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Lee Sin Build Guide by VegaIlusion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VegaIlusion

Lee Sin The Return of The Tanker

VegaIlusion Last updated on April 27, 2012
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Hi I am VegaIlusion I play in the EU,West Server,and I am here today to try to help you to tank with Lee Sin.
As you can notice all Lee Sin tank guides are old because of the HUGE game changes that happened.
So I will try to at least tip you how to do a Tank build.

Here is his Champion Spotlight:

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Pros / Cons

Pros: - Good def. and support
- Good for ganks
- Good jungling
- High dmg
- Fast attack speed
- Huge Life Steal
- Good anti-carry
- Super effective against stealth
- Can cripple enemies
- etc.

Cons(kind of hard since he almost doesn't have any):- May be squishy at beginning
- Hard to learn for Summoner who are new
to the Assassin class

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Skill Sequence

Lee Sin uses 7 active abilities just do the skill sequence above and you will have a good farm/def/support

First we have his passive called Flurry-which will motivate you to time your ability use and give you a good attack speed.

Second we have the Q ability called Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike- This ability is very useful at the start game to reveal your enemies position.It works pretty much like Moragana's Q and Lux's Q.You will not want to miss.Lvl up it as soon as possible.

Third we have his W which is called Safeguard/Iron Will-If you saw the spotlight you will see that is it recommended at lvl 2 and lvl it up to 5 as fast as possible.This ability is very important because it shields you or you AND a teammate/pet/minion.Its second part will give you a very good Life Steal which will allow you to solo hordes and hordes of minions without getting almost any collateral dmg.

Fourth we have the E one called Tempest/Cripple-This one is also important especially for ganks,Life Steal and farm. The first part does a good amount of dmg and second part just slows the enemy which is pretty good you will want to lvl it up as last.

For last we have his Ulti which is called Dragon's Rage- This one only can be done to champions and is perfect for ganks or team fights is one of the Ultimates with higher dmg.Lvl up it when you can (lvl 6,11 and 16)

The easiest way to do ganks is this: D(flash to get behind the enemy as quickly as possible) R,(block the exit path if he runs toward you use E,basic attack,E,basic attack,Q,Q)
If he tries to go to the jungle which is probably next to your teammate/minion just use W(on them),Q,Q,E,basic attack,E,basic attack.
If in any of these cases you see that is impossible to get him us Ignite

Normal fight: Q,Q,W,basic attack,W,basic attack,E,basic attack,E and repeat
If he gets ahead use E,E as without hesitation(in the beginning),Flash (if already in middle of the fight) or Ignite(if he barely has HP).

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Tank = offense that is why you need 21/9/0 that way you will have a very good dmg,Armor
pen,Attack speed and Life Steal and good HP,Armor and Magic Res.

So lets see what we have:

-AD- Brute Force,Deadlinessand Executioner

-Armor pen.- Weapon Expertiseand Sunder

-Attack speed- Alacrity

-Life Steal- Vampirism

-Crit. Dmg.- Lethality

-Summoner Spell- Summoner's Wrath (for Ignite)

- Magic res.- Resistance

-Armor- Hardiness

-HP- Durability

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As a tanker that means you are front line that is why you need Armor ( not per lvl because will ruin your start game) and Magic res.

But also since you are a tanker you are melee and melee's need Armor pen (not per lvl will ruin your start game) and some attack dmg.
So lets take a look:

Marks- 9 of 1.66 Armor pen.

Seals- 9 of 1.41 Amor

Glyphs- 9 of 0.15 Magic res. per lvl

Quintessences- 3 of 2.25 Attack dmg.

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Now this the most important part since you have you Runes and Defensive Mesteries to support your defense you can go more on an offense build with:

Boots- I recommend the Mercsbut if the enemy has more AD champions go
with the Ninja Tabi

Attack Items- rush for The Bloodthirsterbecause of the stacks and then
you have Atma's Impaler(go for it right after Warmog's Armor,Frozen Malletand Youmuu's Ghostbalde.

HP/DEF- You have Warmog's Armor go for right after The Bloodthirsteralso because of the stacks

NOTE: Just do the order I showed at the top and you will be fine.

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Creeping / Jungling

If you wish to go jungle with this build I recommend that you go after lvl 6 and get the red buff,also use it as a strategic approach for ganks and TRUST ME ant lvl 18 or when you have at least 5 of the guide main items you can solo Baron but watch you timing so you can use your passive.

An easy way to explain things is:

Get the Red buff as fast as possible,help your teammates get the Blue buff,kill The Baron as soon you or you team can and farm/get stacks with the rest.

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Team Work

With this guide you are perfect for lane especially if you have a teammate.
You shield is your best friend.

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The higher the lvl the easier is to farm with him you can take hordes of minions by yourself and easily destroy turrents,with a well timed abilities for your passive.

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If you like this build vote positive,I recommend you try it even if it fails the runes are basic AD set so you can use them in any AD champion.
I didn't test it in Ranked but you can so be free to share the data.
This guide is short so you don't read the unnecessary info any question or recommendations just say/ask.
I will try to update it.
And plz vote and commnet