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Leona Build Guide by Alenena

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alenena

Leona, Ever Vigilant

Alenena Last updated on July 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Warning: This is not a complete guide. I just wanted to get the basic frame work for a Tanky Leona and a Hybrid Leona up here.

I have the basics covered for both of them, and as I play her more, I'll update and modify this guide. Expect to see the largest revamps on Monday. Until then, you will see a quick guide for A tanky Leona (Leona 1) and a quick guide to Hybrid Leona (Leona 2). This guide is not complete. It is just something to tide you over until you get something better.

Welcome to my Leona guide. This fine lady is highly talented and can serve several needs. She was created out of the players' wishes for a strong female tank, and they got what they were asking for.

However, Leona doesn't have to be a pure tank. She can be an AD tanky/dps, hybrid mayhem in armor, or even a rock solid AP tanky/dps.

If you go with the tank or AD build, expect to get more assists and fewer kills and deaths. With Hybrid or AP, she creates a huge splash entering the field of battle and can be a huge pain to deal with.

The two strongest are her Straight up tank build and her Hybrid build.

This guide is not complete.

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Sword and Board: Tanking with Leona

This guide is not complete.
This follows a pretty standard build. You have two starting options- you can either go for boots and Health Potions or some regen items.

Either way, you want to have a way to heal yourself, because you don't have any healing capacity other than that.

What makes Leona such a great tank is her Shield of Daybreak + Zenith Blade combo. She dashes to an opponent and then, with the temporary immobilize in ZB, can stun them long enough for your laning partner- if you have one, to lay on some serious hurt. If you're 1v1, it lets you harass powerfully, and dodge enemy minion waves.

After you have a point in SoD and ZB, start filling out Eclipse. It is really powerful, especially early game and really gives you many more options for build paths early game. Many conflicts, where neither side wants to risk over committing only last a few seconds, so the 3/6 second duration is enough to last the whole fight.

Finally, Solar Flare is a great ability for pretty much whatever you want it to do. In smaller battles it can get you the kill and in team fights, it can immobilize several players if they clump up. Essentially, it is a Tibbers on call and it has a slow radius.

Additionally, you can drop it on the other team as they are doing Baron or Dragon and keep them out of the fight long enough to Zenith Blade in and steal the kill.
This guide is not complete.

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Sword and Glorious, Terrifying Light: Hybrid Tanky/DPS with Leona

This guide is not complete.
This is a very different build from her Sword and Board. Leona wants to build a lot of AP but still carry around significant weight with her auto-attack, because her abilities can be hard to land.

The glory of a well built Leona Hybrid is that she will have as much health and defensive stats as some Tanks and will have a huge amount of burst.

If she starts a fight by dashing in with Zenith Blade she hits multiple opponents for a significant chunk, and then hits another with her Sheen/Lich Bane proc. She follows that up with Eclipse reducing damage dealt to her by approximately 20%. This allows another Sheen/LB hit. Solar Flare for 700+ damage on all enemies and another empowered hit. Finish that up with Shield of Daybreak and you have a enemy carry and a bunch of players limping away. Plus all of your enemies will now take an extra 140 damage the next time they're hit. And if Leona was accompanied, that proc'd for each of her abilties, three of which hit every target in range.

Not only can she initiate like only Jarvan can, but she continues to be a threat on the field, and can immobilize the entire enemy team without sacrificing mobility on the part of her team.

Now, depending on the situation your tactics will change. 1v1 Zenith Blade into Shield of Daybreak is amazingly powerful. With a few clumped enemies, you will want to use Eclipse either before or after you dash in. If you think that they'll blow all of their abilities as soon as they see you moving, hit it first. If they seem the more cautious type and won't blow everything on what may be a feint, save the buff for a few seconds.

Another important part of Leona playstyle is to remember that she was designed as a tank. If your ally is being chased ZB --> SoD can save their lives and maybe take down the enemy.
This guide is not complete.