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Lee Sin Build Guide by Xingzo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xingzo

Lee Sin the un-forgiving

Xingzo Last updated on September 8, 2011
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Hello this is Xingzo. This is my Lee Sin build. You don't have to beileve me but this is a good build. please try the build before you actually vote for it. I like it and it is a splash/single target build. Tiamat should definetly help you gain more gold and exp since its cheap and it also has the uniqe effect which in a way goes nice with Tempest. Now before i used to hate Lee Sin. I would die and i would usually always get an assist. When i first got him i made the mistake of getting safeguard first. I thought that it would keep me alive longer of which it didn't. so ever since, I have been trying to come out with a build that is a good one and i like and hopefully you will like aswell. I worked on this build for about three weeks puting in different builds but i liked this one the most.

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Greater Mark of Alacarity: Attack speed. You must be like WHAT?!!!?. Well the only reason why I use attack speed is so that I can actually get in more hits and when using safegaurd and its second ability It gives me lifesteal so i try to take advantage of it allowing me to restore up to 200 hp within a matter of seconds.

Greater Seal of Strength: Attack Damage is a for Early gaming and it helps your attack damage in late game by just alittle. This should help you alot in Early game if your ganking bot.

Greater Glyph of Fortitude: Yet another Early game helper so yet once again I DON'T die.

Greater Queissentce of Desolation: Armor Penetration is devstating on Lee sin nuff said.

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Early Game:

Dorran's Blade / Berserker's Greaves

Mid Game / Core

Tiamat / Blood Thirster / Last Whisper

Late Game

Infinity Edge / Phantom Dancer (this is so that you can replace your boots you sell your boots)

Dorran's Blade: This gives you survival and somewhat increases damage on Sonic Wave/ Resosnating Strike. This item is in my opinion the best starter item for yi unless your going for extreme survival then buy a Dorran's Shield.

Berserkers Greave's: Attack Speed is attack speed. If your looking for a different pair of boots then go with Sorccers Boots. +20 Magic pentration is good for all your spells but i prefer Berserker.

Mid Game Items.

Tiamat: Extremely Cheap and a good item too. +50 attack damage is a pretty high amount also including the fact that it will make your attacks splash. you also have Health Renegeneration but the mana rege is kinda useless. but otherwise its an amazing item and should be bought first and shouldn't be subbed for anything BUT Black Cleaver.

Blood Thirster: I like to think this item has 100+ attack damage and lifesteal. This item will increase your damage output by a lot while also giving you live steal (Also another reason why i got Attack speed items) This item will defeinetly help you survive while dealing out the damage.

Last Whisper: This item has a lot of potenail you may or may not know it. +40 Attack damage and +40 armor penetration. Thats pretty amazing. this item is a strongly reccomended item from me. You should be able to kill almost everyone (including tanks)

Late Game.

Infinity Edge: This is a gg item. not only does it give you amazing amounts of damage but it also gives you a good critical buff. You should probably be critting alot. so this item will be helping you out in ways you never knew :O

Phantom Dancer (After you have sold your Boots for the extra gold you needed to buy this item)

This kinda explains itself.

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Lee Sin has an amazing Farming ability's. Tempest allows you to hit all minions around you. Then just cast a Cripple. And you should be able to farm more then your opponent. Safeguard/Ironwill = lifesteal. This can actually allowing you to survive in farming. you can usually gain about 100 hp. Otherwise,Sonic Wave should be used for Last Hitting minions that you cant reach and Champions but dont Resosnating Strike them if there by a turret :P. Lee Sin however can definetely Rack up a bunch of kills. Instantly at level 6 or 7 look for a gank. Ganking is a Key part in this build. First lead in with sonic wave. even if it hits a minions resosanting strike it allowing you to get closer to the champions. Then Tempest/Cripple to slow and deal damage. Start smaking them around. If the champions bundle together make sure you use Dragon kick to get the most Damage output as possible. Also Make sure that you put up a safeguard up now and then to let you survive a little longer.

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Get Away with some skills :)

Now each move of Lee Sin i find to be as a Escape. He are the tricks for lee sin.

Sonic Wave Tricks List:
1# Sonic Wave a minion to get close to a champion and mow them down.
2# Hit a champion but dont actually resosnating strike them just so that you can scare them away a bit

Tempest/Cripple Tricks List:
1# Tempest then quickly try to Cripple not only does this Slow your target but it also allowing you to deal some damage too.

Safegarud Tricks:
1# Safegaurd to an ally.

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If you go to become and jungler Then get cloth armor and as many poitions as possible. Otherwise until level 5 contiune you the build. Sell your cloth armor then for a Dorrans Blade though. First try to get someone to Leash the Magic Golem. Make Sure you have Sonic Wave or Safegaurd (Reccomended to get safegaurd) Then after you have completed that go down to the wolves. then the mini golems. then go to the wraiths. Try to sneak into the opponents Jungle so they cannot benefit from any buffs from there.

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This is my build on Lee Sin. This isn't A extreme pro build but a build that I really like. I have gotten plenty of kills. I hope you really enjoyed the build. Remember DRAGON KICK = WIN.