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Leona Build Guide by Codyoclark

Leona - Apollo's Fist

Leona - Apollo's Fist

Updated on July 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Codyoclark Build Guide By Codyoclark 2,702 Views 0 Comments
2,702 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Codyoclark Leona Build Guide By Codyoclark Updated on July 17, 2011
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Hello everyone, This is my leona guide on tanking, hopefully it will bring you some victories
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Pros / Cons

    High Survivability due to her Eclipse
    Lots of utility to keep enemies from doing too much
    Every ability she uses adds a debuff to target and makes your team do extra dmg to them

    She moves pretty slow
    Doesnt do a ton of dammage(Nothing crazy in the cons to really affect a tank)
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I decided to go with all tank runes because i feel leona benefits best from reducing as much dammage done to her as possible and thats exactly what i went for when selecting my runes. Other runes that will work for her if you wanted would be Marks of Fortitude, Quints of Fortitude, and Seals of Evasion
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I chose a defensive mastery over a utility mastery because i like to be hard to kill early game and when i dont die i dont feed haha. I have nothing against going utility though and it is your own prefernce, utility does benefit her movement speed and Cooldown reduction if you wanted to take her down that path.
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My item sequence is built to give leona a moderate ammount of health and still have a good ammount of armor and magic resist. I built a frozen mallet to grant me utility against other champions getting away and to get the 700 health bonus, i also added Trinity Force in at the end if you happen to make it that far into the game then it will help you deal just a little extra dammage in team fights :)
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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is just what has worked best for me while i have been playing leona, they are not set in stone though. If you wanted then you could max q first so the cooldown on it isnt too bad. I like keeping Q and W on the same level becuase your W gives you a moderate ammount of survivability and the Q's cooldown gets lower in level so i believe keeping them both close to the same level gives you more power early/mid game. As for your E just put 1 point in it at level 3 and leave it there untill Q and W are maxed and of course always get your Ult when you can.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost/Flash is probably the best option for leona because they get her in or out of team fights or ganks faster and i dont think any of the other summoner spells really benifit leona as much as these two.
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I hope this guide helps you tank with leona, it wont get you an amazing ammount of kills but it will allow you to initiate fights and keep your team on top the whole game.

First time making guide guys so let me know what i can do to make it better or if you like it or not :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Codyoclark
Codyoclark Leona Guide
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Leona - Apollo's Fist

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