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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShoreOne

Legendary DeadWood (Chu8's Build)

ShoreOne Last updated on May 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Summoner name "Chu8" - Rank #1 Elo (2400) as of 5/23/11 (maining Maokai)

I summoner name "ShoreOne" - Currently unranked (played since before Open-Beta);No longer maining apAlistar since the .118b nerfs.;Friend Requests Available

More To Come!
Stay Tuned...

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2 Masteries Demonstrated...
The most common runs an 0/9/21 mastery tree. You could choose the first mastery tree and try 0/8/11 with the specified build.

Aight, so use the first page if you wanna run ghost+flash or try the second if you wanna put your flash+ignite skills to the test.

Ive found Good-Hands to be one of my favorite masteries to specialize in aside from the greed mastery >:]
When you think about it, Those 10 seconds shaved off your death-time just saved a turret; and quite possibly and Inhibitor.

Greed because i've found myself confortably relying on and executing a Gp5 strategy countless times.
So much so, that its almost second nature.

And by far my favorite Mastery to utilize in the defense tree, Strength Of Spirit. Seeing as maokai will have a substantial amount of mana beacuse of Banshees Veil/Rod of Ages/Frozen Heart and otherwise,this mastery will lead to substantial health regen per5. :D

I see a 0/8/22 Mastery likes to take a little from each tree and turn it into success.

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Build1 and Build2 Listed. The items at the end are mainly what to do if an AD carry or composition Hits.
Heres some official Chu8 laying it down:

1. Learn your combo. Using your spells in succession to maximize your burst potential and achieve increased accuracy with sapling is one thing, but you MUST understand approximately HOW MUCH DAMAGE you can do at each levels. This concept not only applies to Moekai, but to every hero in general. You have sick sick burst damage as Moekai, abuse it!

2. Magic Pen. You need to penetrate enemy holes, you have one of the highest base damage in the game. Take 10 Mpen from runes, and build sorc boots for total of 30 magic pen (I used to have dilemma of choosing between merc and sorc boots since tenacity is a necessity in most games, but the latest patch fixed this problem! Grab one of them tenacity gears later on). This is more than enough for entire game in most games, then you can work on an abbysal scepter later on if you feel the need for more penetration. Haunting guise is an option too, but you need this early for max value and its usually an overkill. Other runes are optional, but IMO movespeed quints are must. Check out my deadwood runepage.

3. Trinity Force. There is one item and only one you need on Moekai. I've experimented with many builds, still am, but every single one of them includes triforce and for a good reason. It basically adds EVERYTHING YOU NEED to look cute as Moekai. Gives you movespeed (so good), extra burst damage, much needed attackspeed to make better use of your passive in intense teamfights, and slow procs for better chasing. All in one item. Fkin smart.

Follow these 3 easy steps and you'll be carrying them nubsie pubsies with ease.
As for specific item builds, there are several that have very high winning rate for maximum bi-winning. I will introduce two.

1) regrowth + pot
philo + boots (+ 1 or 2 heart of rice if you have good start)
sorc + sheen
banshee (or abyssal if it seems necessary)
rylai + deathcap (you can skip rylai if you need other item, but its exceptionally good)

This build is really good against AP heavy, burst damage reliant compositions. You'll end up with shtload of HP and you'll be healing like crazy and do sick damage. So sick. Add in a frozen hurt or zhonya hour if AD heroes are giving you trouble.

2) mana crystral + 2 pots
sorc boots
rod of ages
deathcap + triforce (order depends on how much you are owning, get cap if you taking sht on their chests, otherwise triforce first)
ap tenacity thingy
win the game

This is the build I'm currently using in my 2000+ elo games and its as good, or better than build no.1 in almost any situation. This is a lot stronger than build no.1 in terms of raw damage, but does require more solid early game. So I recommend this build AFTER trying out the previous one.

For masteries, use 0/9/21 [or 0/8/22] with strength of spirit, and take ignite/flash [preferably] as summoners. I don't think there is an alternative, this is as optimal as it gets for Maokai. I solo in all my games, fast leveling is essential for max effectiveness of your burst.

Wow I ended up writing a fkin guide, I might as well copy paste this in guide forum later on for justice zzzz.

More to come.
Stay Tuned...

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Listed in Build1 and Build2.
Only ones really set in stone. Try to be as precise as possible!
More Detail To Come.
Stay Tuned...

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Summoner Spells

Listed, but not gone through in detail. Yet.
Your choice of Flash+Ignite or Ghost+Flash.
Will Put Forth An Effort To Take This Chapter Into Detail!
Stay Tuned...

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Skill Sequence

A little iffy. I assure you I wont put a solid skill sequence down until I'm 100% confident in doing so. Will investigate!

I'm Tired (And Blown :O)
To Be Announced.
Stay Tuned...

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So go get 'em Summoners!
As for me I'm always lurking GeneralD. and Up for a game.
IGN: ShoreOne

I Appreciate Thumbs Up!
Stay Tuned...