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LeBlanc Build Guide by DerDudelsack

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DerDudelsack


DerDudelsack Last updated on April 1, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, this is my first guide. The LeJuke is a little equal to the proxy farming. ofc you dont farm much with this guide, but you take the attraction of the enemy jungler (and maybe even more enemys) to you. This WILL be a win-win situation, because you simply make your enemys loose even more XP / CS then you loose with it. so let's start with the guide.

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pros / cons

+ a lot of fun
+ make the whole enemy team loose cs / xp
+ a lot of fun
+ make the enemy jungle to pay his full attention to you so he cant gank top (or even mid / bot) anymore
+ a lot of fun

- you will also loose xp / cs (if you cant cs properly its NO con)

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You take flash for obvious reasons (juke even more, fake flash, ...) and barrier for the survivability. you dont need ignite here, because you dont want to kill your enemies, you just want to juke them

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As said above, you DONT want to deal damage, so you just need the cdr in the offensive tree. take the points for movementspeed, manareg and summonerspellcdr to juke even harder and for the manasustain. put the rest into the defensiv tree like i did, because your only goal is to juke as long as possible. the last point in runic blessing isnt even usefull at all, it's just to make your enemys mad because they see that you have a shield and they dont.

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You only need cdr and Movementspeed here. Insert Masteries explanation here.

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Skill sequence

W is your bread and butter skill for jukeing, because you can hop back from where you came. with your ult you can do it twice, which is pretty awesome. maxing this will lower its cooldown. max e after to root even more people, because the cooldown goes here down with levels as well. max q last because the silence duration and cooldown remains the same. just the damage gets higher, but you dont need damage.

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first of all you rush chalice of harmonie for the magic resistence and the mana sustain. then go for the boots so you move faster. you need a little bit life to survive any damage, if you will ever get hit, so buy a giants belt. then rush GA, so if you fail your jukes you can try it again and juke even harder. also the enemys will get mad soon if they just cant kill you. you want to bu banshees for the excact same reason. randuins is for the armour and the movementspeed debuff it provides. zhonayas basically for the same reason as banshees and GA. you are unkillable now. finish your build of with the unholy grail for the 20% cooldownreduction it should be near the 40% cdr now and be able to juke 5 players at the same time without dieing. As trinket take the yellow one, because you need vision to see if the enemy is following you. if not, go back in his vision and laugh (ctrl+4).

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Main strategy with LeJuke

So your main goal is, as said in the introduction, to get the attantion from mid-/botlane AND jungler. at the point you reach level 6 and finished your boots, you start to move botlane. try to get a kill or two. if it doesnt work, just run and pretend you're a chicken. they will follow you. start to juke now. if your juke was succesful and they lost your trail, go back in their vision and laugh, dance or start backport. they will follow you again. if you do it with the botlane in the enemy jungle, their midlaner and jungler soon will arive. and thats your goal. 4 people in the enemy team loose xp and cs, while in your team it is just your midlaner (you). your team will get a HUGE advantage, espacially because the enemy jungler cant gank top and your jungler can. if your jungler + toplaner can win your toplane, you have 5 people in the enemy team which all loose xp / cs. (if you do it right they will stay at lvl 1 the whole game! jk)

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in the early game you just try to farm as much as possible. The more items you got if you reach level 6, the better you can juke. you can also try to kill your opponent. if the enemy jungler wants to gank your lane, you can also try to juke them without your ult.

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after you hit level 6, you start to roam or simply derp around in the enemy jungle searching the jungler. if you found him, the laners will arrive soon. then you did everything right, because 2-4 enemys loose xp / cs right now. you should be on your lane after you hit level 6, just after you ported back or died. then push the wave back and leave the lane again.

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in the lategame you only want to splitpush. splitpush all day long, till the enemys arrive. if its just one enemy, juke him while not leaving the lane. as soon as their is more than one, start your real juke through the jungle. your team will have enough strength in a 4v3 / 4v2 to push other lanes, tower, inhibs or do dragon / baron.

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Last words

Thanks for reading this guide. i hope you like it and will have a lot of fun with it.