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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Leona Build Guide by Elementz

Leona - Finally Some Female Tanking n Spanking!

Leona - Finally Some Female Tanking n Spanking!

Updated on July 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elementz Build Guide By Elementz 235 74 975,630 Views 125 Comments
235 74 975,630 Views 125 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Elementz Leona Build Guide By Elementz Updated on July 19, 2011
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This is my Guide to Leona. I will go over the basics of the build and why I do what I do. I hope you enjoy it :D
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Now I put items so close to the top because I want people to know that after the core items you see up top there you can literally go and take any item you want.

Regrowth Pendant - For that added regen to go along with your Quints :D

Philo Stone + Boots - I like to go back to base when I have 750ish gold to buy Boots + Philo. Getting these two items really makes her laning phase go a lot better. With W up and all your regen going you really don't take a lot of damage and you regen so much that your sustainability is very high.

Heart of Gold - Hook this item up for some more GP10 and some much needed HP.

Sheen - Sheen grants her some much needed burst when trading blows with enemies. It also adds some nice damage output which she lacks a bit.

Lucidity Boots OR Mercs - I prefer the CDR boots for the most part as their a bit cheaper and I find the CDR works really nicely with her. For heavy CC teams though Mercs is your best friend and shouldn't be ignored.

Phage to Trinity Force - I like getting the Phage for the slow + HP. Getting the Ruby Crystal and getting a quick Zeal is also an option. Running fast is something I enjoy a lot so I tend to do that a lot haha. Either way finish it all up into a Trinity.

Why Trinity Rush!?!?! - Because her W adds 70 MR and Armor at rank 5. With your added regen and decent sized HP pool you really don't need much more mitigation at this point in the game to be a good tank. Trinity allows you to slow opponents, move quickly to chase or get away, and adds some nice stats to Leona that she gets full use out of, no stat on Trinity goes to waste on her. Then finally adds some more burst to her combo which is just ever so nice. You might not think this is a good item on her but getting it allows you to be a DPS threat while also being quite tanky still.

But Elementz.. What to do with my Philstone! Well you can sell it or.. You can do one of two things!

Elelisa's Miracle - If you feel you need the Tenacity then be be afraid about getting this item.


Shurylia's Reverie
- You can hook this one up for some much needed CDR, and a great speed boost for initiation.

Banshees - Now I get this item next as I feel the spell shield it offers + the HP you get again syngergize so well with her kit. W just adds so much raw tanking ability to her that you can afford to not get armor and the HP + spell shield are more than enough. The mana for her 3/3 Strength of Spirit also helps her regen out!

Frozen Heart - Now this item is amazing on her in so many ways. Gives you all the armor you're going to need. Gives her the ability to shut down physical champions with it's passive. Gives you some much needed CDR. Also gives you a big mana pool for the 3/3 Stength of Spirit again. Frozen Heart was made for Leona.

Now you might be asking yourself. "Elementz why didn't you add in two more big items to your item build up there?" Well that's because it honestly doesn't matter. These items I've listed are her core items and by getting them you feel so tanky, you feel like you do damage, and you feel like you contribute to your team. These are her core items and there all you're ever going to need on her. With these items you should have 35% CDR, just shy of 3,000 HP, well over 200 armor and around 200 MR with W up. But for ***** n giggles let's talk about what you can throw in those two final slots :p

Force of Nature + Randuins = Unmovable object build. You would be completely shutting down physical DPS with and moving at lights speed making you able to sit on anyone and completely be unmovable from them. With resistances with W up almost hitting 300 each and around 3200 HP. Add a red pot and you're a tank with 3500 HP and 300 MR and Armor that moves at 450 MS and can spam her abilities on you all day long.

Black Cleaver + Starks = TANKY DPS + WHERES YOUR ARMOR BRO? These two items lowering armor by quite a bit, synergizing with her armor pen runes, and Trinity Force. Allowing you to be quite the DPS threat. You provide another aura for your team and will be able to tank + kill almost anyone.

Warmogs + Atmas = Yes that tank has 4000 HP. Standard tanky dps items here. It actually synergizes quite well with her again because of her W. The 70 MR and Armor scales with HP so Warmogs actually makes you pretty damn tanky. Add in Atma's for that extra DPS + a little tankyness and you're still bossing it up pretty hard :p

I hope that gives you a good idea of her core items and why I choose them and what final two item choices really shine on her :D
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Reds - Armor Pen for Trinity + Auto Attacks. Yes you deal magic damage on all of your skills but the most of your damage will be from auto attacks + Trinity combos.

Yellows - Flat Armor for a stronger laning phase

Blues - Flat MR for a stronger laning phase

Quints - Flat Regen quints to synergize with Philostone and her W to provide her laning phase with the most sustainability.
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0/21/9 - Standard tank page. Not getting the dodge mastery as regen is what you most want out of this build and Trinity, Banshee's, and Frozenheart all synergize with it.
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Skill Sequence

Maxing W First - I get W first and max it first as getting that damage and survivability it offers is really essential to her. It also allows you to clear creep waves a lot easier. E + W on caster minions at a bit higher levels (7 or so) and you should be able to clear them almost instantly.

Maxing E Second - Q offers nothing but a slightly lower CD and a bit higher damage. E provides again a slightly lower CD and slightly more damage but this damage is RANGED and it's AoE. Meaning it hits more than one target allowing you to deal a bit more damage in team fights but mostly allowing you to farm your lane better. W+E Combo's on creeps can clear them quite quickly.

Maxing Q Last - It offers the least to her kit so one point at level 4 is all you're ever going to need.
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Summoner Spells

Flash - I love flashing to initiate my combo's. I find it works quite well and I've had the most success with it. Flash is just overall a great spell.

Ghost - It's a speed boost that can help you chase down stuff. That's about it haha. It's decent on her but I prefer Flash.

Teleport - If you think you're going to have trouble in your lane pick up Teleport. Picking up teleport will give you a lot more lane control as well which she really needs sometimes. It's a very good summoner spell if you don't think you'll be able to handle your lane. Also ganking with teleport on her is amazing. She teleports in with A LOT of CC so it works out quite nicely for ganking ^^

Ignite - This adds so much "OH MY GOD LEONA DID THAT TOO ME?" With her burst combo. People underestimate her burst power and adding in ignite to finish the kills works so nicely.

Exhaust - If you really want to mess with people take this summoner. Your CC + Exhaust on someone will literally make them go "That is broken, going to forums to QQ about Leona being OP because I didn't move or do anything productive for a good 7 seconds that team fight" and it's true. She has so much to offer and this is just the icing on the cake for her kit.
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Ranked Play

She is viable in ranked play but be warned.. SHE'S NOT AN EASY CHAMPION TO LEARN AND SHE'S A LITTLE UP ATM. So be warned :p

It's mostly due to her weak laning phase. If you can survive that and get into mid game when you're getting your items you'll be having a lot of fun with this build and Leona. Just survive early game and she's 100% viable!

One thing she does strive on is team interaction though. Her passive + her CC makes ganking her lane so awesome. If you gank her lane you can almost guarentee a kill because of the way her kit works. Extra damage from her passive and all the CC / gap closers you're going to need to finish someone. So if you're a jungler and you got Leona on your team.. GANK HER LANE!
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Pros / Cons


- Lot's of CC
- Very naturally tanky
- Combo's with others well
- Becomes godmode tank late game
- Good initiation


- Weak Laning Phase (tried my best to make a build that would give her the best laning phase but it's still weak, it's just who Leona is currently :(
- Damage isn't that great
- Base MS is a little slow
- Base stats could use some love

Other than that she's a pretty good champion.
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Creeping / Jungling

Her jungling isn't the best but you guys can see for yourself. TAKE IT AWAY STONEWALL!
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Team Work

This is Leona's best asset. Her entire kit is based around team play. Her passive requires your team and when it gets used it does a good amount of damage. Her Q, E, and R provide so much control in a team fight and they all combo so well with other abilities that it makes catching someone with Leona fell SOOO REWARDING! You can stun lock people and it feels good :D
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Solo - I feel she's a lot better in solo lanes as I feel I can sustain myself a lot better in these lanes. She might have some trouble in a solo lane but she actually is quite good vs most casters. The regen + MR you should have from runes/masteries + W makes you really hard to push out of lane if you're a caster. I've vsed Orianna, Annie, Malz, and Kennen and won or went even in those lanes. I played vs Morde as well, it was harder but I still managed to keep my lane going. I can tell you one thing though.. Akali CRUSHES HER in lane lol so don't vs her.

Duo - I feel vs EU style AD + Support bot you really can't do much and you just lose the lane. VS random stuff like a Malphite / Lux lane or something silly like that which a lot of lower Elo stuff does Leona is 100% fine. VS Try hard lanes that know what you're doing bottom lane you will have trouble from my experiences.
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Her ability to farm is decent. W, and E as I talked about before are your bread and butter for this. Focus on the caster minions in the back and you should be able to farm quite easily.
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I hope you enjoyed this Leona guide as I've really enjoyed playing her! This is the build I've found most success with and I hope you guys see success with it too.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elementz
Elementz Leona Guide
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Leona - Finally Some Female Tanking n Spanking!

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