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Leona Build Guide by LegendairyCow

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegendairyCow

Leona : Try To Leave A Dent, Break A Nail!

LegendairyCow Last updated on July 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Important Notice

It seems MobaFire has not done their work correctly. The statuses you see up there is not proper.

Her armor at level 18 is : 160.8 with this build, with MR hitting 170.
Health at level 18 is : 3779.

Also, some problems I'm seeing with some builds, like the current most "popular" is the fact that Leona has too little MR to deal with.

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Welcome to my guide on Leona! I want to start off this wonderful guide, by stating first - if you're looking for MASSIVE DAMAGE (TM Phreak), this is not the guide for you. This guide concentrates on what Leona does best, and what she was created to do.

Tanking is what she excels in, and is by far the most viable way to build this very fun to play champion. While arguably not the best tank out there, her mechanics make her incredibly flexible and an exciting character to learn to play.

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Runes and Masteries

I'm a firm believer in custom runes. It pretty much all depends how you want to play your game. However, I usually go with flat armor and resistance, with CDR per level runes, for obvious reasons. I find it gives you a great early game, and the late game CDR helps a lot, and allows you to skip CDR boots in this build. I highly discourage the use of AP or MPen runes, as it's almost unnoticeable.

I run a 1/21/8 mastery page, to pick up the exhaust mastery.

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Summoner Spells

I found taking heal and exhaust a sure guarantee for first blood, while ensuring you and your lane partner survive. Of course, some people encourage you to ALWAYS take flash on their builds, but I find this redundant - one, because Leona already has a fairly long ranged gap closer, and two - because of the tank's code. First in, last out. Just make sure you stick with your team.

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The Build

1) I start out with a Growth Pendant, for obvious reasons, and a health pot. Laning sustenance.

2) Build a Philo Stone, and let that sit.

3) Boots, and a Heart of Gold. This will give you some pretty nice gold output, and some tanking ability from the start. W can compensate for the lack of early resist.

4) Merc treads, which will provide your early MR and tenacity item.

5) Build a Warden's Mail. This provides your early base for armor, and some excellent HP regen, coupled with Philo. It's passive, while unpredictable, is also a nice addition.

6) Pick up a Negatron Cloak. This is a great item for cheap MR, much like Chainmail.

7) Finish your Randiuns. This is the core of your armor build. REMEMBER to use your active liberally in a teamfight, as it reduces attack and movement speed of the enemy.

8) Finish Shurlya's Reverie. Couple with your Randiun's this should make your team feel like professional ice skaters dancing around crawling hippos. Also great for chasing or escapes.

9) Finish a Banshees with your Negatron.

10) I pick up an Abyssmal Scepter here. This offers so much to your team. Not only does it give you MResist and AP, but it debuffs the magic resist of the entire enemy team, as you'll probably be in the center of the fray via initiate. If you have any Malzahars or Annies on your team, they'll see a noticeable difference, especially if your enemy picked up some MR.

11) Entirely theoretical. Build accordingly. HOWEVER, keep this is mind. As you build resistances, armor and MR becomes extremely costly and redundant once you hit 170+ resist of one type. As you know, resists work off of percentages. The higher you go, the slower the scaling. For example - while 30 -> 60 Armor will show a large increase in your resist, going from 170 -> 200 will only give you maybe 5-7% more resist. It's very cost inefficient, and at this point, getting health would be more beneficial than resists.

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Using Leona / Mechanics

Leona's skillset is fun to use, and often difficult to land. One reason, is that her build pretty much rests on you landing your Zenith Blade correctly. Not only is the Hitbox on this move messed up, but it's honestly not very honest about how far it hits. The range is significant shorter than it shows - be careful.


Step 1 : Power up your shield, and have it ready to go.
Step 2 : Mark your target. Turn on Q.
Step 3 : Zenith blade toward them when they aren't expecting it.
Step 4 : Stun mark target. Your shield should go off, for some damage, and most importantly, marking enemies with your passive. Shield up for 3 more seconds.
Step 5 : Ultimate. Note the place where you can catch the more dangerous enemy, or just as many enemies as possible.

This is a great way to disrupt enemy lines and destroy their formations before they know what's coming. Just make sure your team follows up.

~Laning Phase~

Leona, isn't a GREAT farmer, but she's not terrible either. Her Q gives you a nice last hit ability that compensates for her hardy animation. I find that when I'm last hitting with auto attack and barely miss the timing, I can just hit Q and still get the gold, as it's an instant skill that refreshes your auto attack animation.

Also, her W is pretty much her only proper farming tool. I find hitting each minion once, getting W off, and E into the group of them makes them easy pickings.

Leona is also a great partner with a DPS. Her stunlocking is a great way to get first blood or save allies. W > E > Q is a must do for attacking enemies in lane that stray too far, or overextend.


Leona is an AMAZING ganker. If she catches you below 3/4 HP, and you have no flash, you are f*cked to the fifth degree. She has : an immobilize, a stun, and an AOE stun / Slow. GG, kid.

Note, this again all depends on you landing your 'effing zenith Blade. Don't mess up. Really embarrassing when you do, too.


It's possible to jungle with Leona. I usually start at wolves, and get W first, then pick up E, as they both attack multiple targets. I get Q at level 5 before level 6, for ganking purposes.

However, Leona jungling is slow, and not at all too safe. I'd say leave it up for someone else who fits the bill better, but it's up to you for the lulz.

~Tower Diving~

I see lots of people tower diving - and doing it wrong.

1) Turn on shield.
2) Land Zenith Blade. Again, if you DO NOT land this, do NOT proceed with the dive.
3) Stun with Q.
4) Hit once with auto attack. Hopefully by now, your teammate has followed up.
5) Land R before they react.
6) They're dead by now. If they're not, you dived someone with 3/4 their HP, and will probably have some consequences like one of you dying.

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Leona's Hidden Passive

Go in a bush. You can see her panties. This only works with the Valkyrie Skin. No joke.

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Leona fits the role of a great tank, with a fantastic skillset to initiate. Your tank build, as you should be building, will allow you to initiate, and get off all your skills without being blown up like those other stupid tanky DPS or AP carry wannabe fools are trying. Leona was made to be a pure tank, who has one of the best initiating skillsets in the game. She's extremely fun to play, and can tank like a b*tch.