and thats lee sin well the first game i did with him i hated him because if focused on atk speed.............but later on i figured out this build and hope u like it too. Now one thing is if there are major AP Caster characters U must get hexdrinker but if there is not get guinsoo's Regablade

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Now descusing runes the main reson i get atck speed and atk dmg is becaouse well lol duh u get atk speed and atk dmg and it really helps your begining game with these runes however i get magic resist is because i hate 1v1 a mage caster at lvl 1 Like lol annei ryze and mal so this will help u tear them up early and late game.

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Team Work

well team work for lee sin is inmportant because if u lane with lets say panth or an olaf your done for because u cant stack on kill and last hit minions as well i have some freinds that do this with me and its ok BUT if u can try and lane with a stuning snaring slowing taunting or air born tank Like Cho gath or shen ramus malphit mundo sion fav is taric if u can lane with a taric its gg beacaus he can stun and heal.

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Ability combose

now these are simple but AWESOME combose

First u can come in the fight with safegaurd and imediatly go into iron will as u sonic wave and follow up with your resanating strike followed by tempest and dragons rage them and wait for them to run to cripple(if not already dead)

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early Mid and late game :)

EARLY GAME: well early game u want to lane bot with your stunning tank u want to lane against a ranged if u have to so mid is an option now play in the brush and harras your enimy getting them to half life wait for your freind to stun(or the rest of the slowing moves) and sonic wave+ resanaiting strike imidatly cripple them usally pickking up the kill play like this along with constant jungling and ganking mid and remember to try and last hit minions :)

MID GAME: well in mid game u should have at least your madreds blood razer so taking down tanks not a problam u can easaly kill dragon at lvl 8 and gank mid constanly intell turret is down NOW in mojor team fights never go in first always wait for tank to start combat and try if u can to stay out of the sight of enimy champs wait in jungle if u have to as the fight begins charge there ranged or support champion beacause lee sin the blind ninja is a pro picker now once u easaly take out there ranged(or support) u may now focus on there main dmg dealer so in mid game gank and help your team as much as u can and reamain jungling.

LATE GAME: by late game u should have your hexteck gunblade if they have not already surrenderd XD in team fights now take out the main dmg dealer first then raged unless theres a support kill them first if needed and remember u can kill dragon with your team around 14 with lee as long as theres a tank try and stack your blood thirster and u wont be outdone by ashes luxes ezes and karthuses beacause of your constant life steal remember to set your wriggles at baron and keep him for your team and your team only XD.

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Jugnleing Minion farming

now if u really want to jungle this can be a jungle build as well just remember to get smight instead and Here is the jungle i suggest.......[Wolves wraiths Golems mana wolves wraiths red buff golems Gank and if u dont lvl like u want to remember to help your lane even if not lvl 6

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well thats about it for my first build i hope u like it and if u do there will be other builds coming soon like shen olaf mord ashe and more so hope to hear from u and hope u KICK BUTT WITH Lee sin the BLIND NINJA XD Oh ya one more thing in a 3v3 get flash instead of ghost XD