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Leona General Guide by GAN2

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GAN2

Leona Tank Build by G.A.N. Productions (Old-ModChanges)

GAN2 Last updated on July 23, 2011
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With Leona you Need a lot of HP, and Good tank is a Speed Tank. Tank with a big chance to Doodge are too be Perfect Option. If you have Ninja tabi and Force of Nature you have 410 movement speed + 10% addition after doodge. It's very good for her and her Zenith Balde.
Leona Never Going Alone. She's cannot do a lot of things to enemy when be Alone. She only can stun and teleporting to Enemy. That skills is only usable when great DPS are be with her.

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This is the Tak Runes. If you before have some Runes for Tank you can use it, but remember. The Dodge chance with 10%speed bonus are be great for her. Some Armor and Magic resist is Standard. You can Change the Quintessence. i use that to show what Runes be good for her. You can get 3 the same quin for one stat. Dodge is recommended, but you can't Only go to dodge chance. You need resist and Armor too.

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It's a Masteries from my Own. you can change it but Some health, block enemy attack is good for her. Expierience for Small feed and HP&MP regen incerased too be good. If you want change MAsteries you must Remember the Doodge 10%bonus speed is Great for her and be reccomender always for Leona.

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You only Need Warmogs Armor and Force of Nature to been normal Tank, but Leona need some Mana and Must have Doodge, then You need only first 4 items to be Great with playing as Leona. last 2 items can be changed. i give that items for some slow (Zephyr Blade attack enemys on a line, Eclipse is a Explosion, now do Slow, and Ulti have additional Slow effect. When you use Shield of Daybreak you first have stun target, and next attack will Slow him. it's good option for Some DPS's behind you). You can buy Guardian Angel, Thornmail, or Banshee's veil if you want (subcetion change of enemys). i give The items for HP with some effects (slowin any attack is great, AP is some dmg of Ulti and Eclipse, ofc AP additional do some more damage rom Shield of Daybreak and Zep. Blade) You need Ninja Tabi to Great Doodge incerase. you dont need Boots with tentacity. Philosopher stone Give you money, but next item from that stone give you Tentacity. You already have a lot of Magic resist without boots. You really don't need them and can buy Ninja tabi.
If you have 4 items (Philopsofer stone, boots, Warmogs, Force Nature) and you Know the game is not end now, you can Later Buy Eleisa Miracle, and buy next items. if you now, the game going to End Now, you reccomend buy Eleisa Miracle for tentacity (On the end you need tentacity).

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Skill Sequence

Eclipse give you Shield and do damage, a lot of damage. You don't Need to teleporting to enemy on Start, then The Zephyr's Blade is very useless on Start Game. You can Give Shield of Daybreak on start, but it's only Stun. You need OP character with You, or that skill on start been useless (enemy can have Flash summ. spell, then if you stun him, he can get away speedly. i reccomend to Give Eclipse on start, it's do dmg, and you can stun him on lvl2 if you want). Teleport to enemy on Start woth Zep.Blade is a Dead. Do not give Zephyr Blade at 1lvl, but if you want, give that on lvl2. Eclipse do some dmg and give you armor and resi, but if you want do a lot of stuns, you can first Daybreak Shield go to 5lvl, not eclipse if you really want Stunning and dont have Spell with great armor Giving..

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Summoner Spells

It's Your own. i reccomended Flash. Not always teammates going with you when you use the Zephyr Blade.. you need then to speedy go back. range is the same of Zep Blade and Flash, then Flash is good sum.Spell. in talents you can take teleport to be everwhere, but i like Heal spell. Of you want change Summoner Spells, but you must remember to do not charge with Zephyr Blade without Flash sum.Spell.

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-You have a Lot of HP
-You eally need Doodge and Mastery to have 10%speed bonus after Doodging an Attack
-You really need some Mana, then on start you must buy a Philosopher stone (small cost, give you HP&MP and 5gold/10sec)
-She's a tank, but have do dmg with some speels
-Never go Alone. She have great Spells to Cooperation with teamamtes
-If You want to change Summoner Spells you must change the Masteries too
-You really need Zephyr Blade, but you can't give it on lvl1
-reccomended give Spell point to Eclipse, or if you dont want Great armor incerase and some damage with Eclipse, you can Give spell point to Daybreak Shield for more often Stuns application
-Ulti is exploding in a fev second, not in less that 1sec. Remember do not use on foot of enemy while he's runing. Cast it some behind him
-Zephyr Blade too need be cast some behind enemy
-Don't Forgot Buy item's when you can do it
-Don't spam with Zephyr Blade. You need to be all teammates ready when you cast it to charge an enemy
-Flash is good when you do a false with Zephyr Blade
-She is a tank. Not DPS or Mage
-Use ulti when enemy have small amount of hp and trying to run away. next use Zephyr balde (it's teleport to Last enemy champion it's hit), and use Daybreak Shield to stun enemy and give some time to DPS from you team go to kill him(you can Ping him on the radar to do a command to attack him, and you are planning to stun him twice, with ulti and shield)
-Leona is a Good Champion if you Known how to Play her(don't charge and spam with Zephur Blade and cast ulti behind Running away Enemy champion), and what items you Must Buy(doodge and HPwith some MP)
-If you want buy cd reduct items you need have some greatest mana and mana regeneration (something like Shureiva reveire, frozen heart, or Rod of Ages, give you not only mana etc., give you some tank effects)

Enjoy, and Good Luck with Tanking with Leona.

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Some stuff about Leona & her History

On the upper slopes of Mount Targon, the warriors of Rakkor live and breathe only for war. However, Targon’s peak is reserved for a special group of Rakkor who answer to a “higher” calling. Members of this group, called the Solari, retire their mantles of war, choosing instead to devote their lives to reverence of the sun. According to legend, the Solari were formed by a warrior who could call the raw might of the sun down upon his enemies in combat. He claimed Mount Targon’s summit, the point on Valoran closest to the sun, for his solar devotion, a tradition which generations of Solari have preserved to this day. Though they maintain their reverence, no other warrior possessed the gifts of the founder – until Leona.

Leona’s parents were traditional Rakkor, both bred for the heat of battle. To them, Leona was a problem child. She was capable of fighting as fiercely as any other – including her childhood friend, Pantheon – but she did not share their zeal for killing. She believed that the true worth of a soldier lay in her ability to defend and protect. When it came time for her Rite of Kor, a ceremony in which two Rakkor teens battle to the death for the right to bear a relic-weapon, Leona refused to fight. For this, the Rakkor leaders ordered her execution, but when they tried to strike the fatal blow, sunlight burst forth, bathing Mount Targon in light. As it faded, Leona stood unharmed and her executioners lay unconscious around her. The Solari immediately claimed Leona, demanding that her sentence be repealed. She donned the golden armor of the Solari and they bestowed upon her the sword and shield passed down from the ancient sun-warrior of legend. The Solari helped Leona focus her abilities, and when she was ready she left to join the League of Legends.

“The sun’s rays reach all of Runeterra, so too must the image of its champion.” –- Leona


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