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Lee Sin Build Guide by Drakili

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drakili

Lee Sin, the true jungle king (3v3 jungling guide included)

Drakili Last updated on September 4, 2011
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Hey everyone, and welcome to my first build!

A lot of people like to play Lee Sin as tanky DPS. I've seen it work, and I've seen it kick ***. But in my opinion, the best way to play Lee Sin is more of a melee carry type build. The way I see it, Lee Sin has plenty of mobility to be able to escape a tight spot, with his Q, and he can deal some insane damage as a melee carry. I'm not saying tanky DPS Lee is bad, like I said I've seen it work well. All I'm saying is that this is the build I've perfected, and it works great for me.

Jungling vs. Laning
I think jungle Lee Sin is much better than lane Lee Sin. Sure, if you've ever played lane Lee Sin, you know hes a pretty kick *** laner. He can do a lot of damage with his q, slow with his E, and have +50% attack speed to take down the enemy the entire time. Then, if he needs to bail, he has his W to get back to safety. When you think about it though, he can use the same combo from the jungle, especially since it's much easier to land your Q when you are behind them and their minion line. Laning can work, but jungling will help your team a lot more... and probably yourself as well.

If you want to play tanky dps or lane lee sin, by all means go ahead, it's perfectly viable. The two top rated guides on MobaFire are great for those kinds of builds. I'm not claiming that this is the only good Lee Sin build, I'm just saying it's a build that never fails me.

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My runes are pretty basic. Armor penetration reds/quints, health yellows for some early game survivability, and CDR blues (because I have them and they can't hurt... Flat AD blues would probably work just as well if not better.

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I set my masteries 21-0-9. I've also tried 9-0-21, and a couple of things in between. In my opinion 21-0-9 works best, but if you like to have more in utility, it's all good.

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There are 2 items which are must haves for Lee Sin- Wriggles Lantern and Trinity force.
Wriggles Lantern- Great passive for jungling, free ward, attack damage, lifesteal, and armor. Everything we need. What's not to like?

Trinity force- Bow down to this item, because it is your god. The most important part is the passive. When you use a skill, you're next auto attack will deal 2.5x damage. Lee Sin has 7 skills, all of which (save his ult) are on short cooldowns. With his passive, you should already be in the habit of using 2 autoattacks between each skill anyway. Besides that, there is the phage passive, which gives you a chance another slow in case you screw up with your E. Can't hurt. Then there is health, AD, AS, crit, and movement speed. All useful stats, we'll take it.

Boots- I like to get boots of swiftness because to me mobility is everything on Lee Sin. With the trinity force and the phantom dancer, however, they are a little redundant, so if the other team has more than average CC I opt for merc treads. In ranked play, especially higher ELOs, I'd probably just stick to merc treads to be safe.

Boots, wriggles, and trinity force make up your core. Beyond that it gets situational. Although I said this isnt a tanky dps build, if you keep getting destroyed by CC, you might want to pick up a banshees. If tryndamere, yi, and gangplank are all on the other team, it's almost definately worth getting a thornmail. If I'm doing well enough not to need any of that, I go for a phantom dancer, then 2 blood thirsters. If the game goes long enough, I'll sell the wriggles for a ghostblade. Do NOT sell your wriggles until very late game. It's not just useful for early game jungling. Wriggles will allow you to solo baron, take down dragon quickly, and push lanes quickly. If the game is going real late, split pushing and baron are probably going to decide the game, so keep it as long as you can.

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Gameplay- 5v5s

First of all, let me say that this is a brief overview of jungling as Lee Sin. Jungling is a lot more than just killing jungle enemies, and it takes lots of practice to get good at.

Ok. So buy your cloth armor and 5 pots, put a skill point in E, and head to the blue buff. Have your team mate leash for you, and as soon as they do, press E. Focus on the golem first, and after 2 auto attacks, press E again. Although you may not need the slow, you gain an extra 50% attack speed for 2 hits. It's super important that you are always using a skill and auto attacking twice in between, especially in early game jungling where every hp point counts. Take a health potion as soon as you take damage. Keep using E whenever it's up, then waiting 2 auto attacks and using it again until blue and his 2 lizard buddies are down. Put a skill point in W and go to wolves. Use W on yourself (alt W will do this automatically) and start attacking. after 2 attacks hit W again, 2 attacks, e, 2 attacks e, 2 attacks, w.... you get the point. Go to wraiths, kill them the same way. If smite comes up, dont burn it on wraiths. Once wraiths are dead, look at the situation. If you see a gank opportunity, put a skill point in Q and go for it. If not, put a skill point in W, and kill red the same way as wraiths and wolves, making sure to use smite while the second W is up (spell vamp will return some health with smite.) Then go to golems, hit level 4, skill point in Q if you haven't already, and start ganking.

(if you really dont see a ganking opportunity, someone is doing it wrong. Either your team is pushed up too far, not harassing at all, or you don't know what a good ganking opportunity is. If it's the former, tell your team to pull back and harass. Then look for some open jungle spawns or a chance to screw with the enemy jungler, maybe attack them at their small golems if they're a slower jungler. If nothing else, recall and buy items in the mean time. if it's the latter... learn to jungle better I guess....)

Ganking: Lee Sin is an amazing ganker. Hide in the bush, wait til you can land your Q. as soon as you do, hit Q again, and immediately after hit E twice. Although this may seem contradictory to what I said before regarding Lee's passive, when ganking the important part is to get some CC on them, fast. Once you do that you'll be down to 40 energy. Auto attack twice and you'll be back up to 75-80ish. That's enough to use your w/w combo. Get as many auto attacks in as possible, in case they get away and you need to finish them with another Q/Q. Keep in mind that the second part of Q has damage based on how low their health is (the lower the health, the more damage it does) so Q is a great skill for finishing off enemies.

Post level 6, if you have your ult, try to get behind them (use flash if needed) and kick them back to your teammates or your turret.

When you get your wriggles, you should be looking for dragon opportunities... have your bottom lane help you out and do it when you can. I'm not going to get into exactly when and when not to dragon.

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Gameplay- 3v3s

Some people will tell you that jungling in 3v3s is stupid, or that it doesn't work. They're wrong. Right now I don't have proof in my match history, but you'll just have to trust me that I usually go 10-2-5 or something like that, and the game is usually over before 20 minutes. Just give it a try. Also, make sure to ask your teammates in champion selection if it's ok... very rarely you will get someone who feeds or leaves or trolls because you're jungling. Also, make sure you have someone who can solo the bottom lane. It doesnt have to be renekton, as you'll be in the bottom lane ganking every time the enemy is alive, but someone with a little beefiness or sustainability would be nice to have.

Start in the bottom jungle. If you think you'll be safe doing so, start in the far camp, but I usually like to start in the close one just in case. You should have either cloth armor and 5 potions or cloth armor, 2 potions, and a ward. Put a skill point into E. The camp will either spawn wraiths, or 3 different mobs. If it spawns wraiths, smite the blue one and then E-2 attacks-E the others down. If it's the other spawn, smite the smallest and do the same thing. Then move on to the next camp, kill them the same way, taking potions whenever you dont have full health. Put a skill point in w when you get your level- I sometimes mooch off bottom lane to get level 2 before going to the second camp. Then run up to the top jungle. If you ended up starting at the camp near your base, it might be risky to run through the lane from that side. If you can, do it. If not, run back to your side and around. either way, get to the top jungle, go to whichever camp on the outside is closest (the ones that spawn small golems and wolves), and kill the golems or wolves. Then run over to the other one, looking at the 2 buff camps as you do so. Kill the other small camp, and put a skill point into Q. Now if there was a green buff and a black buff, take green first, remembering to use smite when your spell vamp is up. With green buff, you should be able to take black buff without smite pretty easily. If they are both green take one and leave the other for later, same if they are both black. At this point you should be ganking. Gank like a mofo. This is what makes jungling in a 3v3 work. Keep in mind that you can Q/Q through the wall of dragon, which often makes for an easy surprise kill on the enemy top laner. With black buff you can switch lanes so fast, your enemy won't be able to call MIA fast enough. Use this to your advantage. Be all over the map, all of the time. When you get a chance, take red, and keep ganking. If there were 2 of the same buff top, and yours runs out, go grab the other. At some point, recall and buy wriggles. Once you have wriggles and... lets say level 4... you should be able to solo dragon. Do this at the first opportunity and every time you can. After that... well it's all gravy. By the time I solo dragon I'm usually something like 2-0-2.... then I go back and get a couple more kills, get bored and try to 1vs3 them... you know.

One thing that is important: In 3v3s, it's pretty easy to turtle and defend while getting farmed. The enemy team may try to do this. If they do, don't let them. Have your team jungle, and by last hitting and being at the turret the enemy team will naturally push up a bit. Use your ult, make that little bit into a lot. Just whatever you do, dont sit at their turret while they get farmed and let them zone you, and dont let that happen to your team. Your team is already ahead, and can stay that way in the jungle. Just wait out your opportunity and take it, ace, and win the game.

Jungle Lee Sin in 3v3's has never failed me. just give it a try, and you will see.

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Well I guess that's about it. If there's anything I forgot, just let me know and I'll add it. I think I'll play some 3v3s, maybe get 10 wins in a row for you all, just to prove it works.