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Leona Build Guide by Xemness

Leona: How to force feed your lane partner!

Leona: How to force feed your lane partner!

Updated on July 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xemness Build Guide By Xemness 2,634 Views 0 Comments
2,634 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Xemness Leona Build Guide By Xemness Updated on July 19, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Fortify


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



First I would like to say I am very disappointed in most of the current builds available.
Leona IS a pure tank and should be played as such, Getting things like trinity force and other dps items is a waste of an item spot that could greatly help the team.

Aslo i would like to point out that this is not a very in-depth guide to all things Leona.
This is just an Outline to point you in the right direction.
If you have somewhat of a play record with tanks this should be easy to follow.
If you are not used to being the main tank i would suggest starting off with more of a bruiser like Malhpite or Mundo rather then picking up a main tank only to fail and loose for your team.

If none of the above appeal to you then go play a different champ as Leona is not for you.

That said, This is how I play Leona.
I make her the "Aura *****" that she should be.
Her ability to feed whoever else is in the lane with her is her greatest strength and I try to bring that out to the best of my abilities.

So lets get started shall we?
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I take magic pen reds cause anything else is a waste.
I run flat armor for the early game advantage + the 4% reduction from masteries makes you hard to harass for those pesky ranged carries.
I take MR over level glyphs for the extra MR late game.
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I just recently switched to 0/21/9 for the damage reduction.
I used to run 11/17/3 Grabbing the extra damage to the minions, Along with fortify you deal 12 extra damage to minions which helps you let your lane partner get last hits.
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This is where you become the "Aura *****".
Aegis of the Legion should be the first thing you build into before boots.
It gives you health and your teammates MR and Armor + 8 damage.
That may not seen like much but with Leona's passive it helps dish out a noticeable amount of damage.

After legion you want to build into Merc Treads, The MR and Tenacity are a must!
Thats pretty much the core build, Everything after that is purely situational.
If you have AD carries that rely on AS grab a Starks and Reverie, For your AP carries I would grab Will of the Ancients and Soul Shroud.
Now your tank items pretty much run the same for every game FoN should probably be a must but if there is no AP on the other team then pick up a Randuin's or frozen heart (Or in case of that OP Vayne/Trend) get a Thornmail.
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Skill Sequence

I prioritize Eclipse or Shield of daybreak depending on how well the team is doing and how much im getting focused.
I grab 1 point in Zenith Blade early on for the ganking capabilities.
To feed your lane partner early game: W > E > Q and let your carry focus down the rest.
You should always initiate with your ulti on the carries.
The range of her ulti lets you be all over the team fight from anywhere stunning the carries will be your 1st priority.
Your teammates should be competent enough to focus whoever you initiate on.
If done correctly your team should dominate the fights.
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Summoner Spells

I go with Fortify and Tele.
Any other summoner spell is pretty useless on her as you are the main tank.
Fortify is a great spell and horribly underused.
Just 1 fortify can keep you in the game for 10-20 minuets longer depending of how good/bad your team is doing.
Its also great for those Nubby Back-dooring Yi's.

Tele is a must.
It gives you complete map control.
You can be anywhere at any time.
Whats that? Yi is back-dooring? Nope.

Other viable but not recommended spell would be Exhaust and flash.
Exhaust could help you feed your carries even more wile keeping them safe.
Flash could get you in for that valuable stun that won the team fight that just broke out.
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Well thats about all i have to say about that.
Play her right and you will carry your carries through the game with ease.

Any criticism or feedback is welcome.
I will read and try to reply to ever comment.
So let me know what you think.
Have fun!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xemness
Xemness Leona Guide
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Leona: How to force feed your lane partner!

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