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Lee Sin Build Guide by futuresiinz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author futuresiinz

lee sin, Welcome to the jungle

futuresiinz Last updated on October 4, 2011
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to begin, i am siinz...

and this being my first guide is probably going to need alot of work as i go, i recently have done alot of research on lee sin as a jungler, and have found that not a single one of the guilds is complete for my play style, this being said i am writing this one to give those who found themselves in my predicament another option that may be of some help to them. i know that i do alot of things that may seem strange to some players and i would gladly explain them if requested, also please be kind in judging my guide and if anyone has any suggestions i would greatly appriciate it.

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It has begun!

as with many junglers, your going to be taking health pots out of the base with you, in my case i like to leave with 5, they go very quickly for me as i am a fan of NOT almost dying as often as possible and for me thats around the 25% mark, also to help with that i grab a cloth armor to go towards madred's razor, i like to be a very agressive jungler taking advantage of lee sins "double skills" and with smite in hand start out at the enemy wraiths, its going to wreck havoc on the enemy if they have a jungler, also its going to extend the xp and duration for running in your jungle during your first pass. to accomplish this right off the start its very simple, smite the blue wraith, safe guard, iron will, while taking out the remaining 3, using one health pot as you do so, be sure to use safe guard/iron will EVERY time it comes off CD, or you WILL not survive. after that its a straight forward enough run, wolves(no health pots), followed by golems, back to base, pick up a sword and maybe another few health pots dependant on how comfortable you may feel(no more than 3). 2nd pass, blue buff, wolves, wraiths, golems, red buff. and now, you should be level 5. return to base to heal up and grab razors, then decide which lane(s) needs you more for a gank or few.

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Enter the Dragon(okay not really)

by this time you should be thinking about boots, and the dragon. my advice on the boots is cheap boots, which you'll see why in the next chapter. secondly, the dragon. The dragon is EASILY solo'able at level 7, i've seen other lee's do it at 5 sometimes 6, but i myself dont feel like the risk is entirely worth it, if the opponents jungler(or anyone for that matter) see's you while hes on the way to a gank its good night, and thanks for comming out. by waiting a short period you retain alot more survivability for that fight and are able to make a break for it if spoted. start with sonic wave followed by a resonating strike and a quick safe guard, allow 2 auto attacks to pass, and then iron will, auto attack, tempest, auto attack cripple, repeat this process through the encounter but keep in mind that safeguard and iron will are your bread and butter. smite can be used at any time really, i personally like to use it around 75% but before hes dead or your dead would work too, or even right off the start. and voila!, dead dragon plus 215g for you and 190 for your team mates

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okay, well what happens next Siinz?

after that you should have a decent amount of gold in your pocket, probably burning a hole straight to hades, ITCHING to be burnt up. so lets talk about items and situations. Lee Sin is an AMAZINGLY versatile champion. he can be a fighter or an offtank due to the points in "safe/will" or he can be as riot likes to label him, an assassin. and depending on what your team really needs is what will determine what path you go. getting rolled? definately go for a beefier build, get as much enduarance as possible because your going to need it. dead nuts with em? build assassin, turn some tides and get under their skin, if your rolling them well, it wont really matter much at that point, base it off your comp so that you have a complete team, that way if things go sour your not scrambling to change your build. regardless though, poking back and killing the dragon is never a bad idea if your not NEEDED elsewhere, 190g is a good boost to your team every time you kill him. but enough about that lets talk about builds

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Builds and Items

Lee Sin's assassin build is very much effective, i've heard alot of discussion as far as how it should be done and simply find it insane how many different options there is. for me, if im going for assassin, and i see it early, i start going for madred's blood razor. its an INSANE little item and if you combine it with a phantom dancer or a sword of the devine(if theres a jax or something) it becomes that much more sick. and hey what do you know, i mentioned one of 2 more possibilities there! Sword of the Devine makes a great anti jax if their jax knows what to do and simply hasnt gotten fed, pop it and lolerskate over him like hes the neighbor kid who's always trying to squat on your lawn. no jax? or other high dodge toon, snap a phantom dancer why not, its such a great item and gives you a little trifecta of stats. 3rd + 4th, rock an atmog's, i mean sure your going for assassin but what happens when you get into a team fight and they realize your the one wrecking all that havoc! OH NOES! atma's and a warmogs is an amazing defensive offensive tool that should be used on alot of the AD's in the game in my opinion. now lets talk boots, assassins want to be MOBILE, and any amount of run speed helps that, if they got an AP carry, get some merc's, no AP to worry about, why go slow when you can go FAST! boots of mobility it is for me.

now we got all that on being an assassin, but lets say you cant afford to be only a little beefy, you need LOTSA BEEF! like da butcher store! well, its a little bit different but not by much, you still want an atmog's, so thats 2 items, as well as merc's if your gonna be building for survivability, so now we got 3 items, that madred's razor you've been holding since um, forever, wriggles lantern it up, give you some vamp without iron will. so now we got 4 items covered, with the atma's you got armor, with the mog, you got health, and merc's provides ITTY BITTY magic resist, lets get some more and some regen, grab a force of nature. and boom baby, your durable like mike tyson, or evander hollyfield, the one who got his ear bit off... o.o

moving on!

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The End, So SOON?

okay so thats all i really have, im really new to mobafire so i didnt really get a chance to figure out the links and stuff, i hope that this information is of some help to those looking for something on Lee Sin jungling or even jungling in general, i know i didnt really have any idea when i started and now i can move through it at mach 5. i am open to any suggestions for not only playing Lee in the jungle but things to add/remove from the guide. if theres any questions let me know :-D