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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tawbuilds4u

LEGIT Magewick main

Tawbuilds4u Last updated on November 7, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've seen the magewick build on moba and it got me thinking... this could actually work for a few modifications... and here it is! P.S. sorry for the boots being at the end... normally i get it around my 2nd item.

Lets be honest on what makes warwick... his passive! his passive is what lets him jungle without lifesteal so do you ever really need it if your just bursting out damage with his hungering strike healing for 100% of what you hit for + his leveled up passive? No, especially with warden's mail and hextech for that extra bonus.

Madreds is normally what i get for Normal damage Warwick because of how much damage it adds to every hit... i can't live without it so i threw it in there and found it worked perfectly. With the stability of your Q and W you'll end up with 40 % capped cooldown which is perfect for W. It lasts for as long as its cooldown so you ALWAYS have that atackspeed ready. Your Q ends up around 3.5-4 second cooldown so can you die? no.

This build is very expensive and in a real game i highly doubt you'll be able to finish it so feel free to swap madreds for a different item in the start because of its extra duty damage. You'll be carrying the team as a heavy healthed dps in team fights.

Beginning jungling: Lets be brave here guys. You can take the golem fast so why not take the other teams golem? Do et. No one will ever expect you to be on their side taking their golem and i find it works perfectly! i handle the whole side of our minions and make it to our golem in the time their mana golem runs out... and i've beaten the lanes leveling. Dont be afraid to go on their side of the battlefield. If you manage to get ganked then flash is perfect for the get-away. The most important think about jungling however... and i can't stress this the most... is helping your teamates when they need the help! Some solo laners can't handle it as well as others so you might be helping them often... dont be afraid to mess up your jungling because your still gaining more xp then normal if they have to leave and you get a solo lane.

Middle battle: Your startin to become a little beefy even if your not fed with all those minion kills. Q is starting to hurt them enemy champions and your team is starting to take back all the comments about your build. If you find yourself a higher level then your opponents which could happen dont forget that if your not level 18... then your not doing aswell as you could be. Dont get power hungry... thats the worst thing you can do especially if your fed... if their all mia and you see 1 little champion you know you could own make sure its safe... odds are hes just luring you for the bonus of you not being in the fight for another 40 seconds. It'll hurt the team and cause big turret loses.

End battle: you've probably got your build set to where you like it... maybe not completely filled but still goin strong and your a beef at it. Even tho you aren't rolling dps your still doing lots of damage to turrets and are even more beefier then before. You may not have as big of lifesteal on auto atacks but you dont need it. The battle is going to end so play smart... thats all I can say and i hope this build works for some people. I think its easily better then the normal damage build if you play it smart.

Thanks for reading the review and remember... Its only fun if they run
*Edit* I messed up 1 of the items... spirit visage instead of warden's mail and it's my 2nd-3rd item depending on my survivability.