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Leona Build Guide by Fuyukazehime

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fuyukazehime

Leona the survivor

Fuyukazehime Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Brand new fully revised guide! Dodge is worthless on most characters now so this new build will make up for it. The emphasis here is survivability and a slight edge on farming. With this configuration, you should be able to get your items a lot faster if you're playing right and in the end youll be able to take massive amounts of damage and actually be a threat. The downside is, some teams will still decide you are a low priority target and ignore you. The upside is that means youll be free to toss down more stuns and take out the squishies. This is a get in and stay in build so expect to stay in the middle of team fights til the bitter end!

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These runes will make a huge difference in your late game performance and give you an edge in early game. The magic pen is quite obvious, you already do very little damage so this helps keep the damage viable.

Now for seals there are several possibilities. You can choose HP Regen to keep you in the mix even longer and make you yet more of a tanky tank. Obviously, flat regen is better for early game while per level for late game. You can take flat max health runes to make your early game that much better or per level to make your late game even tankier! I personally think Leona's early game is already pretty good so I focus on late game improvement and take the per level runes. Other possibilities are mana regen per level if you find yourself having problems in that area, i don't personally, an flat armor seals.

For Glyphs there is only one real choice here, in my opinion, and that is MR per level. This supplements the item build perfectly and you end game MR is very respectable. With eclipse you'll be able to shake off most attacks as if they were mere gnats buzzing around your head. Alternatively, if you switch out the CDR mastery for something else, flat CDR runes would be good for early game and close the gap to 40% CDR late game.

Finally, we have quints. I take movement speed quints to make up for the fact Leona is super slow. Stack that with the masteries and you have yourself some respectable movement speed making for quicker initiating and catching up to runners! Other possibilities are avarice or MR quints.

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Pretty self explanatory. Again I go for regen and some offensive capability over a tiny bit of HP. If you're dying enough to need faster revive, you're doing it wrong. Greed cause I find Leona is pretty slow on the income most of the time, always getting KS'd, hehe.

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The philo stone and heart of gold are good early game items and give a total of 10 gold every 10 seconds which makes up for your near inability to farm in early game. Mercury treads for the MR and tenacity. After that you can get either the glacial shroud for the CDR or the sunfire cape to give you some dps in teamfights and some farming ability. Note that with the masteries I have selected, the sunfire cape pretty much assures you get the assist on any nearby champions meaning MORE MONEY! Judge your situation and decide which you want first!

Be sure to always buy the most beneficial parts of the items first so you get the most out of your money. I personally don't like sitting on large sums of money so I buy the more expensive parts first such as giant's belt.

Finish off reverie for more CDR, HP and a nice speed boost to help you either get away or catch up to fleeing champions. The frozen heart is a pivotal tank item. Since you are the initiator and are expected to remain in the mix for the longest, you get the most use out of the slow aura. Couple that with the +99 armor and the CDR and it's one helluva tank item!

The FoN rounds off your MR and gives you a major HP regen boost helping you maintain combat readiness without having to base after a fight. Then top it all off with the warmogs for a huge HP and regen boost and you have yourself a very tanky Leona that can get in, get out and come right back in for more action!

If you find the game is going on longer than anticipated, you might want to swap out the mercury treads for atma's impaler depending on the situation, if they have tons of CC you probably don't want to, you could also swap out the sunfire cape for something else just don't forget to make up for what you've lost!

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Summoner Spells

Since the revamp this is somewhat tricky. I personally still use flash and teleport. The shurelya's gives you a speed boost but not the ability to pass through minions so ghost isnt really needed BUT ghost has a nice duration so if you're hunting multiple champions it COULD be better, plus i think shurelya's and ghost stack. Flash, however, allows you to pursue through walls in the event of those pesky wall jumpers. Ultimately, it's your decision, You could get flash and ghost to make sure you can chase down anyone, OR you could get heal or some other skill to supplement your CC and tanking capabilities.

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Team Work

Leona is almost strictly a team fighter. By herself she is very ineffectual but with a carry or any high damage output teammate, VERY EFFECTIVE!

Learning to time your stuns is key. When I play, depending on the circumstance, i will either pop eclipse then hop in with xenith blade and use shield of daybreak followed by solar flare to keep them stunned in place for a good 3-4 seconds depending on timing and their reaction times. Keep in mind that your ulti, Solar Flare, IS A STUN/SLOW! Don't be afraid to use it first if needed! It has a very long range and most wouldn't expect it. Even if they do notice it and try to run they will become slowed in which case you can still jump in with xenith blade and shield of daybreak.

With practice and learning the range of your abilities, you can stop any character from fleeing. The real downside to this guide is that in a 1v1 fight you will likely only end up chasing off the enemy or delay long enough for assistance to arrive. DO NOT EXPECT MANY KILLS!