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Leona Build Guide by Celinaesta

Leona's Might

Leona's Might

Updated on July 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Celinaesta Build Guide By Celinaesta 2,388 Views 1 Comments
2,388 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Celinaesta Leona Build Guide By Celinaesta Updated on July 18, 2011
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Please vote and comment, this is my 1st guide and I would like to know how you all think of it. If there was any confusion let me know so I can edit and clarify. I also hope to keep this as updated as I can. I hope you all enjoy my 1st guide and I would rather you all comment rather then vote. Comments tell me more of what I need to improve then a +vote or a -vote.
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So Leona is a very useful tank. How powerful she is really depends a lot on who you lane with and not feeding early game with Leona. Which is really easy. It gets easier around lv 4-5 when you have a few ranks in your shield W. Its also very easy to get a carry fed with Leona. If your opponent doesnt count you dash. Its very easy to get a kill early if you time it well enough with your partner. Leona is really Limited by CD and Mana. She has bad mana issues and is best if you lane with some that has a clarity. Also I have seen 2 tanks lane before. It does not work with Leona. Also while yes Leona's abilities use magic damage by no means are you to go for any item with AB. The includes Rod of Ages. The conversion ratio of AP or magic Damage on Leona is horrible. The only decent conversion is about 3/4 on your ult the rest is about 1/4 of your total AP to magic damage. Its not worth it. Leona is also a great carry and can do decent amounts of Damage early game, while not dieing. She is also very good for last hitting champions who are low life at a tower. Her dash stun and shield combo does some massive damage. Specially if your partner is there to explode her passive marks.
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Ok so a lot of people end up maxing there stun Q 1st. I find that to be the wrong idea. I understand the whole shorter cd so more crowd control. I think people lose sight of the fact Leona is squishy early to mid game. I lv the shield W because at LV 8 it gives you 70 MR and Armor. It adds to your survivability soo much. The whole point of Leona is to be a Tank that means engaging and not dieing in 3 sec from focused attacks. The should also does a good job at marking every one. So when your team comes in and chances are no 1 will be focused due to the nature of the fight every one is already taking decent amount of bonus damage.
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Ok so some people might be wondering why I chose my runes as I have. For one MR is really necessary. A lot of champions who go AD abilities actually scale with Magic damage. Like kogmaw and temo. Most go AD tho his spells use Magic damage. The HP per lv seals are really important. They are much better then flat Hp runes by lv 3. By lv 18 you should have around 175 Hp from the seals. So much better then going marks quintessences or glyphs. The CD quintessences are really necessary as Leona is often limited by CDs.
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Game play

So at lv one you want your stun. Its rather obvious as to why. Locking down a person for 1.25 sec is a life saver and a kill earner. At lv 2 you really want your skill shot Dash which is your E. Its rather explanatory dashing then stunning your opponents gets you a kill or helps get your laning partner fed. The at lv 3-5 you want shield for added survivability and marking people. then your Ult is important and planning it for stuns is crucial.If your smart you can lock a person down for several seconds then you exhaust. Its a nice combo. I find that Leona is very squishy. Having Flash as an escape method is always useful. It saves your life more often then a person realizes. The just follow the build.
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Ok so no matter the team comp I normally go with the 3 items. Doran shield, mercury treads, and kindle gem. Now if they are heavy on melee follow the build above. That build is for 3 AD and 2AP users. If the team is All Ad check to see if the team has any sort of CC if they do keep with merc treads. Otherwise Ninja Tabi is you new boots. Keep with kindle gem. next is thorn mail and then a warmogs. After then with the full AD team consider ether getting another warmogs or going guardians armor. Also if you have enough money to buy the soul shrowed you should. Leona has some bad mana issues so the shroud helps alot. Plus its a good support item.

With an AP team keep the 1st 3 items, then rush a force of nature followed by warmogs. Then grab a banshies veil. then get soul shroud. It also varies. If they have some AD and there being fed you might want to get a thronmail before Force of nature. How you Itemize is important and each game is different. You need to pay attention and think of what is best for the moment. Also Leona is squishy till she gets some MR, Armor and HP.
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so at lv 3 its Dash E Stun Q and shield W in rapid succession. You may want to space it out to allow marks to go off so your passive isnt wasted. But with activating your shield last it give you 3 sec for people to activate marks. So marks only last 3.5 sec anyway its not much of a waste. At lv 6 you want to save your ult till after you used all your abilities. You want to save it for as long as you can but its used pretty early on to lock people down, and spread your marks. In any fight you always want to use your shield the moment it comes up. It gives all targets around you a mark which does a lot of extra damage. Remember to be conscious of your life. If it gets low flash out or run out. Most of the time if you start to back out of a team fight as a tank people leave you alone. Or by the time you have to back out the other team is already retreating.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Celinaesta
Celinaesta Leona Guide
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Leona's Might

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