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Lee Sin Build Guide by SpyderPL

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpyderPL

Lee Sin - tips on jungling.

SpyderPL Last updated on August 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lee Sin - Tip on jungling.

This is my first guide, so I hope you can understand my guide. In this build, I'm going to show you how I play Lee Sin while jungling. People say that lane is better, but I spent about 10k IP just to buy a rune page, flat MR glyphs, armor penetration quints, to find out that I suck at laning. But the way I use in jungle isn't easy either, you have to be sharp, quick and good. As far as for me, it's a risky way to play, sometimes I'm the guy who changes teamfights, sometimes I'm the main feeder. I don't gaurantee winning with this, but hey, no build is perfect, right?
PS. I'll be writing everything in text since I don't know how everyone adds all those images. maybe I'll edit it later.

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Well, for runes I take Armor penetration marks ( duh ).
Flat armor seals ( they suit me, but you can change ).
FLAT Cooldown Reduction Glyphs. As for these, you can change them what you think is better, it helps me out through all the game, and I had only 3 rune pages then, I couldn't afford changing them every game, so I got used to them.
Quints, these are optional, I'm just used to hp quints on anyone I play, but I think may be exchanging one with an armor penetration quint, during my jungle it's often that some monster have like 10-25 hp left, and I just hate wasting the passive for last hitting something like that.

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Items, items, items...
Well, what I gave in the cheat sheet is actually the CORE, it's what I get every game, no matter what.

After getting warmog and atma, you have tons of hp, armor, dmg. So what's left out?
That's right, magic resist, if your up with 2-3 magic dmg chars, I recommend Banshee's Veil
Or Force Of Nature. It all depends what the teamfights look like, do they have a nuker? rather banshee's, or are the teamfights long fights of autoattacks and small dmg spells? FoN. Especially FoN for the passive on hp, since you have about 3k hp, it does regen fast.

So that makes it 1- Wriggle - 2 Mercury 3- Phage - 4 Warmog - 5 - Atma's 6- FoN/ Banshee's
So, what stands out here? wriggle's, in late game you can change it to either a Bloodthirster or Hextech gunblade. Both have their pros and cons, but this isn't the place to explain that, your choice.

And last but not least, you change the phage into trinity or frozen mallet. I do this at the end, but if you prefer getting more hp or getting the trinity passive over damage from bloodthirster or hextech, you can do so.

Since the new patch, I recommend taking 2-3 additional wards even with wriggle's during early-mid game. I love doing tricks. Example, when I'm on the blue team, I ward the back of dragon so I have an escape route with safegaurd, I use Q and start to fight it. If I'm purple, I do the same, but usually I steal the baron from enemy :)
Also, they can be used in ganks ( wierd isn't it? Lately I have been saying, sry man, no wards, can't gank.) Their like half flashes, if you can place them fast enought and W to them, your in position for Q, also wall jumping, buff stealing, anything you can imagine.

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Team Work

All I want to write here is: The monk has only slow for cc, and sometimes it's not enough when ganking. Ask your solo laner if he can take exhaust for his second spell, usefull all game, good for ganks. (Unless you have alistar/bltz/singed on solo. Their CC may be just enough.)

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Ok, I wrote a lot in the previous sections, but this is the one I want to focus on. Again, I'll be typing it all, no maps. My jungling route gets me out at full hp, lvl 4, both buffs on, rdy to gank. If you gank well, you have a frag and jump on to wriggle's, if not, make the best of time with farming.

So, here it is.

Starting out at... Wolfes. You guys may be questioning, or saying that starting at wraiths is better, but I've already tried it.

So here's how it goes. I recomemend you make a bind for self cast W, so you don't wast time turning on your shield.

Let's say the game has started - minions have spawned, the wolfes show up. Easiest thing, turn on your shield and start of with the big one. Don't worry about how much hp you just lost, I usually lose about 100-150, but it's ok.

Next we have wraiths, position yourself, and at the end of the smite range, use it on the big wraith. If you don't lvl up here, that means you didn't take 9 in utility. Quickly take tempest and use W. Let the small wraiths move on to you, and the monk will decide who he wants dead first. Use 2 autoattacks, Another W (Iron Will) 1 autoattacks, and the other one at a different wraith. One you attacked, use tempest. It should finish of the wraith you started to attack. Finish the wraiths, you should come up barely touched. Drink a potion in reward.

Next, golems, I don't know why, but I prefer to use a normal autoattack, then turn on W. You can do what you want, nothing special here, just keep using the passive on full extent and you'll be fine. Drink another potion when the first one runs out. After hitting lvl 3, take another point in W.

Now blue, I usually have 100 hp or so missing, so I drink a pot before I start. Note, usually you use smite to finish off a buff, but here use it as fast a possible. Why? I don't have the smite mastery, but even when you have it, you'll want it ready for red buff, so you need the cooldown to be ticking. BUT, you can do the blue without smite, although another potion will be needed.

After blue, go to the wolfes spot, they should be back by this time. Follow the same rule, it should be way easier and you should finish with more hp than started. You should hit lvl 4 after wolfes. Take Q. Now's your choice, you can either risk ganking, or go do the red buff.

Let's say you go for red, since there aren't any opportunities.
This is why you should smite blue as fast as you could and why you did the additional wolfes. The red buff is way easier to do on lvl 4 than 3. You should still have 2 potions left. Start out red however you like, if you want to save time going to it, use Q, but also remember the 10% of missing hp from resonating strike. I'd rather leave that for later + the cooldown on smite barely makes it in time. During red buff, prioritize using the W skill. For example If you have only tempest up, use it, but after hitting one auto attack on the passive you have Safegaurd, use it. You need to regen as much hp as possible. Oh btw, remember for red you should have 2 pots remaining. By the time you hit half of red's hp, the smite should show up, use it as fast as you can. Finish off the small lizards, and their you go, you should have about 8/10 - 9/10 hp left.

After red there should be a good oppurtunity for gank, if not, recall and get madreds, this is rare to happen to me.

What happens after this is just the game, anything can happen from here, so you have to adapt.


If you get early wriggle's, do dragon as fast as possible. I've tried to do it with only madred's - fail.

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Skill Sequence

Well, for jungling just like I said,

First is W

Second - E

Third - W

Fourth - Q (for ganks)

later on, all depends, do you need a better life steal? - W

Or maybe the slow is just a little bit weak? Take E.

Remember, never underestimate W, I had lots of situations with me saving myself or someone with the shield. Especially against ingites on early, when you'll ever be able to shield someone, you have a 80 hp shield, that may be just enough to save him.

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21/0/9, standard for fighters in the jungle. Nothing special here I guess.

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Just so I check this, I NEVER jungle without different spells than flash smite, but you may consider ghost, it's also an overall spell.

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Like I said, this is my first build, it's risky, the monk is hard to play, he requires sharpness and fast reaction, and loads of skill. Don't give me - just because your first game doesn't work out. The jungle side of this champion is very situational, so give it some tries. I actually rage bought lee sin, just because I didn't have anything to do with my IP, I sucked so hard, but after a couple of games, I made my own jungle style. So give him some practice.

BTW, if anyone has jungle problems, I may record a video to show you how I do it, but I'm pretty sure that after so much in-depth guiding, nobody will have problems with it.

Good luck with my jungling style!