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Leona Build Guide by AZTKE1728

Leona the ultimate initiator

Leona the ultimate initiator

Updated on July 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AZTKE1728 Build Guide By AZTKE1728 3,602 Views 1 Comments
3,602 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AZTKE1728 Leona Build Guide By AZTKE1728 Updated on July 17, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Fortify


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Pros / Cons

We will start with Leona's Pros. First of all, she is a fantastic tank, especially with her W. Not only is she a fantastic tank, but she is arguably the best initiator in the game now. Her skills list that only 2 of her abilities stun; however, her E has a very short stun as well. This will probably get tweaked, as well as many other things about Leona. Her E not only stops them from moving while you are dashing towards them (given that you hit them), but then it also briefly immobilizes them. What puts her E in front of Amumu's bandage toss (for now), is that it can hit champions through minions. This makes it incredibly easy for her to initiate.

As for her cons, she only has a couple glaring problems. Her biggest weakness is her farming ability. Her auto attack is terribly slow and her abilities aren't really coordinated towards farming minions. Her Q is very useful for last hitting minions, as it doesn't coincide with your auto attack speed, and it hits pretty hard. Her W does hit many minions, but it really isn't that strong unless you build her more AP -- which I would not suggest doing. Her E can hit minions, but it is very weak. Her R is powerful, but I would never waste it to farm some minions. If you want to have any hope farming minions on Leona, you really need to focus on last hitting minions whenever possible. Her other weakness is that she can have mana issues if you spam her abilities too often in attempt to farm. That said, I would advise not using her W on minions unless there is a big push at your tower or something along those lines. I would use her Q sparingly as well.
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Team Work

Leona, being an awesome tank and initiator, is a huge asset to the team. She's good when she's in lane, but a Leona really stands out in the team battles. In team battles, since she has so much CC, you should most definitely be targeting the enemy's carry. If you time your abilities right, you can stun their whole team once and their carry 3 times. This gives plenty of time for your damage dealing characters to go in and take out all of their squishies, and more importantly, their carry.

Aside from initiating team battles, she is also a great chaser. Her E can close the gap very easily and then her Q can stun them for a little bit longer while the rest of the team catches up. If you have your R, you can hold them place for even longer. If they are far away, your R also has quite a long range. With good aim, you could slow or stun them with your ultimate, then close the gap with your E and Q.

It is also very important that we don't turn a blind eye to Leona's passive. If you initiate a team and you have your Eclipse, the entire enemy team will be marked and your team can inflict a lot of damage on their team with the given bonus. The entire team can be marked again when you fire off your Ultimate. If your team focuses on champions that are marked with Leona's passive, you will find that champions will go down very quickly.
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Summoner Spells

For Leona, I started out with using Ghost and Flash. While she is both a tank and a good initiator, her escapability is a little sub par. You can throw your R behind you to get away, but that isn't very reliable as it will be on cooldown sometimes. I find that flash is enough for me, but ghost can certainly help you get out of sticky situations if you're not confident enough to get away with flash.

It's always helpful to have at least one person on your team with fortify for obvious reasons. I can see where clairvoyance would be helpful as well, but generally a support will grab that summoner spell.

Many other spells would prove useful on Leona, but I view flash as a must on her and Fortify as an important spell to have on the team.
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Skill Sequence

Q - Her Shield of Daybreak is an awesome skill to have for level 1. It is your best skill for farming and a great ability for getting early kills. You can stun your enemy and your DPS lane buddy can injure them while stunned.

E - I get her E second, just level 1, because it is an essential for being aggressive in lane if your lane is strong enough to get some early kills. If you're soloing a lane or you're with a support instead of a DPS, I would maybe advise getting your W second instead for survivability.

W - Eclipse is awesome. Enough said. I max this ability out second because it has very nice defense bonuses while active and it also explodes, dealing damage to anything around her. This can be applied in so many ways. It can provide enough defense to escape certain death, it can greatly help you and your team if you go for a tower dive, it is great for initiating team battles, because it can greatly reduce the damage done by the opposing team's CC, and it also just does some decent damage.

R - Her ultimate is just amazing. It has great range and can stun several people at once. If you can't get the stun, it still impedes their movement speed dramatically. Her ultimate is absolutely huge, and just like any other champion, you should definitely level up this skill whenever you can.
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Having not used any tank character, really, before Leona, these items are kind of a rough draft. This build has already worked wonders for me, as I have only gone positive with her. Out of about 20 games, the worst I did in terms of K/D was 1-1-19. That game I acted as a complete initiator and earned our team 2 penta kills while tanking their turrets. This build is situational. I always rush sunfire cape after boots, but after that I build based off of what I need to be a good tank. If their team is AD heavy, I would put off getting the force of nature and get a Warmogs or a Thornmail. I honestly wouldn't get a thornmail at all unless they had a fed AD carry. In my opinion, I think my build works perfect. I can confidently say this because I honestly have yet to go negative at all with Leona when I had never used a pure tank before.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AZTKE1728
AZTKE1728 Leona Guide
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Leona the ultimate initiator

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