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Leona Build Guide by yoitstito

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author yoitstito

Leona Sun Warrior Guide *Simple*

yoitstito Last updated on July 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Thanks fellow summoners for checking out my build! In this build I will discuss how to build and play Leona, her role, and what it is exactly that you do. To familiarize yourself with this champion, she has been compared to Jarvan. If you have some experience with Jarvan she might be easier to handle. This guide is meant to instruct and not promise. Reading this will not automatically make you pro. You have to adapt to the champion and certain situations. Good luck and thanks for checking this out.

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Im not big on runes much, this depends on what you think is necessary. I would, though, recommend health quints and armor yellows since Leona is a bit squishy early game considering we don't gather a Doran's Sheild like other tanks.

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Skill Sequence

Max out your W first. Why W first? because this ups your armor and magic resist AND does burst damage, essential to any tank. After your W is maxed go with Q for the shield-to-the-face damage. After of course, your E. Priority On R tho.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport: In my opinion quite necessary. I play pre-made games with my friends and they are constantly buying wards, placing them in bushes (ours and the enemy team). Top is in trouble and theyve extended beyond river? NO PROBLEM! Teleport to ward in their bushes, come from behind, release barrage of stuns...QQ NOOBS!! Bottom tower in trouble and no one to walk there in time? Teleport ftw.

Flash: Enemies are constantly running away, or have flash of their own so this skill comes quite in handy. With your stuns, if the enemy happens to flash you can chase and lock him down giving your allies chance to catch up and finish what your started.

Exhaust: Helpful in your "locking down" of the enemy champ. Whehter it is used to help secure the kill or help an ally flee, this comes in handy.

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Your Role

Lets get one thing straight people....YOU ARE A TANK!!! Ive seen many people complain about Leona. "Oh, she doesnt do a lot of damage...qq" She isnt suppose to, shes a tank -.- Your role is to initiate with either your Q or E, focusing down their all-star (champs with dps, or who are obviously carrying). Considering you have 3 stuns (your Q, the first half second of your E and your ultimate [R]) you can lock down any one enemy champion securing a kill.

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Items...Why Should I Purchase Those?

Reqrowth Pendent -> Philo Stone: Early game mana pool may be a problem if you like to harass and inspire a bit of fear into your enemy. This would help you get back on your feet and stay in lane longer. Farming may also be a problem for Leona so the gold obtained by this item's passive is quite helpful.

The following items vary on how they can be obtained but the final result is the same.

Chain Vest: Your lane melee or ranged AD heavy? this would provide that extra armor you require at this stage. If you happen to have AP champs at your lane then aqcuire...

Negatron Cloak: Provides that magic resist required to fend off those annoying casters.

Glacial Shroud->Frozen Heart: Hell of an item, especially to Leona. Provides the much needed cooldowns that make Leona a goddess in the field of war. The extra armor and mana doesnt hurt either ;). Once fully built to a Frozen Heart...omgroflbbqqq. The extra cooldown plus recuing attack speed of enemy champs, why the hell wouldnt you get this item?

Abyssal Scepter: For those selfish few who complained Leona needs a bit of more damage, this is the item for you. Provides AP for that extra punch you want in your spells. Plus this item provides an aura of magic resist....your team cant complain.

Giants Belt->Frozen Mallet: Extra damage from your auto attacks plus reduced movement speed to your enemies, they can no longer escape your grasp. The extra health provides more survivability in team fights.

Guardians Angel: Buffs to magic resist and armor plus an extra life to fully lock stun someone? Why not?

Boots of Lucidity: Why did I list this item last? I have really no clue. To be honest, for Leona Ive never really built her boots. I focus on the core items and apply that 500+ gold to something more effective. But if your dominating and have the extra gold , feel free to invest in some extra cooldown.

*BIG QUESTION* Explain, why, out of all the items in this game did you pick these?

Good question! well after much experimenting i found out that Leona is better built as an off-tanky hybrid rather than a straight forward tank. With this build you will provide more CC than you already have AND the extra damage you may need to pack-a-punch.

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I Read Your Guide, What Now?

GET OUT THERE AND FIGHT!!!....Use what you have learned here and put it to the test. Like the results? Please dont forget to comment. Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading and good luck Summoners!