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Leona Build Guide by Maximum

Leona - STOP, Hammer Time.

Leona - STOP, Hammer Time.

Updated on July 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Maximum Build Guide By Maximum 5,545 Views 0 Comments
5,545 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Maximum Leona Build Guide By Maximum Updated on July 18, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Cleanse



Just a quick little guide on how I play Leona. Please note this is my FIRST guide and I don't know how to make this look all 'fancy'.

First Note;
That because i wrote this guide on the FIRST/SECOND day she came out does not make me 'pro' with her or even know how to use her 100% I'm just SHARING KNOWLEDGE.

Second Note;
Sorry about the images, For some reason when ever I go to put them in the image tags() they don't appear. So it's hyperlinks until i can get that sorted.
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Pros / Cons


Very Tanky through out the game.
No Mana Problem with this build.
Great Support/Tank.
Excellent CC.
Great at Harass early game.


Very easy to over judge your E.
W can sometimes be hard to hit.
Prone to CC.(like all characters)
If focused/Kited she CAN get dropped.
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For Runes I use, Flat HQ Quints, Flat HP Reds, Flat Armour Yellows And Flat Magic Resist Blues.

This makes you Very tanky early game with a lot of Armour, Magic Resist and Health
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For Masteries i go 0/19/11

I make sure to take all of the Armour/MR/Health and put a point into 'WILLPOWER' to reduce the cleanse cooldown time.
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PLEASE NOTE; Most of these items and in the order i buy them DEPENDS on what your ENEMY'S team has. Example IF they are AD heavy(3-4 AD) don't worry about the force of nature. Build a Randuin's omen/thornmail.

For items, I start with a Regrowth Pendant and a Mana Potion.
Only Backing once i have enough for a Philosopher's Stone AND/OR Boots.
Then I get Boots and if i have enough I make them into Mercury Treads.
Next is a Chain Mail and make that into a Glacial Shroud. (there go ANY mana problems you had)
After that I get either a Catalysk or a Kindlegem
Then I get the other.
Finish off Making a Banshees Veil and a Shurelya's Reverie.
Buy a Negatron Cloak then finish making your Frozen Heart.
Build your Negatron cloak into either a Force of Nature or Quicksash Silver.
Then Depending on what you need, I will either grab a Thornmail, Randuin's Omen or a Warmogs.

End build should look like.

Shurelya's Reverie
Mercury Treads
Frozen Heart
Banshee's Veil
Quicksash Silver/Force of Nature
-Last Item-
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Skill Sequence

For Skill Sequence i start off getting my Q at level 1, E at level 2, then MAX my W.

I max my W THEN my Q THEN my E getting my R when ever possible.

Why this order?

Well the stun at level 1 is always helpful for getting first blood, or saving a team mate from first blood. The E at level 2 is helpful for poking your enemies combined with your dash and stun combo(E>Q). At level 3-9 You max your W because it will allow you to soak up as much damage as possible while still doing a nice AoE to anyone near it.

Why max your W first?

Because Level 2 of your Q DOES NOT increase the stun time. And your Es dash is not increased. The only thing affected is; Mana Cost per/level, Cool down p/l and Damage p/l. While your W increases the Armour it gives you plus the damage it does from it's AoE plus cool downs plus mana cost.
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Summoner Spells

For Summoner spells i run with Cleanse and Flash. Cleanse is always helpful when needing to aid allies quickly and you are CC'd. Another great spell to use is Teleport with Flash, Also good to aid a team mate on the other side of the map (because we all can't have Shens Ultimate). And Flash because it is a great way to get away, Or even secure the ace for your team.

Other spells that work well are;

Teleport/Ghost works well for the same reasons.
Flash/Ghost/Teleport with Fortify.

Don't get Rally, It's not as useful as you might think, Neither is Clarity or Heal, Saves those for the truly dependent. Revive is always a no. And Leave Clairvoyance for the Supports.
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Well I hope this is not a massive wall of text for you guys. I hope it was informative and helps you understand how/why i play Leona the way i do.

Here are some pictures of how i went using this build.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Maximum
Maximum Leona Guide
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Leona - STOP, Hammer Time.

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