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Leona Build Guide by RooiValk

Leona...tanking men*ace*

Leona...tanking men*ace*

Updated on July 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RooiValk Build Guide By RooiValk 4 4 3,038 Views 3 Comments
4 4 3,038 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RooiValk Leona Build Guide By RooiValk Updated on July 16, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Leona
  • LoL Champion: Leona


Leona the radiant dawn...
Leona is a tanking hero for those who did not know... I personally like her second best to rammus... Im going to explain in this build how to be the best tank you can be with leona
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Runes * char 1 *

my rune choice is simple, yet very effective... on character 1 i chose the more tanky dps build... as you can see.. use this build when their team hase more dps than magic...
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Runes * char 2*

[/color]This build is for more magic damage than usual, it makes you almost immune to all magic damage... no more to say
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masteries are more or less the same... just use the tanking skill tree and the utility... then you should be fine
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Items *char 1*

OK to start of we begin with a doran's shield so that you can get that initial armour bonus...then you buy ninja tabi so you can get you dodge rating up, witch is already high so you will dodge allot and it will save your life. then we move on to the aegis of the legion witch delivers a huge amount of support to you allies in team ganks... the a sunfire cape just to give you that little bit of crowd control and then a randuin's omen following a thornmail then you sell the doran's shield and buy a warmog's armor
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Items *char 2*

Ok to start we also buy a doran's shield and then we move on to mercury's treads so we can start building up some magic resist, then we get a aegis of the legion so we also get that huge boost for allies, and then a [force of nature witch will give you allot of magic resist, by this time magic shouldn't be a problem anymore , then i like to get a so we get that little armor for the dps and then a gardian angel for more magic resist and you get a 'second life every 5 min' then you sell the doran's shield and buy a warmog's armor
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Skill sequence

Its really simple... in the beginning you want to stun, no doubt about it, and your shield of daybreak activates your passive, when the target is hit by sunlight, your ally's next attack does more damage, very useful, the next skill you should take is Zenith blade it teleports you to the last person you hit with it so it is a good initial spell... in a team gank use shield of daybreak first and then you use zenith blade so you can stun directly after initiating...
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My summoner spells

Oh it might seam noob because it has heal in it, but really be honest with yourself, it has saved your life a few times and gotten you first blood and loads of kill, thats why i still use it...if you dont like it, plz dont dislike my build, just simply use a diffrent spell, remember i dont tell you how to build i just give tips
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Pros / cons

has great begin game potential
helps allot with team ganks
very strong in the begin
late game supper tank
Low dps late game
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