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Leona Build Guide by Psychozzz

Leona : Can't escape this girl !!

Leona : Can't escape this girl !!

Updated on July 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Psychozzz Build Guide By Psychozzz 1,710 Views 0 Comments
1,710 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Psychozzz Leona Build Guide By Psychozzz Updated on July 22, 2011
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First build !! :D

I've decided to start making this guide because I've gotten allot of comments on my build in the game that it's strange but epic to see such a Leona build. I've made it on my own by testing and learning of my faults in the game itself ^^. Well I hope you like it.

Leona, The Radiant Dawn

Leona is one of the best tanks in the game , combining all her skill you get an awesome tank wich is also capable of imputting damage into her combo's. Seeing this I amplified her tanking capability but also her ability to get more damage.
My personal oppinion is that Leona goes best as solo up when there is a jungler because Leona can survive very long and absorb allot of damage before even getting in danger.
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I've picked out these runes to make Leona's base build a bit more tanky because you can need all the extra armor and MR and health while charging first into an enemy team to initiate a gank or a fight. These are always handy and will help you survive longer or even make you nearly untouched by damage when you activate Eclips when attacked.
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Skill Sequence

First maxing out Eclipse for that armor and MR buff that Leona needs very hard at the start, then Zenith Blade because Shield of Daybreak is useless at start so I max that out at last.

This actually is for a solo lane Leona.
--> If you go with another champion , I reccomend starting with Shield of Daybreak and then eclips because Shield of Daybreak let's you stun them and the passive buff appears aswell , being very handy for extra damage with an allied champ like vayne who can roll at them and even do more increased damage.
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Skill Combo

Leona is an awesome combo'er, being able to combo the whole time she is a really good champion for skilled players.

I use this combo in lane phase : 1. Eclipse --> 2. Zenith Blade --> 3. Shield of Daybreak. This ensures them to get the burst damage they least expect from a tank. This will also catch them off guard and make them even flinch a bit. Keep doing this as harassment or when you go for the kill , you can also put in the ulti at the end for extra stun and then your Zenith blade and eclips should both be on cd.
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Summoner Spells

I've chosen Flash and ignite for Summoner Spells because Flash helps you in chasing enemies who are low on health and Ignite for the dpsers who think you go down easily with theyre lifesteal.

I even solo'd an olaf in a game by the help of exhaust and ignite , as he was too stuborn to realise I was stronger then him , he charged into me and seperated me from the rest , trying to kill me with and ad/speed hybrid build. He didn't stand a chance when I did my combo ^^.
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Champion Combinations

Leona fits with allot of champions, but there are champions who fit perfectly with Leona.

Kennen + Leona = a large damage output and a stun capability that makes ragers go insane.

Warwick + Leona = Increased attack speed and movement speed + stuns and WW's ulti and it's over.

Leona + Mordekaiser = When Morde goes ap and Leona stuns, The enemy will fear the damage it brings with one attack, Mordekaiser and Leona are almost ment to be in one lane.
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Sorry in advance for my bad explaination but I'm fairly new to making builds. So please don't be too rough on me and tell me how to improve my build ^^

Lot's o Love from Psycho
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Psychozzz
Psychozzz Leona Guide
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Leona : Can't escape this girl !!

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