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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Leona Build Guide by GunslingerK

Leona The Fire Tank

Leona The Fire Tank

Updated on July 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GunslingerK Build Guide By GunslingerK 3,071 Views 0 Comments
3,071 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GunslingerK Leona Build Guide By GunslingerK Updated on July 16, 2011
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Introduction to the Infero

So far Leona has been amazing. This is a work in progress so please leave feed back and I will try to improve it. This is a Tank build but also made so you can get some kills if others are slacking.

So you want to be a tank and a girl?! Sounds perfect. They (lol) teased us by making us wait, but man was it worth it. I'm surprised by how many kills I end up getting playing as her. Ill explain how that magic happens in skills though.

Please leave positive, or at least constructive, feed back. Thank you.

Noob Tips

-Ping the softest champ in team fights so your team knows who to target.
-Use Q W E R for spells, D & F for you summoner spells and G to ping.
-Call MIA and warn team mates if you see an enemy champ heading for their lane.
-Wards are never a bad thing and I buy them if I have a little extra gold. Also helpful when you can tell the other team will be trying to gank a lot.
-Dont troll. Just dont.
-Try not to feed. Sometimes its better to be safe then dinner.

/d makes you dance
/t says a taunt
/j tells joke
/l laugh
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I will be finishing/ filling in more on the guide tomorrow. I got most of it done so let me know what you think so far and I will work on it tomorrow.

Thanks for feedback.
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Pros / Cons

Pros +
Can catch run away enemy Champs.
A whole lot of fun
Rush and Stun combo
People dont know how she works yet

Cons -
Cant always get away
Cant dish out a huge amount of Dam

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Being a tank of course you want at least 21 point into Def tree. I have seen people putting the other 9 points into the Sup tree but I think its a waste. Leona doesnt burn up mana too quickly. If you wait to strike at the right times you shouldn't be running out of mana constantly unless your just owning the other team. I put my other 9 points into Off tree for that little boost of damage. I think it makes a huge difference though.
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Meaning I will be adding a lot more detail here. Just need to feel out some more items and find the time to write it all out.

I got stuck for a little while when it came to items for Leona and so far this seems to work pretty well. If you have any ideas please feel free to leave a comment and I will gladly try it out. Im not 100% on Sheen so let me know what you guys think of that. Just a little mana and Dam boost.
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Skills: What Makes Her Burn

Leona's passive Sunlight not only marks the enemy your attacking but helps your team do more damage to them.

Shield of Daybreak
A simple melee stun. Works great... because its a stun.

This is one of my favorite skills of hers and what I try to max out first. This helps you survive team fights, farm and take huge amounts of damage. When paired with Sunfire Cape you can farm lane minions pretty easily.

Zenith Blade
This one is a skill shot so be ready for some aiming. Its not all that hard to land and when you do, that stun comes in handy. Eclipse if you start taking Dam or to even have that extra bit of damage to finish an enemy off.

Solar Flare
This has longer range then I expected it to and the spell activates pretty quickly considering your a tank casting a spell at that big of a distance. If you get someone in the center it stuns them too, which is amazing if they are running (which they will be).
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Skills: How to Start a Fire

I have switched between starting with SoD(q) or ZB(e). At level 3 I start putting points into Eclipse(w) and of course a 6 get SF(r).

When entering a fight I start with ZB(e) and then SoD(q) if they start to run or are already low on HP. I hold off on Eclipse(w) unless I start to take damage or just need the extra damage to kill an enemy. I wait to use SF(r) until I see an enemy champ start to run out of range for ZB(e) or to finish them off before they are out of range. Do not use this to KS. Your smart and should be able to know when its a KS or not.

I dont feel the need to level up ZB at all after the first level. It should be used to move you to an enemy champ not so much for damage.
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Farming with Fire

Early on in the game Eclipse(w) can be used to deal some dam to a group of minions but nothing too great. That's one of the reasons I get Sunfire Cape. Not only does it work great with her and make her look awesome since it matches.
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Team Work: Working with Fire

Now keep in mind you are the tank and the initiator. Mark your targets and make sure your team has your back. Try to stay with a group and push. Kills doesnt win the game (it helps though) pushing towers does.

Call MIAs from your lane and be mindful of when enemies die. They could be coming down your lane after respawn.

Talk to your team mates but not during a fight Ping if you have to.
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Summoner Spells

I always say these are personal preference.

I like flash for the quick out of battle or how it can helps you get away.

I always use Teleport when I play a tank. It just helps you
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This is a work in progress. I want to add pictures with info for by each spell and item I talk about and will, once I learn how to. :P

I have played LoL for quite some time now and used this site for help and builds. I now feel comfortable enough to write one myself. It may not be perfect at first or ever but I will make it as close as I can. I just need input so I can improve my game play even more and this build. I'm using this as not only a way to spread my ideas for Lenoa but also so I can learn to use her better. Once you get the feel for how she works its so much fun. I really hope you enjoy playing her as much as I do.

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